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17 Chapter 18 “Cold Man“

Long Ao Zhen is a cold man who thinks that woman is just something annoying and troublesome. He dislike not only woman but other people to touch even the hem of his clothes. He is a perfectionist and cold-blooded man.

Once, a daughter of a prime minister dare to climb his bed. Long Ao Zhen didn’t even blink his eyes to directly thrown away the woman.

Other cases was when a daughter of high ranking officer accidentaly touched his chest. Long Ao Zhen was furious and punched the girl till she nearly die from the punch.

Now hearing that this grandson finally kissed a girl, he was happy for him. Well even if it was because of the drug effect, his son should be able to hold back his desire if he really hate the woman. But he choose to kiss her it means that deep inside his heart, he actually didn’t dislike her.

Hmmm he was curious with this human girl who managed to let his grandson kiss her.

"Ohohoho grandson, what do you think about the girl you accidentally kiss?" Long Yu Ren laughed with a sly tone.

"Hmph! It was only a momentary impulse! She was unworthy for me. She was a trash who couldn’t even cultivate!" Long Ao Zhen quickly denied his feeling and did his best to look down on Li Shi Ying.

He just didn’t want to admit that the girl’s eyes actually attracted him so much so that he finally lost control of his body.

Long Yu Ren smirked and he continue his teasing "Alas boy~ even if she couldn’t cultivate maybe she does have another special ability. Don’t look down on human too much ok. We need them as we need translator"

"....well she better have some" Long Ao Zhen harumphed shortly.

"So so when will you bring her to meet grandpa? Grandpa want to meet my granddaughter-in-law and my future grandson’s child soon!" Long Yu Ren grinned again like a sly fox.

This time, Long Ao Zhen nearly fell from the sofa.

"W-w-what??? M-my child??? I didn’t even do anything to her, grandpa!!" Long Ao Zhen choke on his words as he tried to cleared up this weird misunderstanding.

"Hohoho well i will just wait for the right time" Long Yu Ren chuckled softly seeing his grandson cute reaction.

"Hmph! Grandpa don’t tease me anymore or i won’t go find us a translator" Long Ao Zhen gave a big fat "humph" when he realized that his grandpa actually have fun in teasing him!!

"Alright alright i’ll stop. But Ao Zhen tell me, when you kiss her did you succeed placing the dragon seal on her body?" Long Yu Ren face immediately turned serious.

"En? I think i did succeed..?" Long Ao Zhen answered while thought in his mind that he did saw a golden light on the girl’s neck.

"Then...could her body endure it? I mean that dragon seal contained 1/10 of your divine energy but she was a human moreover a crippled one. Grandpa just have a worry that her body might not be able to endure the seal power" Long Yu Ren spoke out his inner thought.

Long Ao Zhen expression sank as he clearly didn’t think about it before.

"How long her body can endure?" Long Ao Zhen voice became more low and solemn.

"1 day if she doesn’t drink any helpful medicine. If she is lucky and drink the right medicine then she could live for 3 days at most" Long Yu Ren knitted his forehead subsconsciously.

Long Ao Zhen was silent for a few seconds before stood up and said "Grandpa, Ao Zhen just remember that i have other important case to do so i will excuse myself first"

Long Ao Zhen cupped his fist with his other hand and slightly bent his body forward in a polite manner. Although he looks calm but he was actually quite anxious.

This was all his fault. He forced himself to that girl and if she died then it was his responsibility. Even if he was a cold man he still had some pride and integrity to pay back on his mistake.

He definitely can’t let her die because of the dragon seal!

"Aishh just go now be carefull on your way back~" Long Yu Ren shook his head and stood up to sent his grandson back.

Immediately after Long Ao Zhen left Long Yu Ren work place, he changed back into his dragon form and flew away in super high speed to the teleportation portal in Long Kingdom.

10 minutes later.

Long Ao Zhen arrived in front of the teleportation gate but he didn’t find any workers there.

He suddenly realized something and he patted his forehead with great disappointment. How could he forgot that the teleportation portal was closed at night??? Now he couldn’t even go to the entrance of the way to lower realm!

Long Ao Zhen mood dropped drastically when he found out that he couldn’t go to the lower realm right now.

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