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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 71 - Dumbfounded

"What the hell! What a beautiful flame!"

"Not to mention the flame, her control in her flame is something worth admiring!"

"What's more, she is already pretty but became prettier after dancing her flame!

The crowd exclaimed in awe. Indeed, the sight before them was so spectacular that it left their mouths agape, salivating from the scenery!

Few experts in the crowd were not amazed by the performance, but the origin of the flame! Because they, as experienced old experts, also knew the Apicus Flame! They only watched in the sidelines and did not speak.

"Gum Xuan.." Ma Han was dumbfounded by this and still can't get it process to her mind. These lads were really bad for her heart! "I will pass that lady now and exempt her for the third stage. She already had shown us her skills. So I will directly talk to Big Brother to appoint this lady as a 1-star Master Alchemist. This lady must be under my banner!"

"What?" Gum Xuan frowned, "I admit. This lady is amazing, and I could understand that if you pass her now this second stage. But to pass her even without taking the third stage, that's unfair! No one had ever got such treatment in our tower yet you wanted to do this?"

"Of course, I know that. However, as you see, this lady has the Apicus Flame. Let's not talk about the origin of this lady. Just her precised control and knowledge about Alchemy was something not aspiring alchemists could attain. And I know you are agreeing me in this perspective." Ma Han explained.

"But it does not mean you can just pass her. Let her take the third exam and we will talk about this!" Gum Xuan knew that this Ma Han was plotting something. However, he did not pay it so much attention.

"No." Ma Han shook her head in refusal. "This lady should be mine and I will talk to my brother later."

She then looked at Bingye Feng with full of smiles, "Bingye, you can stop now. You pass the test."

Immediately, Bingye Feng recognized this and retracted her flames to her body. She then bow slightly and cupped her hands, "Thank you."

The crowd nodded in approval. Of course, just from the performance a while ago, they already knew that this lady would pass the stage. Only a fool would not.

Ma Han smiled, "Bingye Feng, where are you from?"

This really made Ma Han and even Gum Xuan curious. Where the hell did this young lady came from that she had a Heaven's Flame?

"This Bingye is not someone from any empire. I am vagrant cultivator who happened to stumbled here. Since I know a thing or two about Alchemy, I decided to take the exam." Bingye Feng answered.

Vagrant cultivator, just like that lad.. Huh?

Of course, the two Master Alchemists did not believe this. Although they wanted to pry further, this lady seemed not interested in talking about her origin and thus, they could not push it. However, they already deduced that this lady was someone who was being backed by a peerless expert in Alchemy. If not, she was from the other Alchemy Tower. And since there were only two Alchemy Towers here in this world which were stationed in the Tyy Empire and the other one is Gian Supreme Empire.

This lady came from the tower of the Gian Empire? Why did they never had heard of such a lady named Bingye Feng?

Oh.. maybe she came from seclusion.

"I see." Ma Han nodded and did not pry further. She did not even ask where she got the Apicus Flame. She only said, "You passed the second stage and I am planning to exempt you in the third stage if you come under my banner, what do you say?"


The crowd sucked a mouthful of air as they heard this. A High Elder was inviting someone who had not yet to be an alchemist come under her banner? And she would be exempted in the last stage? What sort of situation was this?

Isn't it showing favoritism?

If the majority of the crowd was confused, then the few of the crowd, which were experienced experts, got this and understood this point.

Who would let it slip if a fat sheep was in your front, right? Since the lady had something that enticed the greed of the old lady, of course, she would be persuaded. For sure, this Ma Han would go all out offering treasures just to make this lady come under her banner.

However, the lady politely declined, "Bingye is an adventurer, who always wants to travel across the continents and empires, so I'm afraid I have to decline your gracious offer for now."

"Oh.." Ma Han did not expect to be rejected, but she still persuaded her again, "If the matter about you adventuring, it's not a problem really. You can travel all you want and just come back here whenever you want to. I just want you to come under my banner but your freedom would not be restricted."

Although this lady was probably being backed by a behemoth, this did not stop Ma Han from persuading her. After all, the Alchemy Tower had never been afraid of anyone even in the Gian Supreme Empire's Alchemy Tower.

So what if she came from others? If I wanted it, I will get it. Heh. I am, Ma Han, after all.

Bingye Feng's brows suddenly narrowed, she was about to decline again when Gum Xuan intervened, "Alright alright. Let's not talk about it first. There is still another one to perform."

He added, "Examinee Jin, please do show us how well your control is."

Ma Han again and again glared knives and daggers to Jin Rou as if they had a bloody and irreconcilable feud, she snorted and said, "Humph. Show us what you got."

If Gum Xuan did not mention the other party, she already had forgotten about this lad. But since already mentioned, her wariness and hatred rushed up again.

Right, I will make this lad suffer first before I deal things with Bingye-- she thought.

Jin Rou bent down to pick up the cauldron and smiled, "Alright."

After which, this caught the attention of the crowd especially Xuxin Wang. He was really looking forward to this.

This also piqued Gum Xuan's curiosity and did not blink. To see how could this lad perform.


Suddenly, streams of white-ice flame appeared circulating on Jin Rou's body and spun majestically like a dragon dancing in the wind. Soon, it became a large white dragon that almost reached the four corners of the Second Hall, dancing, spinning, while covering the cauldron and lifted above! This sight was like a sea of flame had appeared out of nowhere and was about to fall everything into ashes upon its way. This flame was giving off a very dominating vibe that it made all of the watchers feel a chill. A flame that when compared to the Apicus Flame, the Apicus Flame was just an ant in front of it!

What was more amazing was that, even at the intensity of this flame, the fragile cauldron did not even crack even a bit as if this flames was its benefactor! π™žnπ§πš›eπšŠπ‘‘. 𝗰o𝐦

This scene dumbfounded them especially the two High Elders and Bingye Feng. Her expression changed drastically that it was already indescribable..!

"What the hell.." This was the only words Gum Xuan could comment at this moment!

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