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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

19 Chapter 20 Behind His Smile

19 Chapter 20 “Behind His Smile“

The next day.

Long Ao Zhen woke up early in the morning and after a quick breakfast, ready to go to the teleportation portal for a second time.

Long Ao Zhen was in a high spirit. The corner of his lips was hooked into a faint smile. He didn’t know that he was smiling like an idiot but his servants who saw him, nearly tripped when they saw their cold master suddenly smile like that.

When Long Ao Zhen thought about how he will soon play out a role "the hero saving a beauty", a strange happiness spread out in his heart. He could imagine the girl reaction and her cute smile as she thanked him later.

Long Ao Zhen thought that he must be in a good mood because soon he will pay off his mistake to the girl and as a proud dragon, of course he will be happy.

Long Ao Zhen didn’t even realize that his mood was especially good only when he thought of Li Shi Ying. It had nothing to do with whatever responsibility or any other random reasons he subsconsciously made to cover up his real feeling.

"Good morning master, a palace servant just come to the manor delivering a message that today his majesty ask for an audience with your highness after the morning court" Ao Zhen personal servant came and greet him before delivering the message sent by a servant from the palace.

Actually the emperor had been asking for his son to came meet him at the palace but Long Ao Zhen went missing for 3 days and that greatly worried him.

So when the emperor received a report that his only son, Long Ao Zhen came back safely, he immediately dispatch his personal servant to delivered his message.

"What?? Dad want to meet me?? Can’t i come tomorrow? I have a very very important thing to do now." Long Ao Zhen knitted his forehead and somehow he had a very bad feeling about this.

"Pardon me master but his majesty said that he want to discuss about your marriage..." the servant lowered his head and said so while trembling slightly.

He was afraid that his master will get angry and kill him on spot. He know that his master dislike going to the palace as there were many "crazy" women lurking there.

But now as soon as his master woke up, he was told to go to the palace for an audience with the emperor! For God shake he as a servant also knew that from his master behaviour it seemed that his master was going to went somewhere else.

Long Ao Zhen tighten his fist and he didn’t say anything. How could his father knew about it? It must be mom who told him so!

Long Ao Zhen was a little hesitant but he decided to respect his father as the emperor so he will go to the palace for an "audience" with the so-called emperor.

He thought in his mind that he only need to quickly finished his talk with his father and then rush to the lower realm. Anyway he still got two and half a day more to save that girl. No need to fret over something like this.

Soo Long Ao Zhen sighed and said with a great reluctant "Take out my carriage. I’ll go to the palace now"

"Master, the servant from the palace is still waiting in front of the manor. Your highness can go with him" Long Ao Zhen personal servant exhale a breath of relief while wiping his cold sweat. Lucky that his master wasn’t angry!Fiuhh!

"Mm" Long Ao Zhen nodded and walked in a hurried step to the manor gate. He wanted to quickly finished his bussiness with father emperor as soon as possible!

Outside the manor, a luxurious beast carriage was waiting for Long Ao Zhen arrival. The carriage was made with gold wood and the beast pulling the carriage is a dragon horse. A semi dragon in a form of horse. Two majestic dragon horse stood in front of the carriage with elegance.

Not far from the carriage, a palace servant wearing a blue palace servant uniform quietly stand to wait for a certain someone.

The palace servant had been standing there for quite a time before he finally saw Long Ao Zhen figure, the one he had been waiting for.

When he saw Long Ao Zhen came, he immediately shouted out a cheers in his heart because he know this third prince is a cold-blooded and moody man.

If he didn’t want to do something then nobody could force him except the retired emperor, the prince’s grandfather. Even the emperor himself as the third prince dad found it hard to force something onto his stubborn son.

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