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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

22 Chapter 23 Meeting The Emperor 2

22 Chapter 23 “Meeting The Emperor 2 “

Long Jun Zhu was disappointed when he saw his son expression didn’t change. He was hoping to probe his son feeling further but it seemed that this marriage was really just an accident

"Did you tell her about this marriage?" Long Ao Zhen asked his son again.

" She doesn’t need to know. It is better for her to live as she is now. It will only bring trouble if she know about this marriage" Long Ao Zhen paused for a second before asmwering his father question.

Yes, from the start Long Ao Zhen already thought about it. He will erased the girl memory about that accident and let her live her short life in peace without knowing anything about this marriage.

At least Long Ao Zhen could protect the girl till she died from old age as a compensation for his mistake.

As for the girl, not knowing anything about this marriage will keep her far away from the trouble in the upper realm. So the other kingdom in the upper realm won’t target her because of him.

Long Ao Zhen thought that all his action was merely a form of responsibility for the girl. Well no one knew wether it was true or not.

The emperor, Long Jun Zhu also agree with his son decision. The emperor thought that his son actually care so much for his ’wife’ safety and so a beautiful misunderstanding formed.

But sadly, the emperor didn’t know the agreement between his son and his wife,the empress which was to wait for the girl to die before marrying the one Long Ao Zhen love someday.

In another word, annulling the marriage with the excuse "the death of the wife" which won’t broke the rule of marriage between mythological beast tradition.

When one of the spouse died, the other should mourn for a hundred years before marrying a new one.

But the death of one spouse caused by an accident or any other reason except died from old age will greatly harm one reputation especially the male. They would be considered a weakling, a disgrace of mythological beast who couldn’t even protect their own spouse.

A hundred years were short for mythological beast and so Ao Zhen agreed with this condition mentioned by her mom.

Rather than received the heaven tribulation to forcefully divorce the girl, it was better to wait till she died.

Of course Long Ao Zhen wouldn’t the girl died before her life span end. He won’t disgrace his own pride and reputation in the eyes of other mythological beast since he was the future emperor of Long Kingdom, a great existence within the dragon race

Long Jun Zhu felt touched that his cold son would unexpectedly one day, care about a woman. Even if the girl he choose was a human and a crippled one at that, Long Jun Zhu couldn’t bear to oppose his son.

Although wether the girl could become an empress one day or not will depend on the decision within the court, Long Jun Zhu believed that as long as his son fought hard for the girl sake everything will be fine

And so, one man was drowned in his own beautiful imagination while the other had a blank face on his face upon seeing his father strange expression.

"Hmm father understand. I agree with your decision" Long Jun Zhu nodded his head in satisfaction.

The two of them were silent again for a moment before Long Ao Zhen spoke "Father...this son should go now, grandpa assign me a task in lower realm"

The emperor was startled and he asked in response "what kind of task? is it hard?

Long Ao Zhen nodded and said in a mild tone "Task to recruit a translator for our Long Kingdom"

Long Jun Zhu, the emperor squinted his eyes and thought in his head "It’s true that our biggest problem is that Long Kingdom doesn’t have a translator! I just didn’t expect father to assign this hard task to Ao Zhen....knowing that he hate lower realm"

" agree with grandpa request?" Long Jun Zhu spoke out his inner thought to his son

"Hmn. I couldn’t say no even if i’m not too happy with this task" Long Ao Zhen answered while tapping his finger

"How long will you gone this time?" Long Jun Zhu throwed out the question which was bugging his mind. He just get to see his son and now he will be gone for quite a time.

"I don’t know but maybe...quite a long time. I’ll make sure to contact father and mother regulary" Long Ao Zhen told his father about his plan.

"okay then but be carefull since you’re quite close to breakthrough in your cultivation. If you have to breakthrough so sudden in lower realm, father suggest you to find a quiet place filled with spiritual beasts. That way those beasts can at least protect you from other danger" Long Jun Zhu reminded his son about this important fact

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