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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

14 Chapter 15 His Mothers Warning

14 Chapter 15 “His Mother“s Warning“

"So...Ao Zhen are you alright?" Ao Zhen mother asked with a concern.

When Long Ao Zhen heard it, his body froze and he subsconsciously clenched his fist.

"....your son accidentally married a human girl" Long Ao Zhen spoke faintly.


The tea cup on the empress hand slipped and fell to the floor. The tea cup was broken into pieces.

The soft smile on the empress face was frozen still and her hand was trembling. She did her best to not faint on spot.

"A-a...w-what do you mean son?" The empress gathered all her courage and asked in a flustered tone.

" i hid myself at a quiet forest in the lower realm but i didn’t expect to found a human girl there and...because of the drug effect i kissed her." Long Ao Zhen massaged his temple and sighed.

"D-did you do anything else to her?" The empress forced a smile on her face while asking her son.

Long Ao Zhen body stiffen from the question. His mind immediately recalled the thing he done to the human girl. Her every plea, her voice, her moan, her body reaction to her lovely face...all those pictures replayed one by one slowly in his mind.

Long Ao Zhen face slowly became red and he covered his face with his hand to hide it.

T-that was his first kiss and his first time in such a close distance with a woman! He even...put in his fingers into the girl secret area!

Oh he really want to die right now.

The empress didn’t miss Ao Zhen expression and she gasped in surprise.

"Did you "do it" with her?" The empress asked carefully.

Long Ao Zhen was startled and he immediately denied in a strong tone "No!! I haven’t!!"

To be more accurate he actually almost "did it" if he wasn’t thrown into the river.

The empress was silent for a moment before spoking in a gentle tone "So...what are you gonna do about it?"

Long Ao Zhen frown and said without thinking too much "I’ll just divorce her"

Dragon is a proud beast and they only have 1 partner in their whole life. They could only married another if their partner die.

"No you can’t!! Do you want to face the heaven tribulation??" The empress face became pale when she heard what his son said.

For a dragon a marriage is a very sacred thing. So when a dragon divorce their partner, they will face heaven tribulation.

Heaven tribulation is a situation where 1000 powerful thunder struck you one by one till the end. If you survived then you could divorce your partner but if you don’t, you will simply die.

Because of that reason, for dragon marriage is a very important and serious matter. They won’t ever willing to marry someone they didn’t love.

"...then i will wait until her lifespan end. Human won’t live long anyway" Long Ao Zhen said with the "i don’t care" tone of voice.

"But cultivator can live long is worried about you....what if you have reach 50 years old and she haven’t pass away?" The empress was fidgeting as she ask Long Ao Zhen.

Well Long Ao Zhen actual age is 250 years old but his appearance is 25 years old so what her mom means is that she was afraid that Long Ao Zhen will turn 500 years old and Li Shi Ying still haven’t die.

Usually cultivator could live until 500 years old. Some powerful one could even be an immortal and live pass 2000 years. Well for mythological beast 2000 years isn’t a very long time. They could even life till 5000 years. But of course from the beginning mythological beast birth rate is very very very low.

Long Ao Zhen is the only actual prince of Long Kingdom but he was titled with "third prince" title because the first and second prince is his father’s sworn brother and his father’s nephew.

His father gave his sworn brother the first prince title and gave his sworn brother’s son the second prince title.

Usually 1 couple could only give birth to 1 child and many other mythological beast other than royal family couldn’t even have a child.

"Don’t worry she can’t cultivate. Her meridian and dantian were broken" Long Ao Zhen shook his head and took a sip of the tea prepared on the table.

"’s okay then just don’t "did it" with her otherwise she will gain mythological beast long lifespan" The empress sigh in relief as she patted her chest gently.

Long Ao Zhen who was drinking tea with elegant manner, instanly choked on his tea when he heard her mother’s "warning".

Who the heck will "did it" with that human??? Even if someone beat him to death he will never ever did it with her!

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