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28 Chapter 29 “Wound“

Li Shi Ying was currently in front of the death door. She didn’t knew what happened but all she could see was darkness.

And then one by one, her memories from her former world came flashing by. From the good memories to a bad one.

Li Shi Ying stare at those familiar memories and she began to recall all of it.

Li Shi Ying whispered weakly "Then Sin...why did you betray me..."

Li Shi Ying recalled one of her worst memories which was the day when she found out her crush was cheating with other girl. Even though her crush had confess his love to Shi Ying and they promised to kept each other like that, in the end he still betray her trust.

Thén Sin Lung, the boy in Shi Ying memories was a smart, introvert and pious boy. It was totally unexpected for him to cheat on Shi Ying.

Recalling those moment, Shi Ying felt her heart turned cold. If she remember correctly, she was always the one taking initiative.

She texted him first, greet him first, she opened a conversation, she gave a handmade gift for christmas and his birthday but Thén Sin Lung never gave her a present.

Li Shi Ying thought that Sin Lung must be shy but she was wrong. One day Sin Lung asked her about what to gave to a girl in his classrom as her birthday present.

Li Shi Ying was stunned back then. To think that Sin Lung never gave her a present but he desperately prepare a gift for that girl. A handmade one on top of it!

Li Shi Ying heart couldn’t take it anymore till one day Sin Lung asked her ’permission’ to like the girl he often mentioned in their chat.

Li Shi Ying gave up on her love and since then she despise all things about love except love story in comics or light novels.

Li Shi Ying found comfort in those unreal story as she soon became addicted to reading it.

Perhaps because Li Shi Ying fever had reach her brain, she became muddle-headed and emotional at the same time.

She was talking in her unconscious state. She murmured "Why.." and "Sin Lung..." and other things related to him.

At this point, Long Ao Zhen already arrived at the inner area of grave forest.

Even though he hide away his dragon aura, a sacred beast such as Jiu Wei would still be able to recognize it right away.

Jiu Wei was flustered. He quickly told Mao Mao to accompany Li Shi Ying while he went out to welcome Li Shi Ying’s husband.

Mao Mao nodded in agreement and Jiu Wei rush out as soon as Mao Mao answered.

When Jiu Wei arrived at the entrance of his cave, Long Ao Zhen just also arrived in front of the cave.

Jiu Wei could sense a dragon aura surrounding Long Ao Zhen and he didn’t hesitate to kneel down on the ground.

He just saw Long Ao Zhen unique golden eyes which were a special trait of royalty in upper realm. Jiu Wei immediately knew that the man in front of him must be the sole prince of the dragon clan, Long Ao Zhen!

"This humble servant greets your highness" Jiu Wei kneel in one knee and kept his head bowed down with one hand on his chest.

Long Ao Zhen measured Jiu Wei from his hair to his toe. This must be the one who helped his ’wife’ to survive till now.

Long Ao Zhen nodded and said with his usual cold face "you did well"

Jiu Wei was soo happy when he heard Ao Zhen acknowledgement. He felt that all his effort these past few days weren’t wasted in vain!

Jiu Wei quickly sorted out his feelings as he escort Long Ao Zhen to his ’humble’ house.

The 10 shadow guards didn’t come in with Long Ao Zhen. They surrounded the cave to guarded their master well.

A minutes later, Long Ao Zhen was brought by Jiu Wei to the center of the cave.

When Mao Mao who was standing guard watching his friend noticed an invisible pressure came from behind him, he subsconsciously kneel down to greet Long Ao Zhen.

This kind of pressure, he recognized it well! It was a pressure from a mythological beast! From Long Ao Zhen aura, Mao Mao knew that this handsome man must be a dragon and a high ranked dragon on top of that.

"This humble servant greets his highness" because Mao Mao couldn’t transform into a human and do the knight-like greeting performed by Jiu Wei earlier, he could only kneel and kow towed three times to Long Ao Zhen.

Long Ao Zhen realized that the big panda in front of him was the same one who throwed him out to the river!!

Long Ao Zhen had an urge to kill Mao Mao but he remember that Mao Mao did that to him because he wanted to protect Li Shi Ying.

Hmph. For the sake of his ’wife’, Long Ao Zhen decided to forgive the giant panda in front of him.

And just like that, Mao Mao escape from the death door because of his loyal protection for Li Shi Ying.

Lucky that Mao Mao didn’t recognize Long Ao Zhen as the ’beast’ back then otherwise Mao Mao would kill himself for sure!

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