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The Deity of War

Chapter 2: I’m Going to Penetrate You with a Sh*t-Stirring Stick

Chapter 2: I’m Going to Penetrate You with a Sh*t-Stirring Stick

A pleasant smile appeared on Qi Ying’s lips and in conjunction with his handsome, angular face, it was a smile that could captivate the vast majority of women of all ages, as well as some men with special interests.

However, Duan Renshan’s flesh crawled at the sight of Qi Ying’s smile.

That smile was really off somehow!

How could such an innocent young man be capable of revealing a smile that belonged on the faces of sinister antagonists from old novels?

Duan Renshan was struck by an instinctive, ominous feeling. He felt as if Qi Ying had transformed from a harmless youth into a lethal python!


The more unsettled Duan Renshan felt, the more he wanted to completely crush Qi Ying into the ground, shattering some of his bones in order to teach him a lesson.


Lunge and punch.

A fist projection erupted from Duan Renshan’s right fist once again.

Yellow Tier Low-Rank battle technique, Gale Monarch Fist!

Duan Renshan was only capable of unleashing this battle technique, and even this was something he had only attained after training arduously for a month. He was going to use it from the get-go and afford his opponent no opportunity to brace himself.

This battle technique could injure an enemy from a distance and even though it possessed more power than a physical kick or punch, it was not very fast and most Strength Martial Stage warriors would choose to evade.

However, Qi Ying remained standing on the spot and didn’t evade.


Duan Renshan’s lips twitched at the sight of his stationary opponent.

‘He’s not going to dodge?’

‘Do you think I’ll spare you after defeating you like I did during the dueling platform battle?’

‘No! I’m going to crush you into the ground, ravage your face, break your ribs, and amputate that gloved hand!’

At this moment, Qi Ying finally sprang into action. He raised his gloved left hand and pressed it toward the oncoming fist projection.


The yellow fist projection exploded.

Duan Renshan was stunned by the turn of events. Qi Ying had crushed his Gale Monarch Fist with a single hand?

However, before he had a chance to ponder this notion further, Qi Ying had already leaped into the air and was upon him in an instant. He unleashed a vicious low kick into the back of Duan Renshan’s left knee, thereby causing it to buckle; Duan Renshan involuntarily fell forward as a result.


Duan Renshan was forced into a half-kneeling position and immediately after that, his breathing was cut off as something icy cold caught his neck in a vice-like grip.

“Argh... Qi Ying, you... you...”

Duan Renshan’s face became flushed from exertion; he was unable to even utter a coherent sentence as his neck was being strangled by Qi Ying’s left hand.

Another ball of True Energy materialized around his fist as he attempted to strike Qi Ying with his Gale Monarch Fist from point-blank range, in order to escape his vice-like grip.


Duan Renshan let loose another cry of anguish.

His right wrist had also been caught and twisted into an extremely painful position. For some reason, even though Qi Ying was only at the Seventh Strength Martial Stage, he was even stronger than the Energy Martial Stage Duan Renshan. Furthermore, Duan Renshan was distracted by the pain from his neck and wrist, and before he even had a chance to resist, his entire arm had been forcefully folded behind his back.

Qi Ying dug his knee into Duan Renshan’s back and he leaned forward, thereby forcing Duan Renshan onto the ground and immobilizing his limbs.

After being forced into submission, Duan Renshan was extremely scared. On one hand, the current Qi Ying seemed to be a completely different person compared to the Qi Ying he had faced on the dueling platform. He had transformed from a vulnerable kitten into a ferocious tiger and managed to subdue him with ease. On the other hand, could it be... that Qi Ying was that kind of man? He had forced him onto the ground in a secluded place with no one around. Was he planning to...


A searing pain suddenly shot through Duan Renshan’s cheek.

Qi Ying had raised his right hand and given him a vicious slap.

Slap! Slap!

Qi Ying raised his hand again and slapped him twice more.

After receiving these three thunderous slaps, Duan Renshan’s entire face had swollen, leaving him in a state of complete shock. He wanted to burst into tears, but he was unable to even cry out as his neck was still being strangled.

“Listen up, Duan Renshan!”

A cold voice sounded.

Duan Renshan actually relaxed a little after finally hearing Qi Ying speak. In any case, this showed that Qi Ying was a human capable of speech and was not some wild animal that was going to eat him alive.

“Duan Renshan, I’m not interested in An Ruyi. I don’t care if she’s your Goddess or your Queen. In my eyes, she’s just a walking pile of sh*t! No matter how beautiful she is, she’ll be reduced to a pile of excrement after being devoured by a tiger.”

“Furthermore, I also know that you, Duan Renshan, are only the Young Master of the Duan family in name, but you’re actually just the b*stard son Master Duan had with a sixty-seven-year-old cleaning lady after mistakenly consuming aphrodisiac pills! You can’t even compare to some of the higher-level servants in your household and you’re just a lackey to Young Master Duan Gucheng! Even if I break an arm or a leg of yours, the Duan family won’t be able to do anything to me in the academy! Do you understand now?”

A bone-chilling sensation ran through Duan Renshan’s heart. Just who was this Qi Ying? No one outside of this family knew about his true situation. For Qi Ying to be aware of all of this indicated that he was definitely not an ordinary disciple.

“Ah... ah...” The strangled Duan Renshan wanted to say something, but was unable to utter any coherent words.

Qi Ying released the pressure he was exerting with his left hand slightly.

“Cough cough cough... I understand! I understand!” Duan Renshan coughed as tears and snot streamed down his face, “Young Master Qi, I understand! You’re my grandpa from now on, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do!”

A disdainful expression appeared on Qi Ying’s face. “You were acting like a human just a second ago, but now you’re acting like a dog? I have no grandson like you! Let me make this clear; all I want is to cultivate in this academy and receive my monthly allotment of pills. I’ll do some missions on the side and earn some more pills, then eventually get my graduation certificate and that will be the end of that. I have no interest in starting any trouble with rich boys and pretty girls like you nobles, do you understand?”

“Yes yes, I understand!”

Duan Renshan nodded like a woodpecker.

“Also, don’t you dare tell any of the academy teachers about what happened here. If you dare tell anyone from the Duan family to come and exact revenge on me, you better make sure that they kill me, because if they don’t, I’m going to kill you! No, I’m going to stick the sh*t-stirring stick from the toilet up your a*s, then find a bunch of thirsty savage slaves from the Colosseum to have their way with you!”

“No no, I wouldn’t dare!”

“I’m glad we’ve come to a mutual understanding. You keep living as the Young Master of the Duan family, I’ll keep getting my monthly allotment of pills, and everything will be fine.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Qi Ying’s face as he inched his right hand toward Duan Renshan’s face.

“Ah, don’t hit me... Eh...” Duan Renshan thought that Qi Ying was going to slap him again and he was frightened to the point of tears. However, to his surprise, Qi Ying only tapped his cheek a few times with his hand.

“Good boy. Don’t cry, little boy, I’ll buy you some candy.”

Duan Renshan: “...”

Qi Ying got up and dusted himself off. Duan Renshan also crawled up from the ground and wiped away his tears before turning to leave.


Qi Ying called after Duan Renshan.


Duan Renshan was rooted to the spot before turning around uneasily. “What are your instructions, Young Master Qi?”

“What’s this about Young Master Qi? If you dare to call me that again, I’ll find a wild boar to ram you in the face!” Qi Ying pursed his lips, “You provoked me today, so it was only right that I taught you a lesson. Furthermore, I failed to complete the mission of raking the leaves in the schoolyard because I had to fight you. As such, I missed out on a ‘Great Strength Pill’. Shouldn’t you pay for the losses I incurred?”

Duan Renshan was immediately enlightened and hurriedly pulled out a white jade vial from within his robes before offering the vial to Qi Ying with both hands. “Qi... Qi Ying, these are ‘Energy Containment Pills’ which are allocated monthly to Energy Martial Stage disciples. I got these yesterday and only consumed one... I’ll give all of these to you; is it enough?”

Qi Ying grabbed the jade vial and looked at it before opening the vial and taking a whiff, upon which his brows furrowed. “These pills are far more valuable than a single Great Strength Pill... However, I’m in desperate need of pills at the moment so I’ll take this vial of pills for now; I’ll return a vial to you once I progress to the Energy Martial Stage.”

“There’s no need for that; this is a gift to you, Young Master Qi.”


“Ah, my mistake, I meant Qi Ying...”


A satisfied smile finally appeared on Qi Ying’s face as Duan Renshan disappeared into the distance. He stowed the jade vial into his robes before looking at the silver glove on his left hand. “For f*ck’s sake, ever since I became a warrior, this thing has been demanding more and more pills. Thank god this idiot came along; otherwise, I would have to make a trip to the Colosseum again... Life sure is hard... All flowers blossom in spring while I’m busy earning pills...”

Qi Ying hummed an impromptu tune as he walked along the path deep into the mountains. After he was several thousand feet away, a rustling sound suddenly erupted from a nearby bush and a gorgeous figure emerged from within.

An Ruyi’s beautiful eyes flashed with excitement as she thought back to what she had just witnessed. She had surreptitiously followed Qi Ying and hidden in the bush to see what he was up to. She turned toward the direction Qi Ying had departed in and murmured to herself. “He’s only at the Strength Martial Stage, but his left hand can crush a battle technique. Could he really be the person who saved me that day?”

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