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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 99 - Creating A Mansion

"What a place..!" Old Mo could not help but gasp, sucking a mouthful of air. This place was the mountain range where the Lovey Dovey Sect used to be standing. It was called Dual Doves Mountain Range.

All they could see were destroyed buildings with tons of cracks on it. Some buildings were cut in half, some were grinded in ashes. There was no building that remained standing. This place was giving off a depressing vibe that immediately affected everyone except Jin Rou and Yuna Sierra. This place was like a wasteland, no, it's worse than a wasteland.

As the group proceeded, some red tints could be noticed on the floor. Obviously, it was blood. There were also tattered clothes hanging on some edges of the stones that crashed. What was creepier was that there were a ton of heads of the elders and disciples hanging on each edge, displaying an expression of indignation. This almost made Ran Haoyu vomit, as others revealed displeasing expression. Just seeing this was enough to determine how much hatred the Bitter Sect bore against the Lovey Dovey Sect.

This disgusted Jin Rou. If not for the fact that he was in a disguise and currently concealing his strength again, he would not mind paying the Bitter Sect a visit. Of course, he could also order Yuna Sierra to do the job. However, it would be too easy for them if they die without feeling any pain.

Unfortunately for the Bitter Sect, they offended someone they could not afford to offend. It was already good as carved that no sect here could save them. Unless they had a reason for doing this kind of inhumane thing, that is.

"Yuna, wipe the broken stones out and carry the heads of these heads and bury them in their ancestral ground." Jin Rou said. As a sect, they also had an ancestral ground. Although it was not comparable to the colossal ancestral grounds of some higher sects, it was still an ancestral ground.

He also ordered Old Mo and the others, "Please find if there were things that still could be used here. Anything will do."

"Affirmative." Everyone affirmed in unison and started busying themselves.

"As you wish, Young Master." Yuna Sierra also started her move and began her job.

After some time, everyone gathered again.

"Young Master, we did not find anything to be used except this broken lamp." Old Mo said as he presented a broken lamp with many holes, "We also searched the destroyed buildings named Martial Skill Hall and the Martial Library, however, it seemed that the enemy robbed this sect clean without leaving anything at all. I bet they even carried the sand here."

Jin Rou listened to this, but did not say anything.

"Young Master, I also am done with the job you entrusted to me." Yuna Sierra said.

"Alright." Jin Rou sighed and said, "First, Yuna, wipe this place clean and build a mansion here, just a single mansion which could contain all the branches of our sect."

Supposedly, the architecture of a sect should be according to the common practice, which every branch like Martial Skills, Weaponry and the like, should have a separate building with a conventional distance with each one. But Jin Rou, did not want it that way. He wanted the sect to be imposing that will ingrain fear for those who will pay a visit. And that was a colossal mansion, which spans and consumed the whole peak of the mountain range! Take note, this mountain range was vast!

Yuna Sierra did not say anything else and proceeded to do the job as the group got out of the range.

After a couple of minutes, the group outside of Jin Rou, was scared shitless as they saw a massive mansion appearing in their sights, giving chills to their spines! This mansion literally covered the vast peak of the Dual Doves Mountain Range. With its black and white stones and some ancient runes that were difficult to comprehend! Having a height of 700 meters, with its grand and modern architecture, anyone would be in awe of this!

As the group got inside, what met them was a grandeur jade tiles shining that reflected their persons. With huge chandeliers hanging on the top, carrying a bright light, accompanied with long twin stairs in front.

"Impossible!" Yuan Gu blurted out in disbelief. In just a couple of minutes, this mansion was already built? Their mansion in the Gu Empire, compared to this, has been just a single ant facing an elephant! And it took a half month before it was finished. But this was actually created that fast? If not for seeing this personally, he would not believe it no matter who told him that kind of inconceivable thing! He stole a glance to Yuna Sierra and Jin Rou revealing an indescribable expression. It seemed that he was not yet used to these shocking and heart-stopping events of these terrifying existences.

"My heart.." He murmured to himself as he clutched his chest catching his breath.

Old Mo and the others were better. It seemed that they were already getting used to this.

"How about it, Young Master?" Yuna Sierra said as she revealed a world-toppling smile.

"It's good. There are many floors and each floor has their respective branch. While this ground floor was the main floor. This is really good, well done Yuna." Jin Rou praised.

"Yes, thank you, Young Master." Yuna Sierra blushed. Then she explained the detail of the mansion with their corresponding uses.

This mansion was composed of few levels or floors, the first floor or the ground level was the one where the disciples' dorms would be, accompanied with the dining area. The second floor was the Lecture Floor, which has three lecture halls. This was the place where the elders of the sect will teach. The third floor was the Martial Library. The fourth floor was the Martial Skills Hall. The fifth floor was the Weaponry Hall, where weapons were available and the sixth floor was the Pill Hall, where the pills would be available. This was only the outer line of the mansion and the usage as it was not yet completed. After all, every floor was still a bit empty.

There was also a hidden floor where no one except Jin Rou and his companions could enter.

This mansion was grander than the grandest of all! Yalan Na could not help but suck a mouthful of air as she saw this while Old Mo smiled proudly.

Of course, Jin Rou was satisfied by this. Although it was still far from the Celestial Mansion if compared, this was still a magnificent mansion to speak of. In fact, one would wonder if this was still a mansion at all!

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