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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 79 - You What?

Inside an inn.

Jin Rou already changed into his previous disguise and came back from outside. It was already past noon and past lunch. However, Old Mo and Ran Haoyu did not dare to eat lunch knowing that Jin Rou was not yet back. But all the dishes were already prepared. Although the dishes were served by the inn itself and could not compare to the dishes made by Old Mo, it was still a delicacy.

"You guys have not eaten yet?" Jin Rou asked as he saw the dishes untouched on the table.

"Welcome back." Ran Haoyu met him with a light smile.

"Welcome back, Young Master!" Old Mo greeted first, "Yes, we are waiting for you to be back. Although the dishes were already a bit cold, I could reheat them for you if you will like it."

"No need. Let's eat now." Jin Rou waved it off.

"But the dishes were already.." Old Mo wanted to say something when he was interrupted by Jin Rou, "Old Mo, let it be. I'm also quite hungry so I could not wait it to be reheated."

Old Mo did not say anything else as he served the dishes and took a portion to place on Jin Rou's plate in a respectful manner. After which, the three started eating.

"Yuan Gu is not back yet?" Jin Rou noticed that the crowned prince had not yet back and asked.

"Don't bother with him, Young Master." Old mo answered, "That guy will just be back in a matter of time."

Jin Rou did not paid this heed and just continued eating and so were Old Mo and Ran Haoyu.


After they finished eating, Jin Rou decided to check out the yellow-class skill books which he bought from the market. Unbelievably, with few breaths, he already learned all of it and did not have a rejection in compatibility which made Old Mo and Ran Haoyu gasped in awe.

Although yellow-class skill books were the lowest of the lowest of class, it was still after all, a class. In fact, yellow-class skill books were not to be underestimated, for it has some skill books that could par with blue and red-classes if reached perfection. Also, learning a yellow-class skill for a portion would take at least few days at best when an extreme genius cultivated it. But Jin Rou managed to learned all of them in just few breaths.

There were also some cases that a skill would reject the body of the one cultivating it for some special reasons. After all, profound skill books were said to have intelligence and could choose their own masters.

This disparity! Old Mo and Ran Haoyu could not help but wonder if this man was a being from the above? Like those Immortals in the legend.

After learning all of the skills, Jin Rou decided to take out the Sky Stirring Necklace.

This necklace was the one he got from Peng Yu a while ago. This necklace could suppress and increase the power of the wearer up to Sky Realm, seventh stage. This was a fixed one.

Knowing that the Sky Stirring Necklace could not be effective for him since this necklace has a very low limit, he did some alternations that only he knew. He broke some chains within the necklace that bind it its restriction. After several breaths, he wore it to see the results.

Old Mo, who could not see Jin Rou's cultivation a while ago, breathed a mouthful of cool air and exclaimed, "Young Master, I can see your cultivation!"

"Even I also do.." Ran Haoyu was stunned and said in a low tone.

However, the two knew that this was not the true cultivation of Jin Rou. They knew that it was because of the necklace after being wore.

Jin Rou only smiled after hearing this with a face of satisfaction.

"Young Master, your cultivation is being suppressed, right?" Old Mo asked. "It was because of that necklace. What is it that blue-colored necklace?" He was really curious about this.

"You can say it that way." Jin Rou chuckled and looked at his plain blue-colored necklace, "This was the Sky Stirring Necklace. It can suppress your strength or increase your strength up to Sky Realm, seventh stage."

"What a powerful necklace!" Old Mo exclaimed, "Young Master, did you also buy that? It seems kinda expensive.."

"I just got a bargain." Jin Rou smiled and suddenly remembered something, he took out the inventory ring that all of the diamonds, herbs and pills and potions that paid by the Alchemy Tower were. After which, he handed it over to Old Mo and said, "I also got this from a bargain. Take a look."

Old Mo was confused, so he received the necklace and decided to take a look. When he did, his expression suddenly shifted paling and stuttered, "Y-young Master.. This.. these were millions of diamonds and few herbs and pills!"

How did the Young Master get this kind of amount?

When Old Mo saw the 1-star Master Alchemist badge from the inventory ring, it was already enough for him to understand what happened. At the very least, he had already the gist of it

Jin Rou only smiled at him in response.



Yuan Gu was already back and gathered Jin Rou and the others. He was feeling so tired but yet he decided to inform them first.

"I already reserved front row admissions for the upcoming competition." Yuan Gu introduced, "However, there were some uhmm.. changes.."

"Come on. Spill the beans!" Old Mo said in annoyance, "Your taking my Young Master's time for too long!"

"Can't you wait?" Yuan Gu glared at him. "Alright."

"The painting competition will be held two days from now."

"So soon?" Old Mo asked, "I thought it would still be several days before the competition. Why did they forward it at an earlier date?"

"I also don't know the details about it." Yuan Gu answered.

"How unreliable of you!" Old Mo criticized, "What was the use of you going there if you are this unreliable?"

"You..!" Yuan Gu almost fainted and vomit blood from hearing this.

These two were like they had an irreconcilable feud that they would kill each other off when they see each other. It was like they could not live under the same sky.

"Alright alright. That's enough, the of you." Jin Rou calmed the situation down and looked at Yuan Gu, "Yuan Gu, please continue. I'm all ears."

"Ahh.." Yuan Gu paused for a moment and took a deep breath, "Although I do not know why they moved the competition at an earlier date, I suspect that it was probably because of Master Shao Gan's disciple, Zilang Mu. And the Painting Guild agreed to give Master Shao face."

"Zilang Mu? The one said to be the strongest genius of the younger generation?" Ran Haoyu asked with widened eyes.

"Yes. They were already here. Probably because Zilang Mu could not bear to wait any longer and requested it to be moved at an earlier time. It was confirmed that Master Shao Gan will be overseeing the competition." Yuan Gu said.

Hearing the word Shao Gan, Old Mo could not help but be in awe. Even this name reverberated in the Quu Empire! This name.. as someone proclaimed as everyone as the strongest cultivator and Mentor! But he had never heard of his disciple. But judging by this, it seemed that this Zilang Mu was kinda a character to actually dare to order that.

"And there's one more thing.." Yuan Gu said in a low tone and looked apologetic,

"I registered Young Master Jin to participate for the Painting Competition."

Hearing this, all of the three looked at Yuan Gu with widened and shocked eyes that almost their eyes were popping out from the sockets.

You what?!

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