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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

2 Chapter 2 Transmigrated 2

2 Chapter 2 “Transmigrated 2 “

Li Shi Ying quickly sobered up from her daze and shouted out loud in sundanese "Stop you beast! I’m not fat!!!!"

Gubrak...Shi Ying...that’s not the point ah!

The panda was shocked and stopped its big paw on the air. He tilted his head in a cute manner and asked "Human, you understand my languange?" Well if anyone heard what it said, they would only heard a panda growl.

"Yeah i understand! You speak in my hometown languange,Sundanese!" Li Shi Ying spoke while staring straight at the panda’s eyes.

"Really? This is the first time a human understand me! Hey you come sit with me!" The panda voice sounded like a spoiled little child in Li Shi Ying’s ear.

She could only sighed when she saw those two big watery eyes looked at her cutely. Fine, she give up! This panda is just too cute to be true!!

Li Shi Ying quickly approached the panda and sat down in front of it. The panda also followed Li Shi Ying action to sat down in a cute manner.

Li Shi Ying at this time already forgot her previous fear and sat down bravely.

There it is one human and one beast sat across each other in a very funny way and start talking in a beast languange.

"So! What is it?! " Li Shi Ying spoke first to break the silence between them.

"T-this...i’m just too happy to finally found someone i can talk with" the panda cheek turned pink like a little maiden in love.

The heck are you blushing for! Have some dignity please!

"Hmph! You nearly eat me! If i didn’t notice that i understand your languange i would be done for!" Li Shi Ying humphed angrily and turned her head over not wanting to look at the big fluffy panda.

"S-sorry i’m just hungry at that time...if i know you understand my languange i would never dare to eat you!" The panda begged with its two watery eyes looking straight at Li Shi Ying eyes.

Alas Li Shi Ying was a maniac of cute fluffy animals and so she really couldn’t kept being angry over this cute panda.

"Fine i forgive you! could you talk with me like this? I mean your intelligence is high for a beast" Li Shi Ying folded her arm in front of her chest as she asked the panda with puzzled feeling.

"Ah? Its to be expected! I’m a divine beast, of course my intelligence is high!" The panda retorted with a slight pride gloating in its eyes.

"Divine beast?" Li Shi Ying thought for a while and those foreign memories popped out suddenly in her mind.

The rank of beast in this world are defided between low rank beast, middle rank beast, high rank beast, divine beast, sacred beast and mythological beast.

Within the rank there are also another level which were divided with color from red,orange,yellow,green,blue,cyan and purple.

Only sacred and mythological beast can transform into a human form. Divine beast can only transform into a tools while high rank beast can only decrease their original size.

"Hmm i see" Li Shi Ying nodded her head. Up until know she still didn’t notice anything strange about her situation.

"Right human what is your name?" The panda poked Li Shi Ying head with its paw and asked.

"Li Shi Ying. Call me Shi Ying. And yours?" Li Shi Ying didn’t have time to continue her thought as she immediately introduced her name.

"Me? Xiong Mao. Call me Mao Mao!" Xiong Mao nodded its head happily like a child.

"Okay Mao Mao. Nice to meet you! But sorry i have to wake up soon. Even if this is a dream it’s nice to meet you!" Li Shi Ying decided to just wake up from this dream. Just know when those foreign memories popped out she suddenly got a bad feeling.

"Dream? But this is not a dream world? We’re in a real world..." Mao Mao scratched its head

BOOMM! Mao Mao words sounds like a thunder in her head.

R-real world? Not a dream? Then where am i??

Li Shi Ying quickly looked down to inspect her own body. She was wearing a filthy ancient china dress. Just from the dress alone, she could made a guess.

No no no this must be some kind of mistake!

Li Shi Ying refuse to believed her situation and she started to looked over her hand.

And now she was completely stunned.

This pair of hand wasn’t hers!

This long finger and white skin....well her skin has always been white but but her fingers are small and short, not this thin and long!

Li Shi Ying had the urge to faint. She told herself to calm down first.

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