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The Deity of War

Chapter 30: A Wrath Scale

Chapter 30: A Wrath Scale

“What do you want?”

Qi Ying looked around at everyone with a cautious expression. He paid particular attention to the muscular man in the black shirt. This man was most likely one of the Four Heavenly Monarchs, Bear Monarch Li Xiongba.

Li Xiongba hailed from a family of ruffians, but for some reason, his cultivation aptitude was quite outstanding. It was said that he possessed extraordinary strength and that he had beaten some Energy Martial Stage disciples with brute strength alone, back when he was only at the Strength Martial Stage. Furthermore, due to his upbringing, he fought using extremely underhanded tactics. Two years ago, he caught the attention of Duan Gucheng, who recruited him as one of his Four Heavenly Monarchs. He was nineteen years of age at present and was already a powerful warrior at the Sixth Energy Martial Stage. Even among the High Division, he was above average in terms of combat prowess.

“What do we want?”

Duan Tianshan chuckled coldly as his eyes shot daggers at Qi Ying. “You embarrassed me and the Duan family in front of the entire academy! What do you think I want to do? You’re always wearing that silver glove on your left hand, aren’t you? Well today, we’re going to sever that left arm from your body!

“Then, you have to go back to the academy and yell out to everyone that ‘Duan Tianshan is my grandpa, An Ruyi is my grandma’ ten times. After that, you can piss off from the Celestial River Academy! Otherwise... I’m going to dismember both of your arms, disfigure your face, and throw you into a sh*t hole!”


The dozens of lackeys stepped forward in unison with menacing auras surging from their bodies.

Among them, there was no lack of warriors who had already attained True Energy. The mountainous Li Xiongba was also looking down upon Qi Ying with chin raised in disdain, as if appraising a wretched wild dog.


Qi Ying’s eyes narrowed.

He had anticipated that Duan Tianshan would take revenge on him, but he thought that he would only be handed a beating and it wouldn’t matter even if they broke a few of his ribs; he could just ask for some medicine from Master Thirteen and he would be fine in a few days. However, he didn’t think that they would be this cruel. Dismembering an arm would make him a disabled man for life. Furthermore, his left arm was very special, and he had to bring extreme humiliation upon himself by yelling about his “grandparents” in front of all of the academy disciples.

What had he done wrong?

Should he not have saved An Ruyi’s life? He intentionally threw the battle with Duan Renshan, but he refused to let him go, and he was forced to retaliate. He had only made unintentional physical contact with An Ruyi, but Duan Tianshan immediately vilified him in front of a huge bunch of disciples, thereby forcing him to retaliate once again. After that, Duan Yuan and Duan Jin had crossed the line by threatening him with Mother Yu and he had pummeled them for it, but he really had held back... In response, what had they done? They destroyed the courtyard he and Mother Yu had worked so hard to build, and they were intent on pushing him even further...

Qi Ying couldn’t understand why these people were so intent on picking on him, to the extent that they were almost trying to take his life.

Qi Ying was naturally unaware of the mentality these people held. To them, the fact that they were from the Duan family was something that was praiseworthy; it was something that they could boast about for their entire lives. Bringing embarrassment upon the Duan family was the utmost humiliation to them, and for the Duan family to become the butt of jokes, it was more hurtful than being handed a beating.

‘How dare this Qi Ying insult the Duan family?’

He was just an underprivileged disciple whose life was as cheap as that of a dog!


The group of several dozen people abruptly rushed forward and completely surrounded Qi Ying.

Qi Ying clenched his fists and crouched down low, as if he were preparing to run away.

Duan Tianshan chuckled coldly once again. “Don’t even think about running! You may be able to get away, but what about your blind mother? Speaking of which, is she really your mum? How is she so young and beautiful? Many of our brothers here are looking to lose their virginities; they don’t mind a bit of an age gap between themselves and their partner! Oh? You’re looking a little angry there, have you already sampled her for yourself? That makes sense, considering you two are living together alone... Mother and son? Ptui! How disgusting! Hahaha!”


Bursts of laughter began to erupt around Qi Ying. Back when they were destroying the courtyard on the day prior, many of them had seen Xuan Yu and were tempted to have their way with her. However, Duan Renshan gave strict orders that they weren’t allowed to lay a finger on that blind woman, so they could only settle for demolishing the courtyard and didn’t dare to do anything else.

As such, many of them were instantly struck by a burning sensation in their lower abdomens upon hearing Duan Tianshan’s words.

Qi Ying couldn’t even hear the laughter around him anymore. After hearing the threats and insults Duan Tianshan had aimed at Mother Yu, his mind had been completely inundated by rage and he no longer had the capacity for logical thought.

Xuan Yu was the most important person in his life and no one could insult her!

It was said that even a dragon had what was known as a wrath scale beneath their throat. A dragon could indeed pick its fights and bide its time when necessary, but anyone that touched its wrath scale had to die or the dragon would die in an attempt to kill them!

Xuan Yu was his wrath scale.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Qi Ying let loose a wild roar as he sprang into the air toward Duan Tianshan like a starving wolf pouncing on its prey. In that instant, his aura had completely changed. He had transformed from the helpless wild dog into the wolf king that had once made its appearance on the dueling platform.

Duan Tianshan felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over at the sight of Qi Ying’s ferocious expression. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as he took an involuntary step backward.

“Get him!”

Duan Yuan was quite alert to the situation and he let loose a loud cry, upon which all of the disciples rushed toward Qi Ying.


Everyone aside from Duan Tianshan and Li Xiongba rushed toward Qi Ying in an attempt to crush him with sheer numbers.

Qi Ying was en route to attacking Duan Tianshan, but other people stood in his way. However, Qi Ying still swept his left hand through the air!


A bloodcurdling cry erupted amid a fountain of blood as Qi Ying struck a disciple with his left hand!

He hadn’t held back in the slightest. Everyone was laughing when Duan Tianshan was talking about Xuan Yu and they were all thinking about having their way with her, so all of them were unforgivable!


That disciple fell to the ground with his eyes rolled into the back of his head. A massive gash had been inflicted on his stomach, from which all of his internal organs were spilling out.

Qi Ying could even claw open the stomach of a Demonic Blood Wolf with his left hand, let alone a vulnerable warrior. Furthermore, he was wearing his silver glove as well which further enhanced his offensive power, giving that disciple no chance whatsoever!


Blood splattered all over Qi Ying’s face and his twisted expression of rage became even more terrifying.

Everyone was stunned by the scenes unfolding before their eyes. Those who were still charging toward Qi Ying had all stopped cold in their tracks.

He killed someone?

Qi Ying killed someone!

He really did dare to kill people!

This was a group of bullies who had beaten many people to the point of disability, but this was the first time they had seen someone being killed, and in such a gruesome manner as well! All of them were absolutely petrified. They liked to bully others with their numbers, but they didn’t want to die!

This Qi Ying was clearly insane!

“Stay away from me, Qi Ying!”

Duan Tianshan suddenly let loose a cry of horror.

All of the disciples were shaken out of their stupor after hearing this panicked cry. They turned to discover that Qi Ying had immediately pounced toward Duan Tianshan after killing that disciple!

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