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The Deity of War

Chapter 151: Heaven Engulfing Beast Battle Spirit

Chapter 151: Heaven Engulfing Beast Battle Spirit

Two hundred armor-piercing arrows hurtled through the air, forcing Qin Mu and Qi Shun into immediate action.

“Dark Green Dragon, Dark Dragon Armor!”

“Heaven Engulfing Beast, engulf the heavens!”


The Dark Green Dragon above Qin Mu’s head suddenly coiled to form a massive shield above all four of them. Dazzling light erupted from the shield, and at its very center, a burst of ripples emanated from the dragon’s head.

The two wyrms beside it also transformed into shields, and they positioned themselves in front of the Dark Green Dragon.

Behind Qi Shun, a projection that was even more massive than the Dark Green Dragon emerged. It was a little like a white tiger, but its body was over a hundred feet in length, and its mouth could open up to swallow a grown man whole.

Within the white tiger’s cavernous mouth, there was what appeared to be a bottomless black hole.


A powerful burst of suction force suddenly appeared, and almost half of the oncoming arrows were drawn away from their original trajectories as a result.

The remaining half were further away from the white tiger projection, so they weren’t affected as severely, and continued to fly through the air.


Bam bam!

One hundred armor-piercing arrows fell upon the two smaller wyrm shields. After taking roughly fifty arrows, the two shields disappeared and both Qin Wen and Qin Wu coughed up mouthfuls of blood.

The remaining fifty arrows struck the Dark Green Dragon shield, upon which the latter dimmed significantly. Qin Mu gritted his teeth and continued to inject his Spiritual Energy into his Battle Spirit, One armor-piercing arrow after another fell upon the shield, before then being shattered and pulverized.

“Dammit! His Battle Spirit is too powerful!”

Chu Bixue’s expression changed abruptly. Armor-piercing arrows were very expensive, and they only carried limited quantities. In particular, all of his subordinates only had two second grade armor-piercing arrows each, and if they were to use them on that occasion, they wouldn’t have any left! Furthermore, even if they did use them, it was quite likely that they still wouldn’t be able to take out Qin Mu and Qi Shun.


The Dark Green Dragon reverted back to its original form before letting loose a thunderous roar. Powerful soundwaves swept through the air, sending a bunch of First and Second Spirit Martial Stage warriors flying, and knocking the bows out of their hands.

“He’s too strong!”

“That’s only to be expected! Both of them are destined to become Earth Martial Stage warriors in the future...”

“There’s no way we can win!”

Morale was at an all-time low.


Chu Bixue gritted his teeth with rage. They had expended two hundred armor-piercing arrows, but they weren’t even able to put so much as a graze on their enemies! Furthermore, Qi Shun’s Battle Spirit was able to reverse the hundred armor-piercing arrows it had engulfed, killing Chu Qingshuang and Liu Chunlei in the process...

All of a sudden.


Qin Wu and his Dark Green Dragon Battle Spirit rose into the air before hurtling forth with unstoppable force. The warriors around him immediately unleashed their Battle Spirits to try and stop him, but they were all swept aside with ease.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Mu had appeared right in front of Chu Bixue.

“What are you doing?!”

Only then did Chu Bixue manage to react, and he hurriedly summoned his own Battle Spirit. However, before his Battle Spirit had a chance to materialize, a hand closed itself around his neck and lifted him off his feet.

Chu Bixue’s two legs flailed desperately in the air, while his eyes bulged with fear.

Qin Mu was too powerful!

He had brilliant aptitude, with a sixth grade Dark Green Dragon Battle Spirit, and had been educated in the Black Class. Just one of him could easily defeat ten Chu Bixues.


Qin Mu threw Chu Bixue aside, and the latter fell to the ground, coughing incessantly as his body curled up into a ball.

Qin Mu took a disainful glance at him. “Cowardly b*stard! If you’ve got what it takes, then fight me one-on-one! You’re just a pitiful little boy hiding behind a bunch of archers! Even someone as inept as you want to get you hands on the dragon vein inheritance? Hehe...”

He turned and strode away as he left behind a parting remark. “Trash will always be trash!”


The three Chu family factions departed with the soulless Chu Bixue, leaving a group of seven people behind.

Qi Ying was truly in admiration of Qin Mu, and he praised, “You were so badass just then, Brother Qin!”

Qin Mu threw his head back and laughed heartily. “Haha! Trash like Chu Bixue is nothing in my eyes! Not only is he a piece of trash, he’s a conceited piece of trash! Speaking of which, you’re far more badass than I am! You took out that b*stard, Chu Kaolie, even when you had no cultivation base! I recall that he was close to the Half-Step Earth Martial Stage at the time, right?”

“I was only lucky.” Qi Ying offered a slightly embarrassed smile.

Qin Mu patted Qi Ying on the shoulder and nodded with an approving expression. “I’ve only heard about you recently. I don’t care what your aptitude is like; no other Energy Martial Stage warrior would have been able to survive for so long, against over two hundred Spirit Martial Stage enemies. Looks like my little sis isn’t blind after all!”


Qi Ying’s expression stirred slightly.

The majority of the Qin family held animosity toward him, and it was the first time he had seen someone with an attitude like Qin Mu’s!

Qin Mu seemed to have gleaned Qi Ying’s thoughts, and he explained with a smile, “People from my Qin family are far too dogmatic! In particular, my aunt; oh, you’ll know her as Madam Butterfly, she is the one who’s most adamant against your relationship with Susu. However, some of them aren’t opposed to it, as long as you have sufficient aptitude. As for myself, I’m only interested in seeing if you’re a real man or not! I’ve seen everything I needed to see today! You have limitless potential, and you’re a good courageous man. Susu will live a good life in your care! Hey, Qi Shun, have a look at Qi Ying, then look at your b*stard of a brother, Qi Feng. Both of them have the Qi surname, so why is there such a massive disparity?”


Qi Ying turned to look at Qi Shun with a peculiar expression.

‘What kind of relationship do they share? Qin Mu has just insulted Qi Shun’s brother, but they don’t appear to be enemies.’

Qi Shun replied in an indifferent voice, “Qi Feng was spoiled as a child, and he’s wasting his potential.”

Qi Ying was even more confused by that response.

Qin Mu could sense his confusion, and he explained with a smile, “Heh, there are two large factions in the Qi family! Qi Feng’s faction is a sworn enemy to Qi Shun’s faction, and they hold more enmity toward one another than toward other major families. I’m on good terms with Qi Shun, but I can’t stand that b*stard, Qi Feng!”

“I see.”

Qi Ying finally understood.

The situation in noble circles really was quite complex!

However, it appeared that Qin Mu was an open and direct man.

Qi Ying turned to the two disciples from the Blood God Alliance, and extended a grateful salute. “Thank you for coming to my aid. I am truly grateful.”

Xie Dong replied with a smile, “Don’t mention it. We were acting according to the alliance leaders’ orders, and we didn’t end up helping anyway. Young Master Qin and Young Master Qi are the ones who saved you. We’re just glad that you’re fine.”

At that moment, Qin Mu suddenly patted Qi Ying on the back. “Hey, are you interested in looking for the dragon vein with us?”

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