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The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator

11 Chapter 12 Dragon Seal

11 Chapter 12 “Dragon Seal“

On top of the stone bed, layed down a big nine tailed fox with a pure white fur. Its nine tail was swaying in a lazy manner. The fox was laying quietly but its body released a very charming aura. Its blue eyes was shining with a cunning light and its mouth was hooked up into a fox smile.

"What are you here for?" A sexy and enchanting deep voice sounded from the nine tailed fox mouth. One of its hand was supporting its chin in a very relaxed position.

"Your honour Jiu Wei-sama, your humble servant is here for a patient" Mao Mao bowed down politely and slowly expressed his intention.

The nine tailed fox eyebrow was raised up as he ask with teasing tone "Oh? Are you sick?"

"No your honour, this girl here is the one who is sick" Mao Mao spoke in a very polite tone as he slowly took out Shi Ying from his bossom.

When Jiu Wei saw Li Shi Ying, he subsconsciously frown and his face darken. He spoke with a rather cold tone "Human? Why did you bring a human here?"

From his tone alone, anybody would realize that Jiu Wei didn’t have any good feeling toward human. Well every spiritual beast always dislike the greedy and cunning human.

"Forgive me your honour but this girl here is rather special...she is my friend and she can talk in beast languange as well...." Mao Mao tried to kept his calm but he still unconsciously felt afraid toward this sacred beast.

A sacred beast was the strongest beast in the lower realm. So of course Mao Mao who was a divine beast, even if he was a purple level divine beast, only one step away to become a sacred beast, still has an instinct to fear this sacred beast in front of him.

Jiu Wei was silent for a moment. He was pondering in his mind as a glimpse of interested look flashed through his blue eyes.

He knew Mao Mao very well. Mao Mao was a strong divine beast even among other divine beasts. Its true that he was a nice and soft-hearted beast but still he wouldn’t accept a human as his friend. Moreover a little girl like this one. He felt rather interested in this girl now.

"Okay. Bring her here" Jiu Wei transform himself into a handsome human wearing a sky blue chinese robe. His hair was silver and glow with a beautiful light from the blue fire ball light. His cat-like eyes were blinking in a sly way and his long eyelashes were fluttering like a butterfly. The clothes on his body was slightly opened, revealing his sexy sturdy chest. His red lips was smiling and that only made him looks more sexy in every angle.

Evil-doer! This man must be an evil doer! I mean this beast 😅

Mao Mao swiftly placed Shi Ying on the stone bed and covered her body with Jiu Wei blanket.

Jiu Wei saw Shi Ying condition in a glance and a trace of astonishing look flased in his eyes.

Hmm this girl clothes were torn badly but it seemed not because of a beast claw. It was most likely more like a person doing.

Well he didn’t care anyway~

Jiu Wei leisurely walked closer to the stone bed. When he saw Li Shi Ying condition, he couldn’t help to narrowed his eyes slightly.

This girl looks young maybe around 14-15 years old. Her face was a beautiful one but it was not that beautiful until it could ruin a country and topple a city. Her face was flushing red and she was gasping faintly. She was very weak! He even notice that the girl meridian and dantian were destroyed into pieces. This girl won’t be able to cultivate even in her whole life.

Jiu Wei shook his head and his eyes concealed a pitiful look. Then he slowly stretched his palm to touched Shi Ying forehead. When his hand touched her forehead, he subsconsiously pull over his hand.

This girl body was hot! But this temperature wasn’t something a normal fever usually had.

Li Shi Ying frown in displeasure and coughed slightly. When she cough, a lump of bright red blood was spitted out from her mouth.

Jiu Wei was surprised! This girl even cough up blood that means her inner body was damaged! But the blood wasn’t a black she wasn’t poisoned....

Jiu Wei examined Shi Ying condition for a while before he noticed a faint golden glow on her neck. The golden glow was coming from a bleeding heart flower seal.

Slowly from Li Shi Ying body, a dragon aura leaked out. The energy inside her body was going into a chaos but the energy itself wasn’t Qi, rather it was a divine energy.

Noticing this, Jiu Wei face froze for a while. His lips stiffened and his inner heart was shaken hard by this discovery.

T-this...isn’t this a dragon seal?? But how could a human girl have a dragon seal on her neck?? Moreover this seal...seemed to be a lover seal?

When a dragon married, the male will place a dragon seal on their wife body to "mark" her as his wife.

D-don’t tell him that...this weak frail girl is...a wife of a dragon???!!! Moreover from the golden light shining from the seal, he could guess that the seal must be placed by a royal family of dragon clan!

Jiu Wei mind was spinning and he suddenly broke out in cold sweat.

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