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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

25 Chapter 26 Watching Her

25 Chapter 26 “Watching Her“

Take the horned jade horse as example. He managed to catched Long Ao Zhen attention because of his beautiful skin colour which was a dark green similar to Long Ao Zhen hair colour.

The horned jade horse horn was also beautiful as it had a golden colour similar to the colour of Long Ao Zhen eyes.

Because of that, Long Ao Zhen felt a kind of affinity between him and the horse and so he took the horse as his personal horse. Long Ao Zhen even named the horned jade horse personally as Guo Wang which mean "a king mount"

For Guo Wang, this was an honour to be named directly by a dragon prince as usually a sacred beast name came from their race name. For example Jiu Wei which means "nine tailed fox". It was Jiu Wei race, a nine tailed fox.

Compared to a name like that, Guo Wang name which was bestowed by a dragon prince was much more honourable in the eyes of other sacred beasts.

Okay let’s go back to Long Ao Zhen. He and his several guards flew away in a form of a dragon in a very high speed. Often people who saw them flew in the sky was startled because they could saw eleven dragons crossing their place in high speed.

All the shadow guard dragon form was smaller than Long Ao Zhen dragon form. Their scale colour was jet black and their horn was a bit smaller than the one on Long Ao Zhen head.

Long Ao Zhen body was covered in a dark blue dragon mane while his scale was dark green in colour. This combination was very eye-catching added with a golden huge strong horn on his head making his entire being looked very beautiful but dangerous at the same time.

Well but the person himself didn’t care to looked at those people admiring eyes as his only thought was to arrived at the entrance of the lower realm as soon as possible.

Long Ao Zhen traveled for 7 hours non stop before one of the shadow guard member brave their self to asked Long Ao Zhen to take a short rest.

Long Ao Zhen was startled when he realize that the surrounding already turned dark with only moon and stars in the sky shining their path with a faint light.

It was already 10 P.M when Long Ao Zhen decided to take a break for 30 minutes before continuing his journey.

All the shadow guard immediately collapsed and they cheered in excitement when Long Ao Zhen decided to have a break.

Their master was really a monster! Normal young dragon could only flew for at least 1-2 hours non stop before they exhaust their energy but Long Ao Zhen used his divine energy to kept his pace for 7 hours straight with no break at all!!

Long Ao Zhen indeed felt that his divine energy decreased a lot but he didn’t mind it at all if he could arrived at the entrance of lower realm less than a day.

Long Ao Zhen then sat down under a huge tree to ate something while his guard went off somewhere near the tree. The guards hide their presence and completely blend into the dark night as their master shadow.

After eating a replenishing pill, his divine energy was restored to its original amount. Long Ao Zhen felt hungry but he didn’t bring any food with him so he could only endure his hunger for a while.

Actually a high-level cultivator like him won’t die even if he didn’t eat for a year but Long Ao Zhen was a foodie. He liked to taste every delicious food in the upper realm and so he maintain his habit to eat three times a day just like any normal people without cultivation do.

While Long Ao Zhen was resting, his mind unconsciously drifted to his ’wife’. Long Ao Zhen was quite anxious as he didn’t know for sure about the girl condition. After considering for a while, Long Ao Zhen took out a mirror from his spatial ring.

The mirror shape was an oval and the glass was made from a crystal. The mirror frame was made with gold and some unique symbol was crafted on it.

That mirror was a rare mirror which could show you the activity of the person you thought in your mind at that time. You only need to insert your divine energy and thought of the person you wanted to see and the mirror will show it for you.

Long Ao Zhen inserted his divine energy to the mirror while thinking of the girl’s appearance.

Her black hair, her fair white skin, her clear sparkling eyes, her cherry-like lips, her neat eyebrow, everything.

Long Ao Zhen slowly recall his ’wife’ appearance. Especially that pair of eyes which he felt could saw through everything. Her clear innocent black eyes show a sign of a quick-witted mind and a unique trait belong only to her.

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