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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 97 - (Volume 2, Farna’s Mortal World) Appointed As Successor

In an unknown mountain range where it was so quiet that it would already creep out anyone. With no sound of the wind hitting the withered trees. A majestic golden gate appeared. This gate was so high that it could compete with the Heavens already! This excluded an imposing aura like it was telling it was the overlord of all gates that no one could rival of! Of course, no one could really rival this. Because this was the gate of our bum main character, Jin Rou! The one who ran away from his home due to being fed up with being restricted.

One by one, Jin Rou and his companions stepped out of the gate and roamed their gazes to the place.

Old Mo said in disbelief, "Wow! Young Master, that travel is... so fast!"

It was indeed fast. In just a matter of seconds, they already stepped out and reached a new world!

Yuan Gu and Ran Haoyu broke into a cold sweat. This place was giving off an ominous vibe. Seeing that this mountain range was devoid of life, with a deafening silence. No wonder they already crept out. But it was not the case for Yalan Na, as if she was used to it, saying nothing.

"Of course, that's my gate after all. The best teleportation gates that no one could match." Jin Rou boasted.

"Young Master, can I also have a gate like that?" Yuan Gu shamelessly said. If he has a gate like that, going back and forth to his world would not be a hard thing any longer.

"Dream on, you shameless." Yuna Sierra refuted, "You think gates are easy to obtain that Young Master will give you one on a whim? You need to be powerful enough first to establish a contract before anything else."

"How strong?" Yuan Gu asked in curiosity.

"At least, reach Half-saint." Yuna Sierra answered. For some unknown reason, Yuna Sierra was unexpectedly blending with these mortals. Probably because she knew that this was Jin Rou's companions. Although she was feeling irritated that there were two other girls on board, she could not do anything about it.

Jin Rou wore back his disguise again and said, "Alright. Enough for that first. Yuna, where are we?" When he brought back his old disguise, everyone felt disappointed in their hearts. After all, who would not want to stare at him? In fact, if you order these girls to stare at him for days, they would not voice out even a single complaint! This was the innate charm of Jin Rou.

As Jin Rou opened the gate and destined a random world, obviously he did not know.

Yuna Sierra answered, "We are in the High Coast Continent of the Farna's Mortal World."

"Farna's Mortal World?!" Yalan Na was stumped as she heard this. "This was the overseer of the eight lower worlds, right?"

As someone close to Mentor Shao, she knew a thing or two about this world. This world was the one controlling the lower worlds and maintaining its harmony. And it was said to be created by an Immortal Realm expert, Immortal Farna. Just like the name of this world, it says.

"That's right." Yuna Sierra agreed, "This world is the overseer of the lower worlds. What about it?"

"Lower worlds? So there are more worlds?" Yuan Gu asked in a shocked expression. As an ignorant, a frog at the bottom of the well, this was understandable. Of course, Old Mo and Ran Haoyu were not an exception.

"What, you think that there are only a few worlds?" Yuna Sierra mocked, "Become stronger and unravel all the things about this universe. Stop asking."

Yuan Gu just rolled his eyes.

This lad was so brave to act this way against someone from the Rou Celestial Realm that almost Jin Rou praised him, "Commendable courage." But this was a good thing. For Jin Rou wanted no discrimination against his group. His impression of Yuna Sierra also was improving.

Jin Rou smiled and said, "Alright, let's head down the mountain range and find someplace to stay first."

"I can create a mansion for you, Young Master. Why don't you let me do it?" Yuna Sierra suggested. An existence like her will never have any difficulty of doing this kind of mundane matter.

"Here?" Jin Rou was taken aback. "This place is so quiet that I even got the creeps."

"Then let me find a proper location for you, Young Master. Please excuse me." Yuna Sierra said.

"Alright." Jin Rou agreed.

When Yuna Sierra was about to leave, a wounded old man with his robes tattered, did his best to crawl towards Jin Rou and said, "Young man... help me... save me..."

This startled Jin Rou and thought to himself, where did this old man pop up from?

Yuna Sierra glared daggers at the old man and said, "Stay away or I will end your dog life."

Old Mo and the others felt a chill running down their spines as they heard those words. Even Yuan Gu, who joked and teased her, felt this way!

What a scary woman!

However, the old man turned a deaf ear to this and said again, "Young man... please..."

"You are insisting?" Yuna Sierra revealed a murderous intent, "Then begone!'

"Wait, Yuna! Let me." Jin Rou stopped her.

She was startled a bit and confused why her young master stopped him. But of course, she still followed and took a step back.

Jin Rou walked over to the old man, he could see that this old man was about to enter the death gate and offered, "Senior, let me help you. I can heal you even you sustained grave injuries."

However, the old man declined and said, "Young man, no need... You coming here is already enough. I just want to wish something... before... I die." The old man did not believe that he could still be saved, so he declined. After all, he was really beyond saving.

"But.." Jin Rou was tongue-tied. He urged again the old man, but was still declined. He helplessly said, "What is it, senior?"

"Ahhhh..." The old man smiled, "I can see you are a good and pure boy... So I am entrusting you that you will rebuild my sect.."

"Your what?" Jin Rou's lips twitched. Things were happening so fast that even him, was caught off guard.

"My sect... I only have two wishes... Rebuild my sect that stood up gloriously and revenge the disciples who died in the hands of those... fuck-rs from Bitter Sect! Please..." The old man said as he lifted his right hand to hand over a golden coin-like with two doves carved in it.

"So you want me to be your successor?" Jin Rou felt an ominous feeling this time.

"Right... I just want my sect to continue to exist in this Coastal Continent... Cough cough!" The old man said as he coughed up blood.

Seeing the old man's state, Jin Rou helplessly said, "Alright." And he received the coin.

"Thank you... Cough! young man..." The eyes of the old man were getting dimmer, "My Lovey Dovey Sect is now in.. your hands!" And the old man eventually took his last breath.

Jin Rou wanted to felt pained about the passing away of this old man, but he could not help but twitch his brows and lips. In fact, everyone was feeling the same!

Lovey Dovey Sect?

Jin Rou wanted to vomit blood at this moment!

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