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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 73 - 3 Breaths

"Me refusing a toast? Heh. Why would I take a step back for a junior like you?" Ma Han continued on acting tough. She really was planning to do this to the bitter end.

After all, someone like her, could not take the reality that a junior was much better than her.

"You're only a frog in the bottom of the well, I already gave you a leeway but what are you doing now? Are you that adamant to rub your face on the floor?" Jin Rou asked.

"What bold words you have there!" The infuriation Ma Han was feeling was getting more and more that she was already itching to skin the other party alive, "Say that once you already won. You think I, High Elder Ma Han, is a pushover?"

"Yes. I think you are a pushover. You got a problem with that?" Jin Rou revealed a mocking smile.

"YOU!" Ma Han howled in frenzy as she pointed her trembling finger towards Jin Rou, "Good bastard! Let's see what you can do!"

She looked at Gum Xuan and spoke, "Gum Xuan, this bastard will be the only one to take the last stage. Bingye Feng will be an exemption."

"What are you trying to do?" Gum Xuan was alarmed.

"Nothing. I will just conduct my exam here for the last stage. And for what is it, I changed it." Ma Han said.

"You changed it? You can't do that! What has been approved should be the one to be done! Don't push this so far, Ma Han!" Gum Xuan was greatly infuriated by this old lady. If not for the fact that she was also High Elder and the younger sister of the Tower Master, he would not think twice to teach this a lesson!

This type of attitude would bring the Alchemy Tower tragedy!

"What say you have here? If I said I will change it, I will change it. You think you can fight it off with my brother backing me?" Ma Han leered.

"And now you are using the Tower Master to intimidate this Gum Xuan? You got a lot of nerves there! Look at you, you're already so old yet you act like a spoiled princess? Don't you find yourself disgusting?" Gum Xuan retorted, "And I also have a say here! Since I am here to guard you. You think you could change that?"

"Humph. Whatever you say, I will change the last stage." Ma Han stubbornly said.

"You are really-" Gum Xuan was about to say something when Jin Rou suddenly intervened, "Let her be. I would love to entertain this old lady a bit more. She was still not yet convinced so I will force her to be convinced."

"For her to know how insignificant she is."

"Such a bold claim!" Ma Han's face turned red in anger, "Then let's have it this way. Let's do a match of concocting pills! If you defeat me, then it's your win. But if you don't, my win. How about that?"

"Sure. No problem." Jin Rou said indifferently.

"Ma Han!" Gum Xuan was entirely despising this old lady now. She was really intending to lose all her face just for this lad!

An old senior against someone from the younger generation. Isn't this bullying?

Even the crowd could not help but shake their heads, this old lady's reputation would really go down now. This shameless act was something the masses would be greatly disappointed of.

Bingye Feng only stood where she was silently. Obviously, she was interested about the things that were about to be unfolded. After seeing the flame mastery of the young man, she already knew that she was not a match against him. In fact, even the flame of hers could not even breath against the flame of his. This was the disparity that she was clearly aware as of the moment.

But she was really curious about this man, she could not help but mutter to herself, "Who is he.. Why did I not see him before?"

Ma Han did not mind the everyone else and flicked her finger where the inventory ring was. Soon, tons of tons of ingredients appeared, "These will be the ingredients to be used, we will compete who has the best capability to create a better Decreasing Danger Pill than the other, in just seven hours. What do you say?"

Decreasing Danger Pill is a fourth-tier pinnacle pill that could only be produced by those who were already 4-star pinnacle Master Alchemists or above. This pill could greatly reduced the danger of taking any disease, be it deadly or not. In other words, this was a stabilizing pill for those cultivators having terminal diseases. And this pill was something that worth so much diamonds! Just the lowest quality of this pill already had a price of 500,000 diamonds!

Furthermore, this pill could only be concocted for maximum of seven hours! Unlike any other pills that would take days or weeks or even months. Of course, in the Path of Alchemy, that was understandable since the higher tier of the pill is, the longer it would be concocted. This was the absolute rule of the Alchemy.

Gum Xuan was really at the end of his wits. That Ma Han really changed it! Although it was also a battle of the concocting pills supposed to be, it should only a first-tier pill since the other party was not yet alchemist. Seeing this shameless act, he could not help but grit his teeth in anger!

"Is that all?" However, Jin Rou seemed did not mind this at all. "Sure, sure."

This confidence and leisure expression brought great pressure to Ma Han. As she already observed the other party well, she already knew if this young man could possibly do it or not. Time and time that she looked down on this young man, time and time also that her face was being slapped.

She was already sure that this young man has the capability. However, she could not back down. She still refused to believe that this young man was better than her! She was betting everything into this!


The two parties already picked their ingredients. Ma Han picked only one set since she was confident to concoct the pill in one try, Jin Rou also got one set.

This move of Jin Rou made the crowd speechless yet again.

Ma Han snorted, "Humph. You really are confident to concoct the pill in one try? Just to remind you, once you did not successfully concoct in one set, that would be considered my win."

"Oh sure." Jin Rou was indifferent.

"Insignificant confidence." Ma Han was greatly angered, "The time will be seven hours. Who can create a better quality pill will win!"

"Let's start!"

Ma Han revealed her cauldron which was very ancient. She bought this cauldron for a very high price. She was focusing all her being as she placed the ingredients one by one to refine them.

However, just she was still doing the job, a voice suddenly rang to her ears, "Done."

Done? Ma Han could not help but look over where the voice came from. Her expression changed drastically as she had seen something! It seemed like she again and again saw a ghost that she was afraid of! Her expression got pale and felt like all the blood inside her face dried up.

Because the other party was there, standing with a yellow-colored pill floating on his palm. That was emitting a soothing aura with its glow that was white!

And so, the crowd could not help but exclaim with paled expressions,

"A Decreasing Danger Pill of its peak quality!"

"Indeed, that is a peak quality pill!"

"I can't believe this!"

"Do you think that was unbelievable? No! What was unbelievable that the time he consumed to create such a pill!"

"Right. So fast! I do not know the exact time but it's really fast!"

An expert from the crowd also joined in, "It seemed inconceivable and ridiculous and even left me in awe. Because that lad concocted his pill within 3 breaths." i๏ฝŽ๐“ท๐“‡๐’†ฮฑ๐’…. ๐—ฐ๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

3 breaths? Hearing this, they looked again to Jin Rou as if he was a monster!

What.. What the hell is going on?!

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