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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

16 Chapter 17 Discussion 2

16 Chapter 17 “Discussion 2 “

The scripts and books left by God were consist of alchemy books, cultivation technique, cultivation skills, beast taming technique, armament forging technique, array master technique to medical books and so many else.

The people in lower realm could cultivate right know because of the first translator who was kind enough to spread the basic cultivation technique for all people in lower realm. As for the upper realm, there was a translator from Long Kingdom who was doing the same thing, spreading the basic cultivation technique for mythological beast.

But since 1000 years ago there weren’t any translator from the mythological beast family. Only human since then still have a translator which you could count with your finger.

Especially now that Long Kingdom haven’t been able to find a translator to cooperate with, their power progress was slow. Their status as the strongest mythological beast clan began to be unstable and finally now, at the edge of collapsed.

The Feng Kingdom the second strongest clan began to overtake the Long Kingdom ever since they find a translator who is willing to do a cooperation.

"Ao Zhen...grandpa want you to go on a journey in the lower realm and find a translator who will be willing to cooperate with Long Kingdom. You can give him/her everything he/she wanted except the right to contract one of our people as their contracted beast." Long Yu Ren finally stated out his intention in calling Long Ao Zhen over.

Long Ao Zhen fell silent for a moment as he was pondering about this matter in his mind.

To tell the truth...he always hate to go to the lower realm and now...his grandpa ask him to coax a human to cooperate with Long Kingdom??

He...was very unwilling but he himself know how serious the matter is. He didn’t have any choice to obey his father request.

"Fine....Ao Zhen will go and find us a translator..." Long Ao Zhen tapped his knee and said with a determination in his voice.

"Good good you’re this kingdom future should start contribute something to this kingdom to smoothen your path later. This mission will bring great help to our kingdom. Remember don’t ever use force to subdue those translators otherwise our kingdom will face the wrath of many forces." Long Yu Ren stood up and patted his grandson shoulder with a wide grin on his face.

Long Ao Zhen could only dejectly nodded his head.

"By the way what are you doing in the lower realm before?" Long Yu Ren sat down again and asked in curiosity.

Long Ao Zhen was caught unguarded and he was startled by his grandpa question. He began to burst in cold sweat.

"T-that...." Long Ao Zhen gulped and he thought hard to answered this question. He really didn’t want to tell his grandpa that he accidentally married a human girl! Moreover, a trash who can’t cultivate on top of that.

"Hm? Do you have something to hide from me? Answer truthfully! I can always ask your mom anyway" Long Yu Ren narrowed his eagle-like eyes to give a sharp gaze toward Long Ao Zhen.

Long Ao Zhen kept his mouth shutted for a moment.

Long Yu Ren didn’t get impatient and waited for his grandson answer. He has a feeling that what his grandson tried to hide from him, is something serious.

After much difficulites Long Ao Zhen decided to say the truth to his grandpa. He steeled his body to endure his grandpa punishment later.

"This...actually i was drugged with aphrodisiac by a crazy woman in the palace and when i escape to hide in the lower realm...i found a human girl at a forest and...couldn’t control myself and...i kissed her." As Long Ao Zhen retell his experience, his forehead began to sweat.

Contary to his expectation, his grandpa didn’t get mad and with a wide grin he said "So so how is it your first kiss feels like?"

Long Ao Zhen was stunned and he felt his face was hot. "I-i it was so-so"

When he answered, he actually thought of the scene when his lips touched the girl’s lips and actually it felt good but because of his pride, he pretend to be cool.

"Hooo but your face doesn’t say so~" Long Yu Ren chuckled as he enjoy teasing his cold grandson.

Alas...this grandson was actually a perfect grandson. He was strong,smart,talented, respects the elder, but he never have any relationship with woman!

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