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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

20 Chapter 21 The Palace Hall

20 Chapter 21 “The Palace Hall“

"Greetings your highness the third prince, may God bless you" The palace servant cupped his hand and bowed down politely to greet the Long Kingdom future crown prince, Long Ao Zhen.

"Mn you may stand up" Long Ao Zhen only spare him a glance before climbing up to the carriage. He was already in a bad mood but he thought to give his father a face so he decided to follow the order.

The poor servant could only released a sigh silently and ordered the coachman to set off immediately to the Royal Palace a.k.a Dragon Palace.

Along the way, the vibe inside the carriage was awkward. Long Ao Zhen didn’t even speak a single word while the palace servant face was dripping with cold sweat.

From the aura alone he could tell that his highness was in a bad mood!!

Well congrats mann~ the palace servant wild guess was completely true!

Long Ao Zhen was in a bad mood first because he couldn’t immediately go to the lower realm and second because he didn’t know what to say about this accidental marriage when he met his father later.

What if his father wanted him to just directly kill the human girl? Well it wasn’t like he couldn’t but this matter was all his fault and that girl was just unlucky to be dragged.

Hm? Unlucky? For that girl maybe she should felt lucky instead! Who didn’t want to marry him, a perfect future crown prince of the Long Kingdom?

While Long Ao Zhen was busy sulking on his own, the carriage slowly enter the palace area. Usually all the carriage had to stop in front of the gate and the guest should walk on foot inside but Long Ao Zhen was a royalty and so the carriage went in without much problem and stopped right in front of the palace main hall.

The palace main hall was used to hold a morning court or to accept guest from other kingdom.

When the carriage stopped, the coachman said in a quite loud voice "We have arrive!"

The palace servant immediately opened the carriage door and wait on the side for Long Ao Zhen to step out from the carriage.

Long Ao Zhen snapped from his daze when he heard the coachman loud voice and he spit out a "tsk" from his mouth before lazily stood up from his seat.

Long Ao Zhen then stepped out quickly in a very elegant manner. As expected from a prince even the way he stepped out from a carriage is also elegant.

Long Ao Zhen long wide sleeve fluttered slowly blown away by the wind when he jumped out from the carriage.

His long dark green hair also swayed a little from the soft breeze.

The faint sunlight shone his flawless face and greatly increased his charm.

A stoic cold expression was shown on his face but that only added a "king" vibe to his aura.

At that time his entire being looked abnormaly handsome that even the palace servant forgot to blinked for a moment.

The palace servant sighed and said in his heart "His highness the third prince is truly the most handsome man in Long Kingdom! No no maybe in the entire upper realm"

Long Ao Zhen obviously oblivious to all the complex admiration brewing inside the palace servant heart. He kept his ice block expression and slowly entered the main hall.

The palace servant hurriedly excuse himself and in a minute he was gone with the coachman and the carriage.

Long Ao Zhen took a deep breath before walking straight to the hall. He knew that the morning court must have been finish and the hall become empty and silent.

The dragon palace main hall was very grand and imposing. Even the floor in the main hall was built with a precious lava marble. The entire floor was dyed in deep dark red and the wall was shining with a golden light. The entire wall was painted with pure gold and a mural was crafted on the hall 8 giant pillar.

The hall ceiling was high around 5 meter from the ground. On the ceiling there were also a historical relic carved in a very beautiful way.

The hall was brighten up with a lot of floating fire crystal. At the back of the hall, in the middle of it there was a golden seat placed high above others. The seat was luxurious and there was a spirit of a dragon, circling the seat. It was a kind of illusion made with divine energy as an accessories.

On the seat, a middle-aged handsome man was sitting with his back straighten. He wore a golden ancient chinese clothing with a red dragon embroidered on it. A black belt and a red jade waist were hanging on his body.

The man long dark black hair was shining under the light of the fire crystal. His wise golden eyes were looking with a trace of longing to the hall entrance. On the man’s head, a golden dragon crown was resting quietly, making the man appearance looked more imposing.

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