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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 91 - Lao Yao Arrives

"Old Wu?" Master Gio said and smiled, "We thought that you are out for an expedition so we did not bother inviting you here."

Old Wu, this was the pillar of a warrior sect which was currently in decline. He was really out for an expedition since he went to the off limits of the empire. However, no one knew that he went there. All of them expected and thought that he must had gone for other empires.

"Hahaha!" Old Wu laughed heartily. "Right, I was out for an expedition but it already ended a few days ago. Anyways, you should not left me out the next time around."

"Sure sure." Master Dongsha joined in, he narrowed his eyes as he found something weird from this old man. He did not know but Old Wu was really leaking a terrifying murderous intent. "But Old Wu, can you please retract your intent? That might creep out everyone here."

Indeed, this was the truth. The entire venue turned silent the moment Old Wu arrived. All of them were frowning upon feeling the murderous intent from him. It seemed that he did not came here to be a guest. It seemed that he was up for something not good.

"What intent?" Old Wu asked like he really did not know.

"Your intent. You're leaking a terrifying murderous intent." Master Dongsha said.

In a corner where Jin Rou and his companions were, their attention was also caught by this.

"That old man, he is already dead." Jin Rou said as he observed Old Wu.

His companions turned their heads around with a look of shocked expressions. 𝑖𝓷n𝘳ℯ𝐚𝐝. 𝒄om

"What?" Yuan Gu was extremely puzzled, "Young Master, You also are seeing how well this Old Wu is right now."

"But did you not wonder how come he could create that kind of murderous intent? Let me tell you this, no human in this world could release such a terrifying and massive murderous intent!" Jin Rou said in serious tone, "Everyone here is in danger. You better advice them to leave already. They are not match for that demon."

"Demon?" Yuan Gu was taken aback, as well as Old Mo and Ran Haoyu, "Is that really—"

However, before Yuan Gu could finish what he was saying, it was already too late. Everything was already too late.

Master Dongsha and the other masters were sent flying like a kite with strings snapped all of a sudden, leaving splashes of blood upon their way. They even had no chance of retaliation which dumbfounded everyone else! As the force stopped, they were all seen lying without a hint if they were still alive or already dead.

Old Wu said in a sinister tone, "Aiya, did I overdo it?"

As everyone heard this, they got into a panic and started running right and left. The Museum Masters could be said the strongest here out of Mentor Shao since they were already Sky Realm, eighth stage! However, seeing how badly they lost without a chance to fight back, they immediately knew that even they combined their strengths, they could not beat this Old Wu. And so, they ran like they lost their homes without even turning back to see if their companions were behind or beside them. The situation was so chaotic.

An utter chaos.

"Insolent!" Mentor Shao shouted in a very angered voice, "You are not Old Wu. Who are you?"

Mentor Shao's status made everyone who was panicking to be at ease. Accompanying with High Elder Yalan Na, they were quite an invincible tag team! One must know that Mentor Shao was proclaimed to be the strongest being of this Shred Case Mortal World!

"To actually hurt the masters, you surely have guts there." Yalan Na sneered as she drew the great sword of her, "Whoever you are, you deserve death."

"Hahahahahahahahahahaha!" A long creepy laugh resounded the venue coming from Old Wu, "I can't believe this. To think that there is still someone who could reach Emperor Realm here. I thought the progenitors from those bastard sects could only be the one to reach it."

Hearing this, Mentor Shao was stumped, "Progenitors? You are..!" His expression was filled with disbelief.

Gyune Tyy, who was also by the side, paled from fright as the puzzle got more clearer! "No.. no way!"

"Kekekekekeke. That's right." Old Wu smiled ears to ears that crept everyone, "I am Lao Yao."

"EVERYONE RUN!" Gyune Tyy said in a very scared tone, "This is something that humanity could not defeat! Unless our progenitors stepped up for us, that's not possible at all! Save your lives and run!"

"As if I let them." Lao Yao stretched his hand, "Barrier of Eternal Damnation!"

A sky-high barrier appeared in every corners of the venue. Lao Yao said in satisfaction, "Alright. Now don't think that you still can run. These tons of life forces could not be wasted, right? You all can at least give 15 years or so, so don't think of slipping out of my gripped hands."

Gyune Tyy fell butt first from the ground and covered her head. It's over!

"Bastard!" Mentor Shao was extremely infuriated. He flickered his sleeves and released a large of ball of fire. He was planning to get this over! "You think just because you are a demon, you can do whatever you do against us, humans?" He was always calm and composed. However, this time, he could not afford to that since the opponent is a very dangerous threat to humanity right now. If he could not defeat this, then this world is good as doomed!

"Fire of the Everlasting Cane!" The huge ball of fire charged towards Lao Yao. This fire was so terrifying as if it was planning to burn everything down its way! However, when everyone thought that this could at least injure Lao Yao, an inconceivable thing had happened.


The entire fire ball was being sucked in the palm of Lao Yao! It was as if it was his food and enjoying his meal!

After a few seconds, the fire had disappeared. It was all sucked by Lao Yao's palm! After which, he released the same ball of fire that was cast by Mentor Shao, however, this was bigger and more intensified! As if it had doubled its damage!

This made Mentor Shao frown. He was started to feel unease, "You can copy a skill?"

"Kekeke but of course!" Lao Yao admitted, "Its the Demon Clan's specialty after all, Copy."

"Demon Clan?" Mentor Shao's heart was beating faster. Things were about to get out of hand this time around. Because up until now, he could not yet gauge out the cultivation of the enemy! Even when Lao Yao released the Ball of the Eternal Damnation, his cultivation was not yet revealed!

Is it so high that even I, Shao Gan, could not see it?

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