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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

18 Chapter 19 Sleepless Night

18 Chapter 19 “Sleepless Night“

He was angry but actually he was more anxious than before. His grandpa said that the girl could only live for 1 day after he place the seal on her body.

It has been half a day already! What if she didn’t drink any precious medicine? Could he arrived in time to save her??

Long Ao Zhen kept flying back and forth in front of the dark teleportation portal. He thought in his mind "Should he go without teleportation portal?"

No no no the journey from Long Kingdom to the entrance of way to Lower realm alone will take time about a day and from there to the lower realm is another half a day so basically he will only exhaust himself if he tried to go without teleportation portal and the result is the same if he waited till tomorrow morning.

Long Ao Zhen sighed and he decided to came back to the Dragon Palace. He will wait until the teleportation portal opened tomorrow morning.

With that thought in mind, Long Ao Zhen flew away from the place. He could only hope that the girl did drink some helpful medicine to supress the divine energy from the dragon seal.

Long Ao Zhen flew to a place near Dragon Palace which was his own estate, the third prince manor. The building wasn’t as glamour as the Dragon Palace but it was still luxurious.

The gate was made with black crystal and there were four full-armored guard standing in front of it.

For your information, a single black crystal price was relatively the same with a single crystal coin. Those expensive crystal were made into a door by the third prince! Just imagine how rich he must be!!

When the door guard saw Ao Zhen, they bowed down properly and opened the door for him. Long Ao Zhen changed into his human form and then walked unhurriedly into his own house.

Third Prince Manor was divided into 7 area which were front yard, center yard, back yard, training ground, warehouse yard, greenhouse and forbidden area. The front yard have a big hall and a single middle-sized building with a few beautiful garden. The front yard is used for receiving guest.

The center yard is Long Ao Zhen private place. Inside the yard there are a few other small yards for his wife and his children. Those buildings surrounded Ao Zhen main yard but sadly all those smaller yards were empty.

Long Ao Zhen yard is placed at the center. The yard have a beautiful garden filled with precious amd rare plants. You can also see a lot of rare animals live there. There is a big pond and a pavillion in the middle of the pond. Long Ao Zhen liked to waste his time in that pavillion.

The building itself is built with black marmer and the wall inside the whole building is made with green jade. Even the floor is built from sea pearl.

The building have lots of rooms such as living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, private office, library, martial art gym, etc. You could even find a swimming pool inside his house.

In Long Ao Zhen yard there aren’t a single maidservant around. Ao Zhen dislike woman and so he only hired male servants and kept the maidservant at the official wife yard or at another empty place.

"Welcome back master!" all the servants at Long Ao Zhen manor bowed down and greet him politely when they saw him came.

Long Ao Zhen only nodded and walked straight to his yard at the center yard. The servants in his yard were already stood neatly in order to welcome their master.

By the way Long Ao Zhen courtyard have a name which is Soaring Dragon courtyard.

Long Ao Zhen arrived at his courtyard and quickly went to his bedroom. He told his servant to prepare clothes and then he went to the bath house.

After a quick bath inside the bath house, Long Ao Zhen changed his clothes into a night wear and strode in to sleep. Well he couldn’t immediately sleep because his main servant asked him to ate dinner first before he slept.

With a lot of reluctancy, Ao Zhen headed to the dining hall and soundlessly ate dinner.

10 P.M

Long Ao Zhen lay his body on his soft bed and closed his eyes. He tried to sleep but soon he found himself unable to sleep.

Long Ao Zhen subsconsciously thought about his new accidentally married wife. He couldn’t help but to worry about her well being.

Was she safe? She won’t be attacked by other spiritual beasts right? Did she eat well?

Was she ill? Did anyone helped her? Did she drink a medicine to help her condition? Was she in pain?

All those questions kept running around in his mind. Long Ao Zhen tossed and turned but he still couldn’t sleep.

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