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The Chief Minister's Ferocious Wife

Chapter 85 - 85 Did Not Appreciate Her Kindness

85 Did Not Appreciate Her Kindness

“Stay away from me!” Fuzi crawled to the corner with his back almost to the wall. “I didn’t do anything! I just told them that you sold the tiger corpse for 800 silvers! I have nothing to do with what they did after that!”

“Bullshit! He’s the one who told us to steal from you! He even said he would take 200 silvers, and we can split the rest between us!” The person who Zhao Chuchu brought over with her quickly explained.

“What the heck are you talking about? You guys were the ones who asked me if there was a way to make quick money!”

“You were the one who told us to do it!”

The two quickly sprang into a heated argument.


Zhao Chuchu was utterly speechless.

She wasn’t there to hear the two of them argue.

“I’ll let you two know that I’m not a kind person. On the contrary, I’m quite the hot-headed one. I don’t care who came up with the idea to try and steal from me, but, as a person living in such a large city, there are laws you have to abide by. It looks like I’ll have to teach all of you a lesson.”

After saying that, the lady approached Fuzi and broke his arm.


The painful scream pierced through the silent night.

The one who brought Zhao Chuchu to Fuzi’s place was shocked by what he had just seen. Fear was written all over his face.

Zhao Chuchu did not let him off either. She also broke one of his arms.

“This is what you get for looking down on women.”

She left after she said that.

Zhao Chuchu didn’t even look at the neighbors who had come to check what was happening after hearing the screams.

She returned to the alley behind the inn she was staying in and took out a bottle of laxative. She fed the drug to the people who were still unconscious.

Although they didn’t manage to steal from her, she still had to teach them a lesson so they wouldn’t try doing the same thing again.

After doing all of that, she then returned to her room.

Xie Heng remained sitting by the table. When he heard the door open, he turned around.

Zhao Chuchu quickly washed her hand before saying, “Everything’s good now. Let’s get some sleep.”

“It’s all done?”

“Kind of. One of them escaped.”

“Someone escaped?”

“Did you know that other than the group of thugs, there’s a trained person with them?”

The man shook his head.

Zhao Chuchu looked at him as if she doubted his reaction.

However, from the serious look in his eyes, it didn’t seem like he was lying.

Zhao Chuchu decided not to think about it. “Well. Whatever. I’ll be sure to take care of him first when I catch him next time. I hate people like him who loves to spy on others from the dark.”

Although Zhao Chuchu didn’t specify who he saw talking about, Xie Heng still felt a chill down his spine.

The lady then quickly glanced toward the man.

Xie Heng looked back at her speechlessly.

“I’m pretty sure you are not that type of person.” Zhao Chuchu threatened before her expression returned to a smile.

Without any expression on his face, the man replied, “I am.”

The smile on Zhao Chuchu’s face froze immediately. With an awkward expression, she sighed. “And that’s how you end a conversation every time.”

“How did you realize that someone was spying on you?”

“Because I’m an angel that was sent from heaven!”

Xie Heng didn’t even know how to react to her comment, and it was his turn to sigh.

“Did you really think I’ll tell you guys to hide if there were only a bunch of thugs?” Zhou Chuchu said.

“Then, why did you take care of the thugs first?” the man asked.

“Because I realized that the one who’s spying on us isn’t going to do anything. It’s more like he’s enjoying the show.”

She thought that the action of the man hiding in the dark acted like how Qiao Heting usually would.

However, she had just punished him for doing that a few days back and was pretty confident that he wouldn’t do the same thing again. She thought that for an intelligent person like him, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to forget the beating he had received.

“Alright. Let’s end this here. We should get some sleep.” Zhao Chuchu urged.

Xie Heng did not move from his sport. “You get some sleep first. I’ll stay here for a while. I’m not tired.”

“Are you worried that I might do something to you?” Zhao Chuchu chuckled. “Why would you reject a lady’s invitation?”

The lady sighed again and headed to the bed, happy that she could enjoy the large bed for herself.

Even though nothing had happened between them yet, they were still a married couple to the rest of the world after all. In the end, no one would actually believe that they hadn’t slept together yet.

She repeatedly urged the man to get some sleep because she was worried about him.

Unfortunately for her, he didn’t appreciate her kindness.

Zhao Chuchu tucked herself in and comfortably lay on the large bed meant for two people.

To her, there was nothing better than enjoying the warmth of a soft bed.

She silently cursed in her head, “If Xie Heng wasn’t here, I could’ve gotten my iPad out and finished that drama!”

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