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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 9 - Seeking Help

It took a while before Master Chef Mo recognized that something was amiss with the expression of the young man. Little did he know that it was due to him calling Jin Rou senior a bunch of times that he almost spurted blood. Knowing this, Master Chef Mo smiler awkwardly and decided to call the other party young master and Jin Rou also nodded in approval.

It has been two days since themotion at the Shack's Dine had closed down its curtains. However, Jin Rou was still staying at the best suite that the Shack's Dine could offer. Actually, this Shack's Dine was not only a restaurant. It was also an inn. One of the best and luxurious inns in the whole Quu Empire. The price of staying for a night there could cost 600 diamonds and it's only for regular-class rooms. 1000 diamonds for the first-class rooms and 1,500 diamonds for the luxury-class rooms. These luxury-class rooms were only two. And this is one of the rooms Jin Rou was staying.

Although the room was not extravagant and luxuriouspared to his room in the Celestial Mansion, it couldn't be said bad also. If Jin Rou wouldpare it, it waspared to the rooms of the Low Maids of the Celestial Mansion. In fact, the rooms of the Low Maids were slightly better.

Jin Rou was also quite happy with the hospitality of the other party towards him and he was planning to give them a reward. Although he was offended by the previous actions of the former, it reallypensated him in way possible that he could. So Jin Rou was rather pleased by this. He hasn't got used to living in this kind of world yet, however, he knew that it wouldn't take before he does.

Jin Rou was meditating at this moment to calm his mind, this was his daily routine ever since he was a child. He was hearing the sound of nature andmunicating with it. Nature was also responding into him by dancing the branches of the trees outside. Even there were walls, Jin Rou could see entirely the outside like there was no wall at all, even his eyes closed!

Knock knock!

A knocking sound suddenly made Jin Rou opened his eyes. However, he was still in a meditating position.

"Young master, it's me. Old Mo." a sound came from the other side of the door was heard.

Recognizing the sound, Jin Rou suddenly stood up and sat on the couch. He said calmly, "Oh, it's you, Old Mo. Come in."

Hearing the other party's reply, Old Mo clutched the doorknob and opened it, "Then pardon my intrusion."

"Old Mo, what brings you here today?" Seeing the walking in Old Mo, Jin Rou immediately asked. He was relatively calm in the inside, however, he was nervous in the inside. The last time he saw Old Mo was two days ago when he visited him if the suite he offered was into Jin Rou's liking. Seeing this man went to him personally, he immediately deduced something.

Am I going to be chased out already? Because I am only a freeloader here?

Maybe I should work in his restaurant for me not to be chased out? Hmm...

Well, I can cook slightly better than him. So I can be of help.

Jin Rou was about to speak about what is on his mind when Old Mo already started speaking.. "This.." however, Old Mo hesitated for a moment and steeled himself, "Young master, can you sell this Old Mo a favor?"

Jin Rou was stunned, however, he immediately regained hisposure, "Favor?"

He heaved a sigh of relief. Wew! I thought I would be chased out.

"Yes.." Old Mo paused for a moment, "This Old Mo is actually one of the suitable candidates for the next Guild Leader of the Chef Guild. However, it has been decades that I was stuck in a bottleneck. Unable to reach the two stars. The other two candidates were already passed their bottlenecks and were just waiting for the Chef Promotion Examination for two stars master chef. What's more, is that the Chef Promotion Examination will be in just three days from now!"

"If I don't break this bottleneck and failed to be two stars, I'm afraid reaching greater heights would spell impossible. I can take it if I don't be the next Chef Guild Leader. But if I can't even step towards the two stars Master Chef, then I guess I lived my life in vain." Old Mo said with a bitter smile.

Honestly, Old Mo has no intention of asking for the help of the young master and just wanted to hug his thighs and make a relationship between them. However, being pressured by the uing Chef Promotion Examination, and being left out by the others, he felt helpless and utter despair. Feeling cornered, Old Mo decided to give it a try and ask help from Jin Rou. It was not he didn't want to ask help because of these matters, it is just that his dream was on the line and he really could not accept the fact if he was to be stuck at one star Master Chef for his life. Seeking help to a five stars Master Chef was his last resort, if this fellow refused to help him, he could only smile bitterly and accept it. And accept that he had to kiss goodbye his dreams.

"Sure. I will help you." Jin Rou said in a very gentle manner. He didn't even hesitate to answer.

"I know that this is a presumptuous request knowing that I offended you but p—" Old Mo's words were stuck halfway and his expression was filled with disbelief, not daring to believe what he heard. His lips were trembling and asked in a low tone, "Young ma-master will help m-me?"

"Of course!" Jin Rou said with a beaming smile, "You let me stay here for free without asking for anything, how could I not pay this favor of yours? Ah no, treat this as me repaying the favor!"

"No no! Young master was offended by me so it was only appropriate for me topensate. This could not be called a favor from me! Please don't misunderstand!" Old Mo shook his head and hurriedly said in a nervous tone.

"Old Mo, what are you saying?" Jin Rou chuckled, "The moment you apologized sincerely, I already made it as apensation. Now, let me repay you the favor. Your problem is because of your bottleneck, right? Come here."

Jin Rou knew that this Old Mo was really not a bad person. The attitude he had shown two days ago was just a facade to fill in his reputation. In fact, Old Mo was a very magnanimous and soft-hearted being. Jin Rou knew this because he had seen the inner heart of the latter. How could Jin Rou bear not to help this kind of person?

"Yes yes!" Old Mo immediately propped up and neared Jin Rou.

"Close your eyes and don't move." Jin Rou instructed and put his index finger on the other party's forehead!


A blinding sound can be seen filling the entire room!

Old Mo's expression was filled with disbelief at this moment! He couldn't say anything at this moment but he was filled with delight and happiness!

Why would he be happy?

After the light disappeared, Jin Rou retracted his finger and smiled waiting for the other party's words.

"This... This... This!!" Old Mo was so stupefied and looked at the young master in front of him with full of respect and reverence!

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