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The Deity of War

Chapter 15: Supreme-Grade Fresh Meat

Chapter 15: Supreme-Grade Fresh Meat

Long ago, Qi Ying had devised a strategy for opponents that far exceeded him in size.

The spectators looked on intently as Qi Ying leaped into the air within the battle cage and performed a somersault, bringing him right next to the Ironback Gorilla. Before he landed on the ground, he aimed a vicious punch into the Ironback Gorilla’s back with his left fist!


The Ironback Gorilla hadn’t even realized where the tiny Qi Ying had gone when it was struck by a heavy blow to the back. It was knocked forward a few steps as a result and almost fell to the ground.

Qi Ying used the force of the punch to launch himself back through the air and performed two consecutive somersaults before landing.

The spectators were all shocked upon seeing this.

“Why is he attacking the hardest part of the beast’s body? Doesn’t his hand hurt?”

Some of the spectators who had witnessed Qi Ying’s battles in the past offered an explanation. “This must be your first time seeing the Nameless Warrior in action. This is a signature strategy that the Nameless Warrior employs in battle, where he starts off by attacking the more resolute parts of the beast’s body. That way, he can create the most spectacular visual effect! The Nameless Warrior is really strong so he’s absolutely fine.”


Qi Ying’s brows were slightly furrowed. His left hand was completely fine after striking the Ironback Gorilla, but he threw his entire body into that punch and the recoil force traveled upwards along his arm and into his shoulder, making it very numb and sore.

After cultivating his Dark Wolf Cultivation Method to the ninth stage, Qi Ying’s strength had improved drastically and it didn’t require much effort at all for him to clash directly with a Yellow Tier Third Rank beast.

However, the Ironback Gorilla was a beast that was renowned for its great strength, being far more powerful than other beasts of the same rank. As such, Qi Ying found this to be a slightly troublesome opponent.

‘I have to finish this battle quickly. There are five consecutive battles tonight and I must conserve my energy!’

Qi Ying had only just stabilized himself when his body shot forth like an arrow, hurtling directly toward the beast. However, the Ironback Gorilla had also gotten a chance to catch its breath and it quickly turned around before swatting a massive paw through the air, right at a spot that Qi Ying was rushing toward.

Qi Ying immediately tapped his left foot onto the ground to divert himself from his original path and his shoulder virtually skimmed past the Ironback Gorilla’s fingertip. At the same time, he clenched his right hand into a fist and threw a vicious punch into the area beneath the Ironback Gorilla’s ribs.


Qi Ying had built up some momentum with his forward charge and he had also put considerable power into his right fist, resulting in a strike that was no less powerful than a full-power punch from another Ironback Gorilla. Furthermore, the attack had struck the Ironback Gorilla in the vulnerable area right beneath its ribs, producing a sense of acute pain that ran through its entire body. Its beastly instincts prompted it to lash out again in an attempt to swat away its tiny opponent.

At that moment, Qi Ying dodged to the side once again, and the fingers on his left hand curled into a falcon claw as he reached for the Ironback Gorilla’s chest.

Falcon Claw Hand!

Even though Qi Ying was wearing a leather glove, his insane strength coupled with his virtually indestructible left hand still proved to be a lethal combination; the fingers on his left hand pierced into an area slightly below the Ironback Gorilla’s chest. Qi Ying was like a hunting falcon tearing through its prey’s stomach as he brought his left arm down in a violent, powerful motion. A long gash immediately appeared on the Ironback Gorilla’s stomach and large amounts of blood and flesh erupted from the wound.


Qi Ying retracted his left hand and took timely evasive measures.

The Ironback Gorilla had been severely wounded, so this battle was going to be a lot easier for Qi Ying.

All of a sudden.


The Ironback Gorilla opened its cavernous mouth and let loose a loud roar of pain and rage.

The roar was completely different from that of a normal beast. As the Ironback Gorilla roared, a ball of True Energy erupted from its mouth, shortly transforming into a series of ripples that spread through the air. Violent vibrations were created as a result, which in turn, formed a burst of powerful shockwaves.

The shockwaves exploded forth and Qi Ying had no way to evade. As Qi Ying was struck by them, all of his internal organs tremored violently and he was struck by a sense of dizziness. His vision almost fell into complete darkness while his ears rang loudly and he felt like he was about to faint.

However, in this dire situation, a layer of grey light suddenly settled over his blood before quickly flowing through his veins and circulating his entire body in an instant.

The sense of dizziness immediately receded.

Qi Ying regained his vision and the first thing he saw was the Ironback Gorilla’s massive, putrid mouth rushing toward him.

“Die, you stupid beast!”

Qi Ying cursed as he sprang into the air and leaped over the Ironback Gorilla’s head. His body then twisted in mid-air and his left hand formed a set of claws again, as he struck the Ironback Gorilla on the top of its head.


Red and white intracranial fluids splattered through the air amid the sound of bone being pulverized. The Ironback Gorilla didn’t even get a chance to cry out before it fell dead to the ground.

All of the spectators were stunned into silence before a burst of raucous cheers erupted.

“Wow! That was spectacular!”

“As expected of the Nameless Warrior. He was struck by the Ironback Gorilla’s Heaven Shaking Roar battle technique, but it didn’t even affect him!”

“That soundwave battle technique is the most special trait of the Ironback Gorilla. Ordinary defensive techniques or battle techniques would be useless against it. To be able to remain unaffected by that attack indicates that the Nameless Warrior has an extremely powerful constitution.”

“After the Nameless Warrior was struck by the Heaven Shaking Roar, he appeared to have been momentarily stunned, so I thought that he had been affected. Who would have thought that he was simply luring the Ironback Gorilla into a false sense of security before killing it in one fell swoop? How extraordinary!”

All of the spectators were cheering and applauding as they offered their analysis toward those around them. Everyone was in awe, having admired the Nameless Warrior’s splendid performance.

“Nameless Warrior! Nameless Warrior!”

“Haha! I’m rich! The Nameless Warrior is my lucky star!”

At the betting center, one spectator after another began to place their bets. “I’ll place one thousand crystals on the Nameless Warrior for the second battle!”

“I’ll also place five hundred crystals on the Nameless Warrior!”

These spectators were extremely confident and splurged their crystals as they bet on the Nameless Warrior.

However, there was also a minority who were unconvinced. “I’m not that confident that the Nameless Warrior will win the next battle. I’ll... bet twenty crystals that the Nameless Warrior is going to lose!”

Near the betting center, there were a few shadowy figures discussing surreptitiously among themselves with unfriendly expressions.

“Look at all those bets on the Nameless Warrior... If we can get to the beast for the next battle and feed it some medicine, then get someone to place a bet on a loss for the Nameless Warrior, we’ll definitely be able to make immense profits,” a shady middle-aged man with a mustache said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t even think about it, Administrator Duan. Do you want to risk irking Master Thirteen? Don’t think that Master Thirteen doesn’t know what we’ve been up to; he’s simply turning a blind eye to what we’re doing, that’s all. This guy is clearly being developed as the new drawcard for the Colosseum, so do not try to fix his battles. By the way, I recently heard from my son that Young Master Tianshan from your Duan family has recently been trying to cause some trouble for a fellow Celestial River Academy disciple called Qi Ying, but hasn’t gotten a chance to do so. Why don’t you take this opportunity and get your two Energy Martial Stage kids to help Young Master Tianshan out and sell him a favor in the process?”

“Stop suggesting such bad ideas to Administrator Duan... Do you think someone that can knock a Young Master of the Duan family down a notch would be easy to mess with? Besides, other people may not know this, but we’re all aware that Duan Tianshan is not an actual Young Master of the Duan family. Only Duan Gucheng is the true Young Master of the Duan family; even the other Young Masters of lineal descent can’t compare to him, let alone a Young Master with such a lowly mother as Duan Tianshan’s.”

However, Administrator Duan seemed to have been intrigued by that idea. “From what I’ve observed, Young Master Gucheng seems to be rather close to Young Master Tianshan... Let me think about this... I’ll have to gather more information on that Qi Ying first!”

In the second-floor booth.

“Big Sister Lu, you can see that this man is extremely agile and decisive in his movements. He’s far better than those mediocre warriors that can only rely on their half-assed swordsmanship. Furthermore, his fighting style is extremely precise, so he’s not some foolish brute. He’s definitely a supreme piece of fresh meat!”

“Let’s keep looking for now.” Madam Lu looked on with intrigue as she said, “If he becomes a Silver Rank warrior tonight, then I’ll immediately take him from Master Thirteen!”

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