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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 88 - Heaven’s Carpet

Yuan Gu wanted to explain in the behalf of Jin Rou, "Masters.. this—"

"No need to say anymore, Prince Yuan." Master Dongsha waved it off and said, "No matter what you say, this painting of your person is something quite displeasing in our eyes."

Indeed, this painting was like an insult for their museum! This painting had no trace of being worked so hard at, like it was made out of the whim. Well, it was really and literally made out of the whim though.

Master Xiaomei agreed with displeasure, "That's right. This young man is fronting us with an insult." She looked at Jin Rou and asked, "Why did you paint it like that? I am expecting high from you since you are someone recommended by the crowned prince himself, but what are you doing? Are you here to just shame him? We gave you several hours yet you only finished this kind?"

Zilang Mu did not bother to speak again as the Museum Masters were already taking care of it. Shao Gan and Yalan Na only sat there watching the show being unfolded like it really did not bother them at all.

Master Xuo Hu also commented, "This painting is really infuriating me. I did not say anything for a while now since I wanted to stay neutral with all of the participants, yet seeing your work made me so pretty displeased and frustrated. Even you are not that good in painting, with the time given to you that was more than enough, you at least made something that could satisfy our eyes even it did not reach any realms at all!"

Everyone started to express their opinions, especially those from the Painting Guilds. This was greatly an insult for them as this painting was not something worth taking a look at of! It seemed like it was created by a baby who was currently practicing painting. In fact, a baby could even paint better than this!

"Uhhh this.." Jin Rou already expected their reactions and it was understandable. He smiled awkwardly and said, "This is the painting I can only do because I spend the most of the time sleeping."

Hearing this, everyone had their jaws dropped once again as their eyes were pushing out from their sockets.

You what?!

Master Xiaomei's expression became darker, "You slept the entire competition?" She could not believe what she had heard and needed to reconfirm it!

"Yes." Jin Rou confirmed, "I slept until a few minutes left before the sunset."

"Ridiculous!" Master Dongshan slammed his hand on the table in an aggressive manner and said, "You dared to sleep in the middle of the competition? You don't have any base respect even for our competition, eh?"

He was right. In everyone's perspective, this was already something that insults the entire competition along with the Path of Painting! To actually gotten asleep in the midst of this competition only meant one thing.. you are not putting them in their eyes! You are insulting them right in their territory! No wonder they were greatly infuriated right now.

Miyu already had expected this. However, never did she expect that this would escalate things this way! If this continued, this matter would get out of hand! And that would be quite unsightly. Everyone was already seething their teeth in anger!

"Nope. That's not what I meant." Amidst of the tense atmosphere concentrating to him, he was still calm as the sea and said, "Even though this painting of mine is like that, it is something worth that you master would be proud of."

"What? Will make us proud?" Master Dongsha sneered, "That crappy painting of yours could make us proud? You sure talk big! What's to be proud of this stick human figure with a literally round face without a hair?"

Master Gio, also one of the Museum Masters, joined in, "Don't mind him, Brother Dongsha. Your heart is already weakened. Are you that adamant to have a heart attack this time? Calm yourself, will you?" 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

"But this lad is infuriating me to the bones!" Master Dongsha reasoned out, "What the hell! He is basically not putting any respect for our Museum!"

"Alright, alright. Enough. We will sure to pu—" Master Gio could not finish his words as he choked back his words revealing an extremely dumbfounded expression!

In fact, all of the present were dumbfounded at this moment!


A soothing music suddenly rang everyone's ears putting their minds immediately at ease. Those who were greatly frustrated a while ago, were now breathing peacefully. The painting suddenly lighted up white and revealed an awe-inspiring scenery that broke all logic of this world!

The void got instantly white, and revealed a very long red carpet that was so majestic as if that was something being used by an emperor. Music tune logos appeared out of nowhere, dancing and giving melodies as the stick human figure in the painting got out of the painting, literally! Waving his sword as he stepped on the red carpet slowly ascending to Heaven. He was like a warrior that came back victorious from an all-out war being welcomed by his people!

"Im-im-impossible!" Master Xiaomei almost fell from her butt as she saw this and exclaimed, "A-a Heaven's Carpet Painting?"

Heaven's Carpet. This was the highest realm attainable of this world. When a painting reach this realm, everything will turn white as it reveal a red-colored carpet coming from the Heaven itself. Accompanying with melodious melodies that was so good to hear as if fairies were singing a welcoming song for an emperor! One more thing worth mentioning was that the painting itself would become real as it will got out of the xuan paper like it was really what it was! If a painting reached this realm, there was only one thing that it meant..

The Heavens recognized the painting itself!

This type of recognition was something all of the Master Painters highly sought for! All this time, there was only one person who created a Heaven's Carpet Painting. And that was the progenitor of this Museum of the Hundred Arts and it was way back thousands of years ago already! After that, no one even the Museum Masters created something like that. The maximum they had done was Spirit Animation Peak-class!

They never thought that they could see something like this. But this time, their eyes had seen a real Heaven's Carpet Painting! And what's more, it's a Middle-class! What sort of situation was this?

A stick figure painting that was rushed could actually be a Heaven's Carpet?

The world.. has probably gone mad! Hua Hengyun thought to himself.

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