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The Deity of War

Chapter 17: I Don’t Want to (Spoiler ~ Highlight the text to see the title)

Chapter 17: I Don’t Want to (Spoiler ~ Highlight the text to see the title)

Sleep with me?

Qi Ying initially didn’t understand what she was saying and a cautious expression appeared on his face.

“Hey, what are you looking at me like that for?” The female administrator tapped him on the forehead, “It really is good news for you. The person interested in you is not some old woman; she is someone that’s renowned for her beauty and is sought after by all men in the entire Celestial River County!”


Qi Ying finally realized what she meant.

So she wasn’t referring to sleeping in the traditional sense.

Even though he was still quite young and inexperienced, he was somewhat aware of what this entailed. Just as most men lusted for women, some women also lusted for men. In the Colosseum, there were many warriors with powerful bodies and good looks. These warriors often became sought-after commodities for noblewomen in the city, and a sexual relationship could be established for a number of reasons. Perhaps the Colosseum exerted pressure on the warrior to reciprocate the interest of the noblewoman who had developed an interest in them, perhaps they really did want to have a taste of a more mature woman, or perhaps they simply wanted to become sugar babies to these wealthy women.

However, Qi Ying immediately refused. “No, I won’t do it.”

“It doesn’t matter what you say to me. These are Master Thirteen’s instructions.” The female administrator flicked her long hair to the side, “Besides, that woman is sought after by countless men, so you really shouldn’t refuse before you see her... If you really don’t want to do it, then go find Master Thirteen and talk to him about it.”


Thus, Qi Ying quickly scaled the staircase and tracked down Master Thirteen, who was working on another sheet of paper with his calligraphy brush in hand. “Master Thirteen, I’m only here to earn some pills. I don’t want to...”


A rush of wind skimmed past Qi Ying’s cheek, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end!

He turned to find that a calligraphy brush had embedded itself deeply into the wall next to his head.

Qi Ying gulped nervously upon seeing this.

With the astonishing speed of that attack, if Master Thirteen wanted to, he could have easily pierced through his throat and insta-kill him with a calligraphy brush!

Master Thirteen raised his head slowly with a hint of a smile on his face. “The one who wants you is a very important client. If it weren’t for her financial support, my colosseum would not have been able to develop to this point.”

Qi Ying shook his head. “Master Thirteen, you know about my past, so you should know that I don’t want to be sexually involved with any woman. Furthermore, no matter how esteemed and how important to the Colosseum she is, that doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Master Thirteen maintained his half-smile. “Then what if I insist that you keep her company?”

“I don’t like to be threatened.” Qi Ying’s expression darkened.

He didn’t want to get into an altercation with Master Thirteen, but he had to maintain his bottom line!

If that line was bypassed, he would have to do all sorts of things in the future. If a rule were to be broken once, then it would definitely be broken a second and third time.

“Sigh.” Master Thirteen heaved a resigned sigh and clasped his hands behind his back, “I’ll ask nothing more from you than to make a trip to the booth upstairs. I won’t force you to do anything and she most definitely won’t either. Your mission will be completed once you enter the booth, but what you do there is up to you. I won’t interfere in any way, shape or form!”

“Well...” Qi Ying’s expression stirred slightly.

When he thought about it, Master Thirteen had been quite good to him. Even though their cooperation was based on a relationship of mutual-profit, the fact of the matter was that he had received a lot of resources from Master Thirteen.

For example, following his victories today, he received a large amount of Energy Containment Pills, even Energy Explosion Pills, which were of a higher caliber. Furthermore, he had been given a Yellow Tier treasured dagger, a Yellow Tier cultivation method, as well as several Yellow Tier battle techniques.

If his mission was only to make a trip upstairs...

A frail woman wasn’t going to be able to force him into doing anything anyway. As long as Master Thirteen didn’t enforce his will upon him, nothing would happen.

“Alright, I’ll go.”

Qi Ying heaved a reluctant sigh.

Master Thirteen gave him a meaningful smile and he extended a hand, upon which the calligraphy brush that was nailed to the wall trembled before flying back into his hand. Master Thirteen dipped the brush into some ink and rolled up his sleeves as he said in an indifferent voice, “She’s in the eighth room on the left-hand side on the third floor. Her last name is Lu.”


Madam Lu’s full name was Lu Feifei. She was not really fond of this name as it appeared in a renowned poem detailing a story of loss and emptiness. As such, she always felt that Feifei was a slightly hollow name, and this sense of emptiness had been present in her heart for close to thirty years.

She was born in a well-off family and got all the love, attention, and materialistic things that she desired. Slowly, she began to feel like everything was quite boring and pointless. She thought that getting married would provide a change in environment that would bring more joy to her life. However, she only discovered after being married off to a Celestial River County magnate that he was a twisted freak. Following the death of her husband, she became even more hollow deep inside.

She tried to fill the void in her heart using her exquisite beauty, which allowed her to bend any man to her will, and the massive estate she had inherited from her late husband. She first invested in the Colosseum, then the Myriad Spring Brothel, both of which were akin to paradise for men, and she made a lot of money from those two investments. She then used that wealth to fund her quest to find a man that would fill the void in her life. Initially, she was able to derive some satisfaction from purely carnal, physical relationships. However, after a while, the average man was no longer enough to satisfy her. Even Yin Yuesheng, who was widely renowned as one of the most handsome young men in the entire Celestial River County, had become quite boring as of late.

However, she had just visited the capital and the long journey had made her a little thirsty for men. The only problem was that none of the men she had sampled in the past were appealing to her anymore. The Nameless Warrior that appeared today was quite special. He was like a diamond in the rough, natural and unrefined, yet intriguing and full of potential. A man like him had finally caught her interest and she asked Yan Thirteen to bring the Nameless Warrior to her so she could have some fun.

What kind of person was that Nameless Warrior?

He didn’t ask Yan Thirteen about what his name was or whether he was handsome or not. She wanted to see what kind of man he was with her own eyes.

Knock knock!

Someone suddenly knocked on her door.

She snapped out of her train of thought and stood up before opening the door.


Qi Ying stood in the doorway, feeling a little nervous. He didn’t want to be here, but he didn’t want to turn down Master Thirteen’s request either, so he was in a rather conflicted state of mind. He was thinking about how he should turn down this woman, who was apparently able to conquer any man in the entire Celestial River County. After hesitating for a long while, Qi Ying decided that he was just going to cut straight to the chase and tell her his intentions. She wouldn’t be able to force him into doing anything anyway; if worse came to worst, he could just risk offending her today then apologizing at a later date. With these thoughts in mind, he knocked on her door.

However, Qi Ying discovered that he had been completely wrong, from the moment the door opened to reveal the seductive figure inside.

That was not a woman standing before him; it was an irresistible seductress! Her gorgeous features made his heart skip a beat and her flawless figure was capable of seducing any developed young man. All of the blood within his entire body was boiling and he had completely tensed up, rendering him unable to even speak.

How could he turn her down if he couldn’t even speak?

Qi Ying didn’t even know how he had walked into the room and he was completely unable to recall how he had sat down on the same bed with this woman. He only came to his senses after she prodded him and asked him why his face was so red as well as whether he would like some tea. A hint of clarity returned to his glazed over eyes and he jumped up from the bed as if he had been electrocuted. “Um... I don’t want to sleep with you... I’m going now!”

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