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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 72 - Refusing A Toast Only To Drink Forfeit

"How is this possible..?" Ma Han began sweating and revealed a paled expression. Her expression was turning for worse and worse. She was feeling tons of negative feelings the world has!

Bingye Feng stayed rooted where she was standing, looking at the sea of fire dancing in the wind, creating waves and clashing with each other without a sound. This time, she was scared out of her wits! If not for the strong mentality she possesses, she already had fallen butt-first to the ground!

Of course, the crowd was not an exception. They were also completely pale from this sight! Although this flame was so beautiful that it gave off a wonderful feeling, its dominating aura could not be hidden! In front of this fire, everyone present, except Jin Rou, was like an ant or fishes on a chopping board! If this flame was to break loose and wreak havoc, everyone knew that no one would be saved!

Thinking about this, the crowd, even the few experts with them, could not help but only resign everything to fate.

"This is ridiculous.." Xuxin Wang also revealed a paled expression as he fixated his eyes to this flame. Indeed, anyone could find this ridiculous!

His companions were also the same and in fact, they were worse than him since they revealed faces like that had no blood at all! Their tongues were as if tied as they could mutter anything but their lips were moving.

They were frightened to death!

Xuxin Wang had thought that this guy was really interesting, but never did he think that he would be this interesting that it almost made him pee his crouch!


Five minutes has passed.

"Done." Jin Rou immediately retracted his flames and hold onto the cauldron and put it down.

Seeing the expressions of the people around here that were like they were facing doomsday and could not do anything but accept their fates, he was puzzled as to what had happened? Did the flame he used was something that scared them shitless?

All of them carried the same expressions! If not, worse!

"I only used my weakest flame since I wanted to maintain a low profile. But what's really with their faces?" Jin Rou muttered to himself. Indeed, this lad had used the weakest flame he has in the store! He was very careful and cautious since he was afraid of being discovered by his family so he would really not do anything rash this time. Furthermore, he assured that the effects of the flame would not be ranging to the outside of this place.

Seeing the unchanged expressions of everyone, he could not help but smile wryly. He stared at Ma Han and said confidently, "I passed. Right?"

This stare immediately made Ma Han regained her wits. She wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead as she said trying to calm herself, "Who are you?"

These were the first words that Ma Han asked. She was really intimidated and frightened by this lad! Who could have thought that this above average looking man has such things?

Not to mention the flame, even his mastery of controlling the flame was something not her level could judge! As everyone had seen the sea of flame and its intensity, it would not be an exaggeration if anyone said it was more than enough to make this Alchemy Tower become ashes!

Ma Han was feeling suppressed as her throat was dried up and could no longer had the same confidence she had a while ago.

If earlier she still had some confidence, after seeing the prowess of the young man shattered every bit of confidence in her body. This was a great blow to her. She even forgot the greed she was feeling for the Apicus Flame!

When she was thinking about the bet she proposed, she could not help but mutter herself how idiotic that move was!

But you, Ma Han, is really an idiot. To actually challenge my boy? Seriously. You are asking for death.

She was already regretting at this moment. However, it was already too late.

"Who am I is not important. Besides, I already said my name and High Elder Gum Xuan already knew it." Jin Rou then shifted his look from Ma Han to Gum Xuan.

"Right right." Gum Xuan could only nod himself for gesturing Jin Rou was right. He already regained his wits and breathed in and out a number of times to calm himself eventually.

These bizarre happenings today really gave him a shock. If not for his strong heart, he might already had a heart attack.

"I am not literally asking you who you are. I mean, who you really are! Where are you from?" Hearing the disrespectful answer of the lad made her infuriated again. Even she was frightened to a certain degree, it did not mean that she would let her fears eat her! She had no leeway to turn back to, so all she could was grit her teeth and face it, even with her confidence shattered.

"Getting aggressive now?" Jin Rou chuckled, "I know that you already realized something. So, why don't we conclude this and just pay me the four million? I won't be asking for the herbs and stuffs anymore. What do you say?"

He felt that Ma Han already received so many slaps that it was already time for him to stop this. After all, even from the beginning, he was not planning to humiliate the other party to the extent of rubbing her face on the floor. At the very least, he planned to leave some face for this tower. All he just wanted was the money he would get from the bet.

However, Ma Han toughened her old self and declared, "You really pass the test this second round. But do you think it would be that easy to pass the last stage? Don't be so full of yourself, lad! Pass the last stage and we will talk about it!"

Gum Xuan was stumped, "Ma Han, what are you saying?! Did you yet to realize what kind of person this young man is? Just conclude this already by admitting your defeat, pay the bet and all is well! I'm advising you, don't push your luck any further! The lad was intending to leave you some face and our tower, can't you see that?!"

Of course, as an experienced being, Gum Xuan naturally knew why Jin Rou said those words. Indeed, he was planning to leave them face.

"I don't care! I will fight to the bitter end!" However, Ma Han chose the hard way.

"You!" Gum Xuan could not help but be enraged at this moment. This old lady, could not take a step back even already been given one!

Actually, if not for the bet having high stakes, she already took a step back. However, this was not the case. Although she could take out four million diamonds, it would also leave her completely dry. And an old woman who was very spoiled like her by her brother, she could not take it. After all, four million diamonds could already be used for buying hundred of precious ingredients.

At this moment, she refused believe this reality. And firmly believe that she could still overturn the situation.

Jin Rou helplessly sighed, "Refusing a toast only to be forced to drink forfeit. Really, fine then."

"Let's get this done."

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