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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 8 - Please... Just Call Me Jin!

"Oh? That's great. Then I'll be taking my leave." Jin Rou said in a nonchalant tone. After assuring that he passed, he began to walk away. Obviously, he didn't have a very good expression for this Master Chef Mo.

Seeing the young man walking without a care, Master Chef Mo gave chase and said, "Senior, please wait a moment!"

After seeing the other party's skill, Master Chef Mo was very aware that his skill was beyond his capability. And so, he wanted to befriend such a formidable figure. Just imagine, a twenty year old man was already at least five stars Master Chef. And what's more cold sweating was that he, a Nascent Realm actually could not see the other party's cultivation! How terrifying was that?

However, Master Chef Mo also know that he offended the young man. He at least wanted to meditate a bit of his offense and give pleasantries to the other party.

Frowning, and Jin Rou's lips were twitching, "What is it?"

You actually call me senior?

You see, you're decades older than me and actually call me a senior?

I may be lacking in knowledge, but at least, I never heard somene calling a younger man a senior by an almost fifty years old man!

Seeing the expression of the other party, Master Chef Mo immediately said in a very polite tone, "Senior, I am sorry that I had offended and inconvienced you! As apensation for my grave sin, would you be considerable enough and stay with us for a day or two? We will provide you the best suite that we can offer! Although I do not know if it will suit your taste, at least please grace us with your presence."


The entire surrounding was silenced by a loud silence that could even hear a single needle falling down!

Seeing this, the crowd's lips began to twitched. Even the waitresses were as well! As if they couldn't believe what they are seeing!

Their respected, Master Chef Mo, who's only half step toward two stars Master Chef actually changed his attitude by a hundred eighty degree! Master Chef Mo asked a man who had not paid a single diamond to stay and provide him with the best suite in the house! He even called him Senior!

Even the waitress who was the assessor of Jin Rou was twitching by this scene! Although she knew that her Master's attitude changing all of a sudden was because of the young man's identity, she never had thought that her Master would actually call him Senior!

Even the other party's identity was that huge, at least, her Master should have left a bit of his dignity.

To actually call a man who's decades younger than him a senior.

What the hell is this?!

Master, have you knocked out yourself inside?

Of course, Master Chef Mo knew what everyone's thinking as this moment. However, he paid it no heed. The young man in front of him was probably part of a big sect or a clan in a high tier empire.

If he could hug his thighs, wouldn't he soar into greater heights? Just imagining this, Master Chef Mo was agitated in excitement!

Losing my dignity was worth it!

"This.. " Jin Rou pondered for a moment and casually answered, "Alright then."

Jin Rou was actually in need of a place to stay, ever since he run away, he had no idea where to stay. He could not just ask a stranger to ask anyone to shelter him. He could create a mansion for if he wanted to, however, he was a very cautious person. Thinking that if someone from the Rou Realm saw it, he would be caught. Not mentioning that the mansions he could create can rival the CelstialMansion of theirs!

If it was made, wouldn't it take too much attraction? After all, Jin Rou wanted to stay low profile.

"It's our pleasure to have Senior stay here! We will not let you down!" obviously, Master Chef Mo was delighted. He thought that judging by the expression of the young man a while ago, he would surely be turned down, and thus he bitterly smiled. Who would have thought that the other party would accept his offer?

Immediately, hemanded to his waitresses, "Joy Wuxi, Lei Mu, quickly bring Senior to our best suite!"

The two waitresses had immediately recognized themand and began gesture towards Jin Rou in A very respectful manner. However, before the other party could take a step, Master Chef Mo remembered something and quickly said, "Wait a moment!" he turned to the waitress who assessed the young man a while ago and said in very authorative tone, "Myu Hanfeng, Don't you think you owe Senior an apology?"

The heck!

Why do you keep calling me senior!

You're.. Giving me goosebumps!

Jin Rou's lips involuntarily twitched.

"I.." Myu Hanfeng didn't know what to say. If she has something to say, she didn't know how to start it. After a moment of thinking, she immediately steeled her posture and bowed, "I am sorry for offending Senior! Please forgive me!"

Myu Hanfeng's apology was filled with sincerity that everyone could hardly tell any malice.

However, Jin Rou's lips uncontrollably intensely twitch this time!

You too.. Call me a senior?

You, probably a decade older than me, also called me a senior?


Jin Rou almost spurted blood on the spot. He glared to Master Chef Mo but was ignored!

Seeing Myu Hanfeng's apology filled with sincerity, Master Chef Mo nodded in satisfaction, "Good. Now, ladies, please assist our senior to the best suite. If senior needs anything, give your all to fulfill senior's request!"

"Yes! We will assist senior in very best ways we can! Master Chef Mo could rest assured that we will take care of senior!" the waitresses said in unison in a very energetic voice. They immediately turned their gazes to their senior and gestured, "Senior, this way please."


This time, the blood was almost inside Jin Rou's mouth.

You all..

Can't you say a sentence without calling me a senior?! Can't you get a clue from my expression?!

I could endure them a while ago. But you called me senior every single sentence this time! You're really pushing it! Well let's see!

However, before Jin Rou could retort, Master Chef Mo saw the paled expression of Jin Rou and hurriedly said, "Senior what's wrong? Senior, are you okay? take senior to his suite and let senior rest! Senior must have been tired by the cooking a while ago! Hurry!"

"…." Jin Rou's eyes was bleeding.

However, he forced himself to said in a very low tone,

"Please.. just call me Jin!"

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