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24 Chapter 25 “Set Off“

15 minutes later

Long Ao Zhen arrived at the teleportation portal hall. There, he could see many people crowding the place to use the portal. When Long Ao Zhen was going to head off to the portal used for royalty, he accidentally heard someone said

"What?? All the teleportation portal was broken?? How could it be!" a young male dragon in a form of human shouted out in disbelief

"Yeah i heard it that a disturbance of space occured since yesterday and this matter would be solved in three days" another young male, probably his friend explained the reason why all these people couldn’t used the portal

The portal was dim and each portal was guarded by a guard to prevent someone used the portal. Right now the space in the portal wasn’t stable and they couldn’t afford to gamble these people life just like that. So the one managing the portal issued a notification that all teleportation portal in Long Kingdom couldn’t be used for 3 days

When Long Ao Zhen heard the matter from one of his shadow guard, his expression turn grim and the temperature arround him drop down a few degree.

How could it be?? If he couldn’t use the portal then he couldn’t save his ’wife’! His ’wife’ only have 2 more days to survive!

Long Ao Zhen gripped the rein of his horse tightly to hold back his urge to destroy the teleportation hall.

A moment later he sunk in his own thought.

If he flew in his original form to the lower realm then he could arrived at the entrance of the lower realm in 1 day. From there to the grave forest he only needed 15 minutes.

But this matter wasn’t that simple

Long Ao Zhen thought again that he absolutely couldn’t use his original form when he was in the lower realm. His dragon aura could kill all the low rank spiritual beast in the grave forest and he would startle all the human near grave forest.

His grandpa once told him to keep the lower realm power balance by not revealing his dragon form.

Actually there was a rule in the upper realm that all the citizen in upper realm absolutely musn’t be involved with matters in lower realm and they could only go to the lower realm if they had an urgent bussiness. But they couldn’t use their mythological beast form and had to hold back their aura.

The mythological beast appearance in the lower realm would absolutely bring chaos to the human there and sadly the Feng Kingdom already broke this deal my promising the right to contract a mythological beast child to one of the translator in the lower realm.

Still, Long Kingdom didn’t want to break the deal like what Feng Kingdom do, so Long Ao Zhen could only changed back to his human form to go to the grave forest. But that will take at least half a day compared to when he used his dragon form!

It was too risky as his ’wife’ could only survive for 2 more days. Unfortunately Long Ao Zhen didn’t have any other options.

He could only speed up his pace to go there as quick as he could.

After deciding his plan, Long Ao Zhen told his guard that they will flew all the way to the entrance of lower realm in their highest speed.

All the shadow guards nodded and slowly transform into their beast form before following their master who already transformed into a dark green mighty dragon.

The horned jade horse mounted by Long Ao Zhen was stuffed inside his spatial ring. What a surprise! Long Ao Zhen spatial ring could contain a living being! Normally all spatial items can’t contain living beings but the one in Long Ao Zhen finger was a different one.

That ring was a present from his grandpa which even the emperor didn’t have. That spatial ring capacity was as large as the dragon palace and it could contain both non-living item and living being such as spiritual beast.

But of course it couldn’t contain mythological beast both in their beast form or their human form. It could only contain spiritual beast which strength lower than a mythological beast strength.

The horned jade horse was a sacred beast which had a portion of dragon bloodline in his blood. All the spiritual beast living in Long Kingdom were a sacred beast which had a bloodline of a dragon.

These beasts weren’t categorized as mythological beast but they were still stronger than normal sacred beast who didn’t have a mythological beast bloodline in their body.

Unfortunately that these type of sacred beasts couldn’t transform into a human form like other normal sacred beast do.

Still, for them, the opportunity to serve a mythological beast were a huge blessing furthermore serving a royalty.

All the spiritual beasts in both lower realm and upper realm dream was to serve a mythological beast. If they were lucky enough to catch a royalty attention then their status among other sacred beasts would automatically rise.

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