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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 93 - One-Slash Stickman

Everyone was dumbfounded. They subconsciously looked where the painting was hanging and found out that the xuan paper was empty! This confirmed their thoughts.

This stickman, was the one who was in the painting! However, what puzzled them was that what is it doing here? Isn't the effects were already gone? And what's with this that he could push back Lao Yao? They have so many questions, however, it remained unanswered. For Jin Rou was the only one who knew it!

He used some mysterious skill that made the stickman move. Initially, he was not planning on using this since he thought he did not need to. However, seeing that there was a disturbance here, he needed to do it. After all, how could he just let this people die in front of him? But he used the painting in order to not stand out too much. And by this way, he would not leak too much of his power.

"A skill?" Lao Yao was puzzled. Seeing the stickman standing right there protecting the humans, he did not know what this was. But he knew that this stickman was not to be underestimated! Just from the push a while ago, he already deducted that this was a formidable opponent.

"Why aren't you attacking?" The stickman sneered, "I only need one slash against you to defeat you, so you better use all your bullets in your arsenal so that you can't say I am bullying you."

"Audacious!" Lao Yao was enraged by being seen in contempt, "Just who are you to say that? I am from the mighty Demon Clan that even the Heavens was wary against! Do you think I'm afraid of you?" He released a very big ball of fire that doubled the intensity and damage, and threw it towards the stickman without any hesitation!

This ball of fire could already eat the entire venue along with the people present if touched the ground!

Lao Yao was already grinning upon seeing the upcoming demise of everyone. However, contrary to him, the stickman only used his stick sword and slashed it towards the incoming attack! π˜ͺ𝗻nπ‘Ÿeπ‘Žπ’…. π˜€π’ο½


The ball of fire suddenly got in half and vanished in the thin air! No explosions or whatever, it just vanished quietly!

This startled Lao Yao, he knew that that attack was very powerful enough to destroy everyone here. But this stickman only used to slash it one time and it was already good as gone? He knew that this stickman was powerful, but he did not expect it to be this powerful!

Everyone was again and again dumbfounded. This stickman from the painting.. is so powerful! In fact, there were already people idolizing and praising this stickman! To have such power even he was only a painting? This was inconceivable! However, they could only pin their hopes to this inconceivable thing, because he was the last line of their defense! If it could not still defeat this demon, then no one else could.

"Is that all? Humph. How weak." The stickman seemed got disappointed by this, "Master wants me to hurry to wrap this up. So even though I wanted to toy you for a while, I could not. Just blame your dogshit luck for offending my master."

The stickman raised his stick sword imposingly and added, "Bye. Insignificant creature."


A gigantic white arc charge towards Lao Yao in a very fast manner! This made him broke in cold sweats as he released his most powerful barrier, "Under Stone!"

However, this most powerful defense of his could not even hold a single second against this mighty slash and eventually broke it, piercing through Lao Yao!


Lao Yao shouted and shouted from extreme pain he was feeling. His entire person was also getting more and more transparent. Everyone closed their eyes upon this sight. They were greatly afraid that they might be the next one who will suffer this.

Just a few seconds passed, Lao Yao knelt down, losing all his will in resignation. He looked over to the stickman standing in front of Yuan Gu and the mentor. His eyes were filled with reluctance and indignation. However he knew he was done for.

He said, "Why?" He asked this because all of a sudden, the stickman stopped its attack.

The stickman was confused by this, Jin Rou sent an order through his mind.

Lao Yao said with a bitter smile, "Ah.. just kill me already."

Lao Yao knew that he was not a match to this stickman. So he chose to resign and be killed than retaliate and suffer more.

"I do not about this." The stickman said, "But master told me that although you could not be pardoned, he could arrange a next life for you that you can be with your daughter."

These words made Lao Yao widen his eyes from extreme shock, he could not talk for a moment, finally saying, "How.. how.."

"Don't ask me. I am just following orders. But you are lucky, you are given a chance to be reincarnated to the next life with someone dear for you." And thus, the stickman flickered his sword and made Lao Yao's entire person vanished. However, a soft voice resounded, "Thank you."

Seeing this, Jin Rou sighed. When the first time he saw Lao Yao, he knew that he was supposed to be a good demon, although he really came from the notorious Demon Clan, there were still demons who had a clean inner heart. It was just that Lao Yao was eaten by hatred because of the humans of this world, killed his daughter for some reason. Probably this was why he was sealed by the humans. Up until now, he was still longing for his daughter. So Jin Rou decided, that he could arrange his next life with his daughter.

A mortal life, to live peacefully.

This unexpected twist got everyone tongue-tied. Although they knew that it already concluded, they could not still process these whole events.

The stickman knelt in front of Jin Rou and said, "Master, I completed by job."

"Alright. Good job. Go back now." Jin Rou praised.

WHOOOOSH! The stickman turned into a ray of light and shot towards the xuan paper hanging. After which, the painting appeared again, with the stickman being there.

Yalan Na was the first one to regain her wits. "A painting could be used this way? Who is this.." Upon careful pondering, her eyes lit up and came into realization. If she was correct..

She was about walk over and talk to Jin Rou when the void trembled silently and a charming voice suddenly resounded the entire venue,

"I finally found you, Your Majesty."

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