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10 Chapter 11 “Fever“

30 minutes later.

Under a big tree. The sky was still bright with sunshine poured down onto the ground but this was winter. The weather was rather cold with a lot of breeze which brought a chill to your body.

Mao Mao was a beast with great resistance toward cold weather but Li Shi Ying was only a frail human. She didn’t even have Qi (cultivation energy) to kept her body warm.

Moreover her clothes were tattered here and there she barely managed to cover up her upper body with the left over clothes.

"U-uhh Mao cold..." Shi Ying shivered while hugging her knees trying to kept herself warm.

Mao Mao who was cooking a fish at this moment, revealed a worried expression and he told Shi Ying to come closer to him.

"Come here Shi Ying! Hug me and you will feel a lot warmer!"

Li Shi Ying didn’t talk anymore and immediately snuggled herself into Mao Mao huge belly.

She instanly felt a lot warmer than before. Mao Mao soft and fluffy fur was comfortable. Soon, she relaxed her tired body on his belly.

Mao Mao gave her a fish to eat and together they eat till they couldn’t eat anymore.

As time goes by the bright sky quickly turned darker and sun sink down.

The sky turn into a complete darkness and a lot of stars slowly shine brightly.

The moon appeared showing its beautiful radiance shining the dark world with its gentle light.

But at this moment, Li Shi Ying couldn’t watched those beautiful scene as she felt sick!

Her body temperature rosed up very quickly and she felt like her body was being burn by an invisible fire. Every organ inside her body were wrapped by some kind of powerful energy which was constantly burning.

Her throat was dry and her head felt dizzy. She caught fever! She didn’t know how she fall ill but she thought it must be because she was too tired and her mind was slightly stressed. Furthermore her clothes was torn in every part. She could even felt the wind blew directly to her bare skin.

Mao Mao began to feel anxious when Shi Ying body flared up. The fever won’t subside no matter how much he compress her forehead.

Her body started to sweat but still the fever didn’t go down even for a bit.

This time Li Shi Ying felt pain. Not only hot but also pain. This kind of pain was focused on her inner organ. She felt like something squeeze her organ. She has difficulty to breath normally. She kept coughing and every time she cough, blood was spitted out from her mouth.

Li Shi Ying situation seemed critical and so Mao Mao thought to brought her to the grave forest boss, a sacred beast. This sacred beast was cunning like a human. He was also a doctor and a pharmacist. Maybe he could help with Shi Ying condition. Mao Mao has a feeling that Shi Ying ilness wasn’t a simple fever.

Shi Ying kept murmuring and groaning in pain. She said that her body was burning hot and every inch of her body felt heavy. She even has it difficult to breath properly.

Mao Mao immediately picked up Shi Ying in his arm and ran as fast as he can to the sacred beast territory.

Shortly after, Mao Mao arrived at a silent and quite place deep inside the grave forest. The grave forest was divided into 2 parts, outer area and inner area. The place Mao Mao visited before was the outer area which was where the low rank beast, middle rank beast and high rank beast live. Whereas this place was the inner area. Only divine beast and scared beast could live here.

Mao Mao searched for a giant cave and he immediately found it.

The giant cave was where the sacred beast live. 1 Km from the cave was cleared out and no divine beast dare to live there. But, they would occasionally visited this place to offer a tribute or to ask for some help.

The cave was composed of a white stone. The entrance of the cave was decorated with wild flowers and there was something like a temple gate in front of it. The gate was made of white wood. A big old bell was hunging at the temple gate

The cave seemed like a snow cave. One look an everybody would now the type of sacred beast lived inside. It must be a snow type! This residence vibe really was similar to a japanese style.

Mao Mao stood up in front of the cave entrance and rang the bell slowly. The bell was whizzing with a clear, beautiful sound. TENG! TENG! TENG! Mao Mao rang the bell three times which means an urgent situation.

Not long after the bell rang, a loud might sound was heard from inside the cave. "Come in!"

Mao Mao quickly came inside and walked toward the deeper part of the cave.

The cave was dark but a few blue flame ball was floating on the air, illuminating the cave.

The cave itself was actually huge. At the center of the cave, there was a big stone bed and you could saw a few alchemist tools and medical herbs scattered at the corner of the cave.

At this time Li Shi Ying was barely conscious. She couldn’t see anything clearly and was panting heavily. Her whole body was hot and her face flushed red. Ehem she got fever not drugged with aphrodisiac ok?

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