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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

12 Chapter 13 Critical Situation

12 Chapter 13 “Critical Situation“

He sucked in cold air and gasped. T-this...if the girl dies then who know if someday a dragon would came here and went rampage....or he will be killed by the dragon and and...this grave forest will be burned flat...?

Just thinking about that making Jiu Wei trembled in fright! H-he couldn’t let this girl die!!

He already knew the problem with the girl in front of him. This girl was a human and thus her body couldn’t bear the power of the dragon seal.

Moreover the girl’s body didn’t have any Qi inside. Her dantian was broken and her meridians were shattered. The divine energy from the dragon seal greatly burdened the girl’s inner organ!

Actually he himself couldn’t do anything to save the girl. This girl needed a dragon pill blood, which is formed with the blood of the dragon who placed the seal on her. Jiu Wei could only hold down the rampaging divine energy in her body with ice jade flower fluid.

That alone could only made her survive within 3 days! Only 3 days! After that if the dragon who placed the seal on the girl’s body didn’t come, the girl body will be burn to ashes by the divine energy and even her body wouldn’t remain in this world.

Fortunately he has a hobby to collect rare herbs and he did have 1 ice jade flower left at this moment.

Jiu Wei quickly ordered Mao Mao to watch over Shi Ying while he strode over to took out the ice jade flower.

"Mao Mao! Your friend condition is serious. I need you to watch over her while i make the medicine" Jiu Wei shouted out from a quite far place.

"Yes your honour!" Mao Mao immediately change Li Shi Ying compress and sat down beside the bed.

10 minutes later.

Jiu Wei came out from nowhere and he was holding a glass of blue-transparant liquid.

"Let her drink this ice jade flower liquid. It will supress her condition. But, the only way to let her totally recovered is by drinking the dragon pill blood" Jiu Wei wiped his sweat with the sleeve of his robe. The process to draw out the ice jade flower liquid from its flower was quite complicated and tiring.

Mao Mao hold Shi Ying and told her to drink the liquid. Li Shi Ying consciousness was barely there but she still could drink up all the liquid inside the glass.

The moment she finished the liquid, she fell unconscious. Her temperature decreased a bit but it didn’t make any big difference.

Mao Mao put down Shi Ying on the bed and he asked Jiu Wei.

"Your honour...what is exactly wrong with her..." Mao Mao face was filled with worry.

" is because of a dragon seal is planted inside her body. How could a mere human withstand the energy from a mythological beast....moreover a dragon!" Jiu Wei let out a sigh and he watched over Shi Ying in bewilderment.

"E-eh?? But doesn’t it mean that she is a wife of a dragon??" Mao Mao shout out in surprise and he totally forgot to act polite in front of Jiu Wei.

"Nah that is what i’m confused with. How the hell she become a dragon’s wife??" Jiu Wei shook his head.

"Maybe she accidentally married a dragon?" Mao Mao tilted his head as he guessed.

"Yeah maybe...all we could do now is wait for her husband to come and safe her" Jiu Wei changed Shi Ying compress again and when he saw Shi Ying torned clothes, he frown.

"Mao Mao ask a female divine beast to come here and change this girl clothes. For the clothes i have some" Jiu Wei walked toward a wardrobe and took out a white simple woman dress for Li Shi Ying.

Mao Mao nodded his head and went out from the cave to call his other divine beast friend.

Not too long later, Mao Mao brought a beautiful sapphire peacock over to the cave.

The peacock bowed down politely and said "Que Lan greet your honour"

"Mm you’re dismissed. Que Lan help me change this girl clothes" Jiu Wei waved his hand and handed over the clothes.

"B-but your honour, this servant doesn’t have hand to dress her..." Que Lan was shocked and shook her head.


Jiu Wei stopped and he patted his forehead. "I forgot!!"

Thus Que Lan was sent away and Jiu Wei personally helped Mao Mao to changed Shi Ying clothes. Jiu Wei closed his eyes and he helped Mao Mao with his sixth sense alone.

As for Mao Mao, he was actually a child so Jiu Wei thought it won’t be a problem.

The two of them spent nearly 1 hour to change Li Shi Ying clothes.

After that Jiu Wei took a rest while Mao Mao continue to watched over Shi Ying condition.

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