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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

21 Chapter 22 Meeting The Emperor

21 Chapter 22 “Meeting The Emperor“

When Long Ao Zhen walked in from the entrance, the middle-aged man’s eyes shone with an excited light. The man couldn’t help to smile when he saw his one and only son walked slowly toward him.

Long Ao Zhen bowed politely as he said "Long live father emperor!" He bend his waist a little and cupped his hand neatly. Even when he bowed down, his back was straight and one could see a deep pride in his manner. Well the nature of any mythological beast is a proud one.

"Stand up my son" The man which was the current emperor of the long kingdom quickly waved his hand casually to dismiss the ceremonial greeting.

Long Ao Zhen didn’t say anything and very soon he was back standing quietly in front of the emperor.

The emperor waved his hand once more and a simple chair plopped out from nowhere behind Long Ao Zhen.

"Sit down first" the emperor smile in a warm manner and anyone could tell a deep affection to his son from his voice alone. Hmm the emperor was proud of his son.

His son is very handsome, smart, strong, filial, polite, and a bunch of unsaid praises flew out from the depth of the emperor’s heart.

Yap the emperor is a son-con.

The emperor, Long Jun Zhu loved his son greatly. Long Ao Zhen was the only child he had after a few hundred years waiting patiently.

Long Jun Zhu knew that a mythological beast birth rate is miserable and that he as a royalty still had a chance to have a child compared to common mythological beast who were unable to have a child in their entire life.

It was difficult to have a child for common mythological beast but it didn’t mean that all common mythological beast couldn’t bear a child.

So when Long Ao Zhen was born, and that the gender is a male which was suitable to inherit the throne, he was overwhelmed with excitement. This was the long-awaited son of him!

Long Jun Zhu spoiled his son since he was a baby and Long Ao Zhen every need was granted easily. Even though Long Ao Zhen was spoiled rotten, he was still able to grew up into a splendid man. He had a very very excellent talent and was one of the best mythological beast compared to other mythological beast (phoenix etc) in his generation.

Strong,smart,wise,and also very very handsome.

Long Ao Zhen inherit his father enchanting golden eyes and his mother beautiful face. With this combination Long Ao Zhen was considered as the top 7 most handsome youth in the entire upper realm

But despite his perfection, his son still have a flaw which was his hate toward woman. When Long Ao Zhen was young, a jealous woman in the palace tried to poison the empress and that incident greatly affected the young Long Ao Zhen. Since than, other than his mother, he hate all women no matter how beautiful she is.

Even his own childhood friend up till now still couldn’t get his heart despite not being hated by Long Ao Zhen.

But now his wife told him that Long Ao Zhen accidentaly married a human girl when he gone missing a few days ago! To be honest the emperor didn’t agree with it but when he thought of how his cold son finally married a girl even though it was an accident, the emperor believe that this must be fate.

What the emperor didn’t know is that Long Ao Zhen fate originally wasn’t with Li Shi Ying. His fate was with the female lead, Meng Yue Ming.

Well no one knew how this messed fate will end up the same with the story plot or changed with the arrival of Li Shi Ying into the supposed to be dead body of a maidservant.

"Son, father call you here to ask you something" The emperor finally opened his mouth and he talked straight to the point, not even bother to have a small talk or useless chit chat with his son.

Because the emperor knew for sure that his son must have something important to do but because he, the emperor called him, Long Ao Zhen postponed his bussiness.

How could the emperor knew? He knew from the bad mood aura spread subsconsciously around his son! His son must be in a bad mood and he must be in a bad mood because something didn’t go according to his wish.

Long Ao Zhen who was sitting calmly with a cold face blinked his eyes when he heard his father straightforward request.

"Yes go ahead father" Long Ao Zhen spoke with a not too loud voice. He was quite happy that his father didn’t try to waste his time talking about something which wasn’t his father purpose calling him to this place.

"Hmm...i heard from your mom that you married a crippled human girl in the lower that true?" Long Jun Zhu asked cautiously while observing his son expression.

Long Ao Zhen face didn’t change even for a second as he calmly answered "Yes. It was an accident"

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