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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

15 Chapter 16 Discussion

15 Chapter 16 “Discussion“

"I promise i won’t ever "do it" with her!! Hmph! I wouldn’t want it anyway" Long Ao Zhen snorted as he folded his arm in front of his chess.

Ehem at that time Long Ao Zhen was still a cold and proud man but there will be a time when he would shamelessly going back on his promise.

"Alright, mom believe you. Hmm...Ao Zhen, actually since yesterday your grandpa have been waiting for your arrival, he told me to have you go to his work place. He said that he have something important to discuss" The empress smiled and told her son to quickly finished his tea and headed to grandfather work place as soon as possible.

Long Ao Zhen nodded his head and after he finished his tea, he hug his mom before finally left the empress palace.

15 minutes from the Empress Palace.

There were an old building stood proudly surrounded by thick green trees. The place was quiet and there weren’t many servants either.

The described place was Long Yu Ren’s work place. Long Yu Ren is the current emperor’s father, Long Ao Zhen’s grandfather and the retired emperor of Long Kingdom.

Long Ao Zhen looked at the towering lone building in front of him and sighed.

His granpa was a strict and old-fashion man. He find it difficult to understand this granpa from his father side. Well he was a wise emperor and greatly dote on his grandson~

Long Ao Zhen tidy up his clothes and walked slowly toward the building. His grandpa office was on the highest floor of the building.

He climbed up the spiral stair for 5 minutes and finally arrived in front of a big simple brown door.

Tok tok tok. Long Ao Zhen knocked on the door gently "Granpa Ao Zhen is here"

"Come in!" From inside a hoarse but strong voice sounded.

Long Ao Zhen opened the door slowly "Excuse me.."

Inside the room there were a work table and a leather chair. There were also a sofa and a wooden table not far from the work table. There were also 3 big bookshelves standing neatly behind the sofa.

There was a man with a white hair wearing a white chinese robe, sitting in a mighty and strong presence.

The man golden eyes were sharp like an eagle and he didn’t look that old except for his already white hair.

That man was Long Yu Ren, Long Ao Zhen grandfather.

A smile was formed on his handsome strict face. "You have come Ao Zhen! Where have you been!" Long Yu Ren stood up from his chair and walked forward to his one and only grandson.

"Hello grandpa....hahaha i was at the lower realm back then..." Long Ao Zhen forced a smile when he heard this tricky question from his grandpa.

"Come come let me hug you" Long Yu Ren hug Long Ao Zhen tightly while patting his back.

Long Ao Zhen who wasn’t used with other people touching his body, including his own family, could only let out a dry laugh.

Long Yu Ren finally released his grandson and told him to sat down on the sofa.

After Long Ao Zhen sat down and made himself comfortable, he asked his grandpa "So grandpa...what is it that you want to discuss with me?"

Long Yu Ren also already sat down in front of Long Ao Zhen and finally his face turn serious.

" know....the Feng Kingdom finally made a cooperation with a translator from Phoenix Country in the lower realm." Long Yu Ren sighed and his face turn solemn.

"What? They succeed? Then what about our proposal?" Long Ao Zhen face froze and he gasped faintly.

"That translator refuse our proposal and instead received the Feng Kingdom offer. It is because the Feng Kingdom give the translator a right to contract one of their people as a contractor beast. Even if the one they give off is an orphan child...still it is quite dangerous for a human to possess a mythological beast as contracted beast" Long Yu Ren eyebrow kneaded slightly when he explained the situation.

"This...hhh....the lower realm will soon meet a storm then. So...what are we going to do?" Long Ao Zhen sighed and propped his chin with his hand.

"You know for us mythological beast....what we need the most is a translator. For more than 1000 years...our ancient scripts were left behind just like that because we never have a translator here..." Long Yu Ren crossed his legs and began to talked about the past.

A translator is a person who was gifted with the understanding of the God languange. Long long time ago God left behind many precious scripts and books about everything in this world. Those heritage were spread apart everywhere at lower realm and upper realm.

All those heritage were written in God Languange. No one could understand the content of those heritage without the help of a translator.

But the problem is a very rare job in this world. One should be gifted since born to become a translator. The job of translator is to translate those heritage to the local languange so the people holding the heritage could understand the content and practice it.

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