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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 81 - Museum Masters

Jin Rou and Yuan Gu already arrived at the hall where the participants of the Painting Competition gather. Upon the first sight, what met Jin Rou were people who were talking with each other, some were painting, looking at the paintings on the wall and mesmerizing it. This hall was not large to begin with. However this hall contains a lot of paintings made by the previous generations. And all of these paintings were top notch.

"Those guys will be your opponents." Yuan Gu pointed pointing to the 5 young people with their respective seniors in front who were wearing robes with a paint brush imprinted on it, "They are all from the same generation as you so you don't have to feel pressured. The only advantage of them was they are from Painting Guilds and of course, they know how to paint."

"Is it really okay for me to join?" Jin Rou asked, "I mean, they are all Master Painters already, but I am not. Wouldn't that be an insult for them?"

"You don't have to worry about that." Yuan Gu reassured, "This competition did not block people who could not paint at all. Besides, it is me who registered you. So they will give me some face."

"Okay then." Jin Rou replied.

"Looks like only few will participate in this competition." Seeing how that there were only five people with the badge of the museum to indicate that they were participants, Yuan Gu could not help but smile, "It seems that not all Painting Guild will join."

Suddenly, there were a group of people walked over and greeted Yuan Gu, "Prince Yuan Gu, we meet again."

Seeing that this was the Gu Empire's Painting Guild members, Yuan Gu smiled, "So it is the seniors of our Painting Guild. How are you?"

"We're good. We're good. How about you?"

After they exchanged some pleasantries, the group walked away to greet some important figures also. They did not bother to ask who was beside Yuan Gu as if Jin Rou was an insignificant figure only. This made Yuan Gu a bit displeased, but he held it back.

"Young Master, I am sorry for their rudeness." Yuan Gu apologized and handed over the participation badge, "Please wear this."

"No, it's not a big thing at all." Jin Rou dismissed.


After a while, a group of people entered the hall. They were all five old seniors with a dignified aura with each step. Each was wearing robes with painting brush imprinted on it. This group was emitting an aura that they were Masters of this path. On the upper left of the robe, there were seven stars below the painting brush badge.

7-star Master Painters!

This gathered the attention of all, "The Museum Masters!"

Indeed, this group was the overseer of the entire Painting Guilds of this world, they were the Museum Masters! The pillar of the Museum of the Hundred Arts! These masters were the only one standing at the top of the Path of Painting. They did painting all their lives and already made it their own life. So they were the most experienced people of all that even the ancestors of the Painting Guild would still pale in comparison!

One of the Museum Masters introduced, "This old man's name is Xuo Hu. I am one of the Museum Masters of this museum. Hoho, I know most of you already knew us masters but I see some unfamiliar faces here around so I need to introduce myself again." His glance landed to Jin Rou.

The other masters also introduced themselves. Respectively their names were Gio Hu, Xiaomei, Dongsha, and Qu Peng. All of them were 7-star pinnacle Master Painters, only a step away from 8-star Master Painters!

Xuo Hu then said, "Now, the participants from the Tyy Empire has already arrived and waiting at the stadium, Master Shao has also already arrived so we can now proceed to the stadium. Everyone?"

Some seniors in the crowd were a bit displeased why Tyy Empire did not proceed first here before coming to the stadium. However, they no longer paid it no heed. After all, this was their home ground. Although the masters were always neutral and fair in judgement, their treatment for the Tyy Empire's Painting Guild was something better than the others. At the very least, this what it looked like and it was still understandable.

The Museum Masters were the first one to walk off, and followed suit by the crowd.

As they reached the stadium, the crowd from the stadium became all hyped up!

"Aiya, they are already here!"

"There are only few participants?"

"I heard that the other empires could not make it in time. After all, those empires were from a far away place and it would take at least several days reaching here if they used some fast beasts. Since the competition was moved at a very early date, they just surrendered this time's competition and would just take it up next time."

"Sigh. That's a pity. Oh well, as long as the Tyy and Gu's Painting Guilds are here. It all that matters!"

"That's right. These two empires would probably the one clashing in the finals in the end. That's a must see again!"

"For me, I'm already fed up of it. I hope there would be some changes this time."

The crowd became noisy as the participants entered the stadium. All of them were from the younger generation aging 17-25 years old. They were brimming with excitement as they entered the stage. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

The Masters seated in the high upfront row, indicating they were the judges for this competition. Next to these masters were three persons. Obviously, these three indicated a very high status. One was a young man, the other two were old man and very beautiful woman at the age of 20's.

These were Zilang Mu, Shao Gan and the beauty Yalan Na!

Zilang Mu, who was in the middle of the three, had a beaming smile and spoke to Yalan Na in a gentle manner, "I did not expect that High Elder Yalan Na would be here."

Yalan Na only smiled. She was wearing a stunning qipao dress that was so enticing! In fact, even the spectators who mostly did not recognize her were so attracted! Of course, this only applied to males.

Xiaomei, the only woman of the Museum Masters, chuckled and said, "I met Little Yalan last time, it is a rare occasion for her to go travelling around the world. So since we are acquaintances, I used my seniority to invite here to become one of us. I'm glad Little Yalan gave me face."

"Senior Xiaomei, no need to put it that way." Yalan Na smiled gently.

Shao Gan also joined in and spoke to Yalan Na, "To think you are also here. How are the results?"

Yalan Na sighed, and smiled wryly, "Still no clue. I almost traveled the empires, but yet to find him. But of course, I will not give up. After this, I'm planning to go to the Quu Empire if I could still find some traces there."

"No need to rush. So just relax." Shao Gan comforted.

Yalan Na only smiled after this.

However, there was someone who was quite unhappy with what he heard, it was Zilang Mu. His brows narrowed and frowned in displeasure.

Him? Who is that 'him'?

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