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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

26 Chapter 27 Watching Her 2

26 Chapter 27 “Watching Her 2 “

When Long Ao Zhen finished recalling his ’wife’ face, the mirror glass slowly shown him a scene of a girl lying on a bed.

The girl face was flushed red and she was panting heavily. Her eyebrow were knitted and a sign of discomfort was clearly shown on her small face.

The girl mouth was opened and closed like she was murmuring something which couldn’t be heard by Long Ao Zhen.

The girl face was soaked in sweat as she tightly closed her eyes. Her face was clearly a face of someone in pain.

When Long Ao Zhen saw this scene, his heart stop beating for a moment. At this time, he felt an undescribed pain like a needle poked his heart. He found it hard to breath as his heart was in pain as if someone squeezed it hard.

It was the first time he felt like something that toward a woman other than her mom. It has been a long time ago since the poisoning incident that he felt like his heart was pricked by a thousand needles.

Long Ao Zhen frown when he felt the pain. Was he sick? Why would he felt like this when all he did was to watch a human girl in pain?

Long Ao Zhen didn’t know just what happened to him. He subsconsciously thought that it must be a feeling of guilt that he felt for the girl on the mirror.

Yeah it must be like that. Maybe his pride was wounded when he saw the ’victim’ of his wrong doing was suffering in pain because of his mistake.

So, Long Ao Zhen didn’t thought much about his weird feeling and decided that this reaction was because he felt guilty toward the girl.

Long Ao Zhen put the mirror back to his spatial ring before closing his eyes to rest for a while.

But when he closed his eyes, he couldn’t rest even for a minute. The scene of his ’wife’ painful expression kept flashing on his mind.

Her frown, her discomfort, her flushed face, all of it were enough to made Long Ao Zhen felt restless.

Just what’s wrong with him??? Was he really felt that guilty until he couldn’t shake off that feeling in his heart??

Long Ao Zhen shook his head and forced himself to slept. He needed to rest so that he could arrived faster and quickly saved the girl.

Unfortunately even when he forced his mind to sleep, he still couldn’t. He felt like he was going crazy from all these thought!!

Long Ao Zhen opened his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. He couldn’t rest for even a minute so he decided to just went on with his journey. He couldn’t rest though even if he want to.

Sooo, the poor shadow guards were notified by Long Ao Zhen to prepare before setting of to continue their journey.

All the shadow guards mind were blown up by their master sudden decision.

Oh Lordd even if master couldn’t rest peacefully, could master didn’t drag them down with him???

The shadow guards knew that their master wasn’t able to rest quietly after he saw something on the mirror. They could tell by the frown on their master face when he tried to sleep before.

The 10 shadow guards could only cry in their heart for their master cruel decision.

Even if they were trained and strong, they weren’t as abnormal as Long Ao Zhen to flew a few hours non-stop without proper rest!

A few minutes later, the group departed from the place with Long Ao Zhen in the lead.

Long Ao Zhen flew all night till morning without getting a single rest. He only stopped for a minute to restore his divine energy with pill before continuing his journey.

10 A.M in the morning

With Long Ao Zhen and the group unbelievable speed, they arrived at the entrance of the lower realm in just 18 hours! The supposed 24 hours journey was shorten by a few hours. 6 hours to be specific.

After arriving at the entrance of the lower realm, Long Ao Zhen and his 10 shadow guards transform into a human form.

Long Ao Zhen wore a jade green brocade robe with a cloud pattern on it. On his head, he wore a gorgeous golden crown with a dragon carving. His long dark green hair was tied into a simple bun with a large part of it was spread out on his shoulder. Long Ao Zhen hairstyle was a hairstyle of the common noble man in lower realm.

In contrast with Long Ao Zhen colored clothes, Long Ao Zhen’s shadow guards all wore a simple assassin-like clothes. From head to toe the things they wore were all black in colour. They tied their hair into a simple ponytail and they wore a black simple mask on their face.

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