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29 Chapter 30 “Jealous?“

Long Ao Zhen waved his hand to dismiss Mao Mao from his kneeling state.

Then, he slowly raised his head to looked closely at the girl lying quietly on the stone bed.

The girl’s long black hair hair was loosen naturaly and she wore a brand new white dress on her body.

Her previously rosy cheek were now pale as a ghost. Her eyes were shutted and her cherry-like lips were dim. You couldn’t called it cherry-like lips anymore.

One couldn’t see all her previous cheerful and healthy appearance. Li Shi Ying appearance resembled a dying girl on her last breath now.

Long Ao Zhen knitted his forehead as he looked after her wife appearance.

Long Ao Zhen focused his gaze wasn’t on her face but rather on Li Shi Ying clothes.

Long Ao Zhen remembered that he already tore off Li Shi Ying dress a few days ago so why was that her dress now looked completely new?

The question is who helped her changed her clothes?? Li Shi Ying was too sick to do that by herself so there must be someone who changed her clothes!

Just the thought of having a man, probably Jiu Wei that fox changing his ’wife’ clothes create a certain fire inside his heart.

He suddenly had the urge to tore down this damn cave along with that bastard nine tailed fox beast.

A dark gloomy aura subsconsciously slipped out from Long Ao Zhen body and the temperature inside the cave plunged down for a few degrees.

Long Ao Zhen fist was knuckled hard till his hand turn white.

Long Ao Zhen didn’t realized his natural anger as he thought that he couldn’t let his pride wounded with this action.

How could he let his ’wife’ be seen naked by other man than him?

If other mythological beast heard about it, he will be a laughingstock for certain!

Yap a certain tsundere didn’t even know what ’jealously’ is. All he knew that he had to protect his ’pride’ as a prince of mythological beast. Moreover a dragon which was the strongest out of the other mythological beast clans in the upper realm.

With this kind of reasoning, Long Ao Zhen once again fooled his own mind to believe that all his actions were related to maintaining the pride of his clan and whatsoever.

Both Jiu Wei and Mao Mao was startled by Long Ao Zhen mood change but they didn’t dare to ask anything to the great dragon prince, Long Ao Zhen. And so they kept their mouth shut while trembling in cold sweat.

"....who change her clothes?" Long Ao Zhen sent a death glare toward Jiu Wei when he spitted out this sentence.

If Jiu Wei dare to answer that he himself was the one who changed his ’wife’ clothes, Long Ao Zhen wouldn’t hesitate to chop off his head in a blink.

Ahhh so the lord was angry because he thought that a random man changed his ’wife’ clothes!

Jiu Wei was sweating inside when he realized the situation as he answered carefully "That panda was the one who did it." Jiu Wei pointed his finger to Mao Mao. He shamelessly throw off the responsibility to the innocent Mao Mao.

Mao Mao was scared silly when he saw Jiu Wei shameless act as he too already realized the situation. Mao Mao quickly answered to defend his small little life "It is indeed this servant who change her highness clothes but this servant is still a child..."

Mao Mao subsconsciously called Shi Ying as ’her highness’ because he thought that Shi Ying must be a princess consort of the dragon prince.

Well he wasn’t wrong though.

Long Ao Zhen fury was immediately died down when he heard Mao Mao explanation and somehow when he heard Mao Mao called Shi Ying as ’her highness’, a strange feeling of happiness emerged in his heart.

Long Ao Zhen faintly smile and nodded while his aura became a lot warmer than before. Jiu Wei and Mao Mao could even somehow see an imaginary flowers blooming around Long Ao Zhen.

Hmm hmm ’her highness’ is sound really pleasing to the ear! As expected, his ’wife’ was supposed to be called with ’her highness’.

Long Ao Zhen mind instanly imagined Li Shi Ying in her wedding dress as all the people in Long Kingdom address her as ’her highness’

Long Ao Zhen chuckled a little before snapped out from his wild imagination.

No no no this wasn’t the time to thought about something like that. His ’wife’ condition was serious!!

Long Ao Zhen ruffled his hair and walked up silently to approach his ’wife’

Li Shi Ying condition was indeed very bad.

Long Ao Zhen touched Li Shi Ying forehead and the heat instanly stunned him silly.

His ’wife’ temperature was so hot that one could even cook an egg on top of it!!

Long Ao Zhen put his finger under Li Shi Ying nose to feel her breath and he found out that Li Shi Ying breath was very faint.

If not for her extremely faint breath remaining, Long Ao Zhen would certainly mistake Li Shi Ying to be dead already.

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