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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 999 Thousand Elf Kingdom

The soldiers were pointing their sharp tips on Jin Rou. Their killing intent was thick, ready to kill. They were the strongest legion of Thousand Elf Kingdom, Lowheart.

The commander of Lowheart Legion was Astef. He was wearing a tight chestplate with his big belly bulging. His eyes looked at Fiarra and spoke, "Princes Fiarra, your father has entrusted you to us and we believe it's time go back home."

"First, drop your weapons." Fiarra spoke coldly again, "You just want to escort me back, do you really need such parade?"

Commander Astef said, "I apologize, Princess. But we just want to make sure you'll be safe returning home."

Commander Astef was a powerful commander. He was taught and raised by the third era emperor, Elfstring. His position in the kingdom was unshakeable as well. No one could challenge him unless it's the king or anyone from the royal family.

The commander looked at Jin Rou and further explained, "Also, we have received a report that you are being dragged by a vagabond scammer. So, for safety reasons, we have the Lowheart Legion here."

"A vagabond scammer?" Andreo knew that the commander was talking about their Young Noble, "Who do you think you are to say that to our Young Noble? You tired of living?"

Commander Astef was surprised to see a prominent figure here and bowed, "I didn't expect that the young master of Immortal Dynasty is here, too. Greetings, Young Master Andreo."

"Hmph." Andreo snorted, "If you want to pay respects, do it to our Young Noble."

The commander smiled wryly and shook his head, "Unfortunately, that can't happen, Young Master. In any case, please send my warm regards to your ancestor."

"I will come with the Young Noble." Andreo knew that he couldn't force the commander to do what he wanted.

"Astef, pay respects to our Young Noble." But it was different when it came from Fiarra, "You have no right to slander him as a scammer."

"My apologies, Young Noble." Despite not wanting to do it, Astef had no choice but to surrender. After all, it was an order from the princess.

Jin Rou knew that he was forced so he ignored it.

Being ignored, Commander Astef was displeased but he didn't show it in his face, "Princess Fiarra, let's go. The family is already waiting for you."

Fiarra knew that she couldn't avoid them again, not this time. With the Lowheart Legion, it was impossible to run away unless Jin Rou willed it. She looked at Jin Rou with pleading eyes.

"What? Let's go. I'm dying to see what kind of place is Thousand Elf Kingdom." Jin Rou chuckled.

Hearing this, the commander snorted in silence. It was good that he didn't need to force him to come with them.

The princess' face brightened when she received this answer. It was like a sweet song being sang by her ears.

Soon, the group departed to the kingdom as the legion had successfully completed their task.


They arrived at the kingdom after a few hours, only. As the legion had powerful flying beasts, it was easy to travel within a short amount of time. It should have taken a few days by land, after all.

Fiarra was immediately summoned to the meeting room. It was an urgent notice and she needed to attend to it. Jin Rou and Andreo were led to a special room filled with shining furnitures.

"As expected of Thousand Elf Kingdom. They lived up to it." Andreo was amazed. Although their lineage had produced more emperors, the atmosphere in this kingdom was light compared to their dynasty filled with monks on a prayer schedule.

It was good to breathe some fresh air here in Thousand Elf.

The room was situated at the highest peak of an ancients and big tree, so the view of the whole kingdom was on the scene.

Jin Rou knew that Fiarra had arranged this personally to give him the best accommodation so far, and he appreciated the thought. He observed the great view of the whole kingdom up here. He could even see and hear what's going on in the said palace meeting as it wasn't that far from him.

And what he saw and heard made him chuckle. He couldn't help it, as jumping clowns were present.


"No. I'm not going to marry Abyss Scion." Fiarra slammed her fist and spoke with a flat tone. She was called for an urgent matter to talk about her coming marriage with the Abyss Scion?

This was preposterous in all sense. Who were they to poke their noses on who should she marry? Their kingdom was stable and their position was unshakable. What was this marriage for?

"Fiarra, listen to me." King Blumur tried to calm his daughter down, "It has been talked about and the ancestors of our kingdom and Three Elves Race have come into an agreement."

"And you think I will just accept it and let that man marry me?" Fiarra sneered, "No one, even the ancestors, has the right to choose who I am to marry. This is my life, this is my choice."

She didn't know why but she was more confident and assured this time. Perhaps it was because her Young Noble was here and she felt protected? She knew that he wouldn't abandon her should things go wrong here.

All in all, it was the truth that she didn't like marrying someone who offended her Young Noble and was on top of high horse, feeling superior.

In the first place, why should she marry an incompetent bastard like the scion? Her standards weren't that low.

"Fiarra, you have no say in this." King Blumur shook his head, "Even I don't have the power to nullify it."

"Father, of all people, you should know that Three Elves Race is a snake trying to find a chance to bite us. And now you want them to enter our family by marriage? If this is not stupidity, I don't what this is!" Fiarra almost lost it.

Hearing this, King Blumur deeply sighed.

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