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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

23 Chapter 24 Preparation

23 Chapter 24 “Preparation“

Long Jun Zhu had his own reason to remind his son about his cultivation. When a mythological beast reached a bottleneck in their cultivation and soon attempt to breakthrough, that is the most dangerous time for them as all they sense and energy will be focused on breakingthrough.

Long Ao Zhen himself had gotten a few wound when he breakthrough several times but those didn’t lead to a serious problem.

But now, Long Ao Zhen is gonna breakthrough to a rather important stage from gold star stage to jade star stage.

There are 8 stage of cultivation within mythological beast which are iron star stage, bronze star stage, silver star stage, gold star stage, jade star stage, pearl star stage, diamond star stage and crystal star stage. Within those stage there are another mini stage such as low level, semi level, middle level and high level.

Those mythological beast in stage of silver star could already beat a human with a cultivation in god stage. From these example one could see just how strong mythological beast are.

Long Ao Zhen was considered very talented in his generation as he was already reach gold star high level stage of cultivation when he was still young, only 20 years old (200 years old in human life span).

Now he will soon breakthrough to jade star stage which was something crucial for him. If he failed his breakthrough attempt, it was possible he could die or lose all his cultivation (become a cripple) from the divine energy backlash which would harm his internal organ.

Long Ao Zhen felt warmth in his heart as he knew just how kind and caring his father was. He nodded and reassure his father that he will take this matter seriously.

After talking for a while about Long Ao Zhen plan while seeking a translator in lower realm, Long Jun Zhu finally let his son go to prepare for this journey. Even though he was reluctant to be apart from his son, Long Jun Zhu knew that the reason Ao Zhen grandpa assign these task to him was because he needed to open a path when Ao Zhen officially become a crown prince in the future.

Long Ao Zhen didn’t stay for a long time but he still have a lunch with his father before leaving the palace.

When Long Ao Zhen leave the palace it was already afternoon. Around 1 P.M

Long Ao Zhen immediately went back to his estate and prepare his stuff before the journey. He intended to look for his ’wife’ condition first before searching for a translator.

Long Ao Zhen asked his servant to prepare only a lot of money, his weapon, medicine and other stuff which couldn’t be found in lower realm. He didn’t forget to packed up communication stone to call his father or his mother later.

For money, the money used in upper realm was crystal coin. Yap crystal coin. In the lower realm one crystal coin was enough to get you the title of "noveau rich" but in upper realm, even a beggar have more than 1 crystal coin.

With this thought in mind, Ao Zhen didn’t pack up his clothes as he plan to buy those daily things needed in the lower realm. He only packed up things that one couldn’t find in lower realm.

All Long Ao Zhen stuff was placed inside a spatial ring. In lower realm item like spatial ring or other space storage was very rare. One could only found it inside a divine beast with unique ability or buy it in the auction. But in upper realm those kind of things were like cabbage in the market. Even an ordinary citizen would at least have one for themself.

Long Ao Zhen was ready at 3 P.M as he strode out of his estate. He brought his beloved horse, the horned jade horse along with his shadow guards which consisted of 10 people.

As a prince of course he would have a personal guard which he personaly trained to be a shadow guard. These means that those guard would hide and followed their master in shadow. They would appear only if their master asked them to appear.

For Long Ao Zhen, these shadow guard would be used to relay a message or any other small task like buying food, clothes, etc.

Yeapp our prince treated his guard as a mere servant! One couldn’t blame Ao Zhen for his thought because he himself already strong enough to face anyone in the lower realm.

Long Ao Zhen told his house keeper to manage the estate well while he was gone. After that he quickly went riding the horned jade horse to the teleportation portal in Long Kingdom.

Long Kingdom only owned 7 teleportation portal which could be used anytime you wanted as long as you pay. But for royalty, they prepared 1 portal which could only be used by a royalty. This way Long Ao Zhen wouldn’t have to go in line and waited for a few hours before using the portal. He used the portal as if it was his personal teleportation portal.

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