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The Deity of War

Chapter 150: Dark Green Dragon Battle Spirit

Chapter 150: Dark Green Dragon Battle Spirit

Chu Bixue’s face was turning purple with rage. Qin Mu’s words were extremely arrogant, but he couldn’t do anything about them. In terms of status, he ranked far above ordinary Green Class disciples, but Qin Mu was still far superior to him on the hierarchy!

However, Qi Ying had to die!

“Liu Chunlei, Chu Qingshuang, hurry up and kill Qi Ying! Everyone else, surround Qin Mu and his two underlings, and make sure they can’t interfere!” Chu Bixue’s eyes narrowed in a menacing display, “I’m not going to let you poke your nose into our family’s business, Qin Mu!”


Two hundred warriors converged toward Qin Mu’s trio, completely cutting them off.


“Kill him!”

Liu Chunlei and Chu Qingshuang continued to hunt down Qi Ying. Both of them had unleashed their Spiritual Energy Protective Barrier to prevent suffering the same fate as Chu Zidian.

The two disciples from the Blood God Alliance wanted to reinforce Qi Ying.


A black falcon swooped down from the sky, while Chu Ying and Chu Huayi positioned themselves in front of them. “Don’t even think about it!”

A series of fierce battles erupted.

Chu Bixue stood in mid-air, and laughed like a deranged man. “Haha! Qin Mu, what are you going to do against my two hundred elite subordinates? How are you going to save Qi Ying?”

In contrast, Qin Mu was very calm and collected. He raised an arm and commanded, “Qin Wen, Qin Wu, get into formation!”


The two purple-robed warriors immediately heeded his call.

After that.




Three projections emerged amid the roars of three ferocious beasts.

The one at the forefront was a green divine dragon that was bathed in green light, while a pair of horned wyrms were situated behind it. One of them was white, while the other was black, and both of them had slightly inferior auras compared to the green divine dragon.


Just the auras erupting from the three Battle Spirits stopped many people cold in their tracks.

“Dark Dragon Triangular Formation, charge!”

Qin Mu roared as he rushed forward, leading from the front. Qin Wen and Qin Wu immediately followed along in hot pursuit, and the formation created by the three terrifying Battle Spirits encapsulated them, as they charged directly into the masses of warriors standing before them.

All of a sudden.

Boom bam bam!

One warrior after another was sent flying by the three Battle Spirits. Even Sixth Spirit Martial Stage warriors couldn’t get close to them!

Cries of surprise erupted from the crowd.

“That’s the sixth grade Battle Spirit, the Dark Green Dragon!”

“Those two wyrms are also fifth grade Battle Spirits!”

The higher the grade of the Battle Spirit, the more powerful the warrior was. A warrior with a sixth grade Battle Spirit could even challenge an opponent that was two or three ranks above them, if the latter only had a first grade Battle Spirit. The formation created by all three Battle Spirits created power that could crash through an entire mountain, and even though there were two hundred disciples standing in their way, none of them could stop them as they steamrolled straight ahead.


Gusts of fierce winds were swept up, sending dust and debris flying in all directions, as they emerged from the circle of two hundred disciples. They then rushed over to Liu Chunlei and Chu Qingshuang, who were engaged in battle with Qi Ying.

“Dark Dragon Fist!”

Qin Mu roared as he unleashed an almighty punch!


A fist projection hurtled forth like a dragon, before instantly crashing into Liu Chunlei. His robes were completely shredded as a result, and countless cracks appeared on his suit of armor, as he was flung into the air for over a hundred feet before falling to the ground.


Chu Qingshuang knew that it was his last chance to kill Qi Ying, and he immediately unleashed a ferocious attack before Qin Mu’s trio could reach him. He lashed out with his sword, creating a massive wall of ice which enveloped Qi Ying from all sides. Countless ice spears emerged from the wall, all of which were aimed at Qi Ying.

However, Qi Ying was not fearful in the slightest as he unleashed another protective barrier using his Dark Tier armor. At the same time, he drew upon the newly-obtained purple lightning energy from his dantian, before throwing powerful punches with both fists.

Scorching Purple Lightning Fist!

A vast expanse of purple light erupted around Qi Ying, and it was filled with an explosive aura.

Lightning and Purple Yang were both extremely explosive elements, and the Scorching Sun Fist was an extremely explosive technique in itself. When used in conjunction, the power that was unleashed was far superior to the Scorching Sun Fire Python Fist he had used in the past.


The ice walls were shattered by the devastating purple fist projections, and all of the countless ice spears were also snapped and pulverized.


Chu Qingshuang was shocked that his attack had been dispelled by Qi Ying, and before he had another chance to attack, the Qin Mu trio was already upon him.

“Piss off!”

Qin Wu let loose a loud roar and the Dark Green Dragon Battle Spirit overhead also roared in unison.


A burst of sound waves crashed into Chu Qingshuang’s body like a physical attack, and he suffered the same fate as Liu Chunlei, as his robes were tattered and he was catapulted far into the distance.

“Use the armor-piercing arrows! Kill them all!” Chu Bixue was becoming more and more deranged.

He couldn’t allow things to continue in that manner. Not only would he be unable to kill Qi Ying, he would also suffer even more humiliation at the hands of Qin Mu.

If Qin Mu wanted to stop him, then he would just have to kill him as well!

He was a competitor for the inheritance of the dragon vein anyway, so he may as well get rid of him there. The Qi family had declined in recent years, and the Qin and Chu families were gearing up to compete for the premier spot among the seven major families.

Chu Bixue was very angry. He pulled out a steel bow himself before nocking an armor-piercing arrow. “Who cares who we’re dealing with? Once we kill them, they’ll all just be dead people! Even if the sky falls on our heads, the Chu family will protect all of you, so don’t hesitate!”


After hearing Chu Bixue’s words, no one dared to delay any longer as they nocked arrows of their own and drew their bows. All of them were enveloped by Spiritual Energy and enhanced by special inscriptions, thereby granting them the power to pierce through Spiritual Energy Protective Barriers.

“He’s insane!”

Qi Ying didn’t think that Chu Bixue would be so deranged, that he even dared to kill Qin Mu! He reminded Qi Ying of his own resolve back when he was facing the Duan family.

However, it was very dangerous for an enemy to be so determined to kill him!

In the face of the oncoming threat, Qin Mu waved a nonchalant hand and yelled in a booming voice, “Stand behind me, Brother Qi Ying! Those are just armor-piercing arrows; we can block them with ease!”

Qi Ying heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Qin Wen suddenly interjected, “Not necessarily. Half of those arrows are second grade armor-piercing arrows, which can penetrate the Spiritual Energy Protective Barriers set up by Fourth to Sixth Spirit Martial Stage warriors.”

Qin Mu harrumphed upon hearing that. “Only one way to find out if they’re actually as powerful as proclaimed!”

Qi Ying: “...”

‘Only one way to find out?!’

At that moment.



A black streak of light flashed through the air from behind them.


Chu Bixue’s eyes narrowed even further.


The black streak of light descended, and a black-robed young man appeared beside Qin Mu. He had a set of handsome features, and there was a sword-shaped insignia on his forehead, which lent him a sense of mystery and intrigue. He turned to Chu Bixue with furrowed brows and said, “Young Master Bixue, do you really insist on going further than this? At the core of the matter, the Chu family is the one at fault, so I hope you can reconsider!”

Chu Bixue’s expression became even more ferocious upon seeing who the black-robed figure was. “Qi Shun? Haha! How interesting... To think that pitiful trash like Qi Ying can draw so many important characters to the scene. If you insist on protecting him, then you can all go to hell together! Fire!”


Two hundred armor-piercing arrows fell like shooting stars!

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