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The Deity of War

Chapter 11: A Bunch of Idiots

Chapter 11: A Bunch of Idiots

No one else knew how powerful Qi Ying was, but Duan Renshan was well aware of Qi Ying’s terrifying strength. Furthermore, his strength was only a secondary consideration. The most important thing was that the guy appeared to be quite harmless, but on the inside, he was like a starving wolf. He was capable of doing anything and was definitely not someone to be messed with.

Duan Renshan had already cursed Duan Tianshan countless times in his heart.

Even he was no match for Qi Ying; why was his idiot of a little brother provoking him? Not taking into account the fact that Qi Ying was completely disinterested in An Ruyi, even if he was trying to make inappropriate advances toward An Ruyi, he should have just turned a blind eye. If he simply couldn’t bear to turn a blind eye, then he should have at least urged someone else to challenge Qi Ying in his stead!

Duan Tianshan joined his hands in a salute. “Don’t worry, big brother. I will undertake the mission of stamping out evil and upholding justice in our academy!”

“I’m telling you to get the f*ck down from there! Why are you spouting so much nonsense?”

Duan Renshan was practically screaming at this point and he was very close to climbing onto the platform and dragging his little brother down from there.

What an idiot!

The spectating disciples were all quite curious upon seeing this.

“What’s going on? Why is Duan Renshan trying to help Qi Ying?”

“Such a brazen pervert should be regarded as a public enemy! Duan Renshan is a disciple of justice as well; he shouldn’t be acting like this...”

“Wait, I remember now! Two days ago, I saw Duan Renshan follow Qi Ying up a mountain and when he returned, his clothes were all ragged and disheveled. Could it be that... that he’s g*y and he fancies Qi Ying so he...”


A bunch of female disciples felt like their hearts were about to jump out of their chests upon hearing his.

They had only read about the legendary g*y men in certain novels, but could it be that there was one standing right beside them?

“What the hell...?”

Duan Renshan was extremely angry and frustrated. At the same time, he was feeling very uncomfortable at the sight of the peculiar expressions from the surrounding female disciples as they were appraising him; he didn’t even know what to say anymore.

Duan Tianshan heaved a faint sigh. “My brother! Look at how animated and enraged all of our fellow disciples are. Even if I can’t defeat Qi Ying, others will challenge him after me! The person standing on this platform isn’t me. Instead, it’s a manifestation of the sense of justice in the hearts of all of the academy disciples.”

Duan Tianshan turned to Qi Ying. “Let’s fight!”


Qi Ying answered indifferently.

At this moment, a bunch of disciples below the platform began to cause a commotion again. “Hmph! Qi Ying, don’t even think about throwing the duel by being knocked flying by one attack again! If you intentionally lose like that, all of us will challenge you one by one! Otherwise, we’ll take you to the forest on the mountain behind the academy and beat the crap out of you, you perverted freak!”

Qi Ying’s eyes narrowed into slits upon hearing this.

How troublesome.

What a bunch of testosterone-fuelled idiots... Even though they weren’t worth being taken seriously, it would simply be impractical to ignore them and continue to let them harass him like this.

This time, he couldn’t try to avoid trouble by throwing the duel as he did with Duan Renshan.

Retards were like rabid dogs, they were extremely persistent once they spotted a target. When a group of retards gathered, they would amplify each others’ individual levels of retardation, and if he were to show weakness in a situation like this, they would be more inclined to bully him.

Thus, he had to show his dominant side in order to intimidate these nosy retards!

If one person challenged him, he would beat him up; if two people challenged him, he would beat them both up; if ten people challenged him, he would beat all of them up; if a hundred people challenged him... then he would run to the teachers for help!

“Alright then, let’s fight! I’ll take on anyone that dares to challenge me.” Qi Ying warned in a cold voice, “But don’t cry if you cop a beating!”


Duan Renshan actually became less concerned and heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing Qi Ying’s words. He had grown up in a prominent family that was rife with schemes and mind games. As a result, he was naturally well-versed in assessing situations and observing attitudes. He could see that Qi Ying was completely sick of this situation and wanted to resolve things as quickly and concisely as possible.

That was a good thing. At most, all he would do was beat up his little brother in front of everyone and that would be that. He wouldn’t throw this duel like last time before seeking revenge on Duan Tianshan in secret and beating the crap out of him.

As for the other retards gathered there...

They would just have to learn not to mess with Qi Ying through the hard way.


Duan Tianshan flexed his wrists and ankles as part of a warm-up routine on the dueling platform and was basking in the enthusiastic cheers he was receiving at the same time.

He had a similar background as Duan Renshan in that he was also the b*stard son of the Master of the Duan family. On that occasion, the Master of the Duan family was unable to repress his libido and banged one of the old kitchen maids, thereby resulting in the birth of Duan Tianshan nine months later. Thus, Duan Tianshan was often bullied and repressed by other members of the Duan family; he was ecstatic to finally be able to show off in front of all of those fellow disciples.

Even though he definitely wouldn’t be able to attract An Ruyi’s attention, perhaps he would be able to draw interest from some other female disciples!

Qi Ying had only just progressed to the Eighth Strength Martial Stage and he hailed from a humble background, so he definitely had an inferior cultivation method. In contrast, he had already reached the Eighth Strength Martial Stage two months ago and the cultivation method he was using was the Immovable Mountain Cultivation Method, which was one of the best among ordinary cultivation methods. With these advantages on his side, he was confident that even a disciple of humble upbringing at the pinnacle of the Ninth Strength Martial Stage would be no match for him.

He felt like his victory was assured.

In his eyes, Qi Ying was just a pitiful stepping stone that he would trample on en route to fame and renown within the academy. He could already envision himself becoming the hot topic on the lips of countless academy disciples.

“Ha!” Duan Tianshan adopted a horse stance before taking off his shirt to reveal his muscular chest. Even though he was Duan Renshan’s little brother, he was taller and more well-built than Duan Renshan. Cultivating in the Immovable Mountain Cultivation Method had allowed him to develop a muscular physique; slabs of muscle hung like armor from his body, drawing screams from countless spectating female disciples as they scrambled to cover their eyes. This gave Duan Tianshan a sense of vain satisfaction.

“Come on then!”

Duan Tianshan extended a hand before sticking his middle finger up at Qi Ying in a taunting gesture.


Qi Ying stomped a foot into the ground and he sprang forth like an arrow shot from a bow. He closed in on Duan Tianshan in the blink of an eye before clenching his right hand into a tight fist and launching it directly into Duan Tianshan’s chest.


A dull thump erupted and Duan Tianshan was forced back several steps.

“Cough cough cough...”

Duan Tianshan’s cheeks were flushed and he coughed violently with a shock etched on his face.

How was that possible?

His Immovable Mountain Cultivation Method should have made it next to impossible for an ordinary warrior of the same cultivation base to make him budge in the slightest. How was Qi Ying able to knock him back with a single punch?

That punch was so powerful that he felt as if a raging bull beast had just rammed into his body. How could a disciple that had just reached the Eighth Strength Martial Stage be capable of that?

However, before he had a chance to recover from his shock, Qi Ying’s fist arrived again.


A right hook struck Duan Tianshan on the chin and he was immediately seeing stars. Through his blurred vision, he could indistinctly make out a leg kicking out viciously into his side, just below his ribs. The impact knocked the breath out of him and rendered him completely unable to defend himself.

Thump thump bam bam clatter clatter!

All of the spectating disciples were in complete shock. Duan Tianshan should have been an immovable opponent that Qi Ying would be unable to shake, no matter how hard he tried. However, the reality was that he was being kicked around by Qi Ying on the dueling platform like a human sandbag. After being handed several dozen punches and kicks, Qi Ying finally hoisted him up by the waistband of his pants before throwing him outside of the dueling platform, upon which a puff of dust rose into the air.


A few of the disciples closest to Duan Tianshan drew sharp intakes of breath. Duan Tianshan’s face was extremely bruised and battered; there was still blood flowing from his nostrils, giving it the appearance of a severely ravaged pig head. He held no resemblance whatsoever to the Duan Tianshan everyone knew. Even if his mother were there, she would probably be unable to recognize him.

Many of the disciples present were astonished.

Duan Tianshan was a regular on the dueling platform and had defeated many disciples with cultivation bases superior to his. However, he couldn’t even put up a fight against Qi Ying, who was at the same cultivation base as him. This was a completely one-sided battle where he had been beaten to a pulp, before being tossed off the ring!

It appeared that Qi Ying wasn’t as weak as they thought he was!

“Stop trying to start trouble for no reason!”

Qi Ying harrumphed coldly before turning to disembark from the dueling platform.



Another figure leaped onto the dueling platform.

“Wang Mazi? What do you want?”

Qi Ying’s brows furrowed at the sight of the young man who had just rushed onto the dueling platform. That man, who had red pimples all over his face, had reached the Eighth Strength Martial Stage half a year ago.

“You were only able to pick up a cheap victory because Duan Tianshan was off his game today.” Wang Mazi sneered, “Hmph! I’ll be the one to uphold justice for all of the female disciples of the academy!”

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