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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 70 - Apicus Flame

"These two cauldrons were named Haloed Nine Cauldrons, maybe you already heard of it, but it was one of the Lost Artifacts of the Ancient Time. Of course, these ones were only imitations so you don't need to worry about breaking it. These cauldrons were commonly used for Fire Control Examination." Gum Xuan explained.

Bingye Feng's eyes lit up, "The Alchemy Tower had the original Haloed Nine Cauldron?"

As someone knowledgeable like her, of course she had heard of it.

"Of course. This is Alchemy Tower after all." Ma Han boasted.

The two participants already had their own Haloed Nine Cauldron and was just waiting for the go signal to perform.

Also, packs of packs of people already entered the Second Hall. After all, how could this people let slide such a show? They were planning to stay until this finished!

Among them were Xuxin Wang and the company.

Xuxin Wang revealed a smile as he patiently wait for the show. After a short while, he muttered, "This lad is indeed interesting. I am not mistaken."

"Big Brother Xuxin, are you saying something?" Xi Wang, his younger twin brother, asked in confusion."

"Oh, nothing. I was just amazed by that person." He glanced at Jin Rou and Bingye Feng, "Never did I expect that there will be some who could answer the Thousand Questions of Alchemy just in thirty minutes. What's more ridiculous, that guy even finished answering those exams with just several breaths."

"That seemed inconceivable, right?"

Xi Wang also nodded in approval, "That's right. When we took the Thousand Questions of Alchemy, even you, the most promising of our generation in the Path of Alchemy, finished answering those questions within 40 minutes. Did that guy cheat?"

"That's right, Senior Brother Xuxin, that guy must had cheated!" Yul Kong approved.

Xuxin Wang's comrades were, of course, doubtful how the hell that happened. That above average looking man with a long black hair had managed to answer the thousand questions correctly in an inconceivable manner! Just several breaths it only took, and he was already finished!

Are you pulling our legs?

In fact, not just them had doubts. Even the other experts in the crowd could not help but find this ridiculous! If not for the fact that they had seen it with their actual eyes, if this was just told them by anyone, they would smack their faces immediately!

Because that was completely unbelievable!

No sane guy would actually believe sh-t like that!

Xuxin Wang smiled and looked at his fellow juniors, "Juniors, I do not about the matter what that guy used to do something outrageous and I think out of this world. However, I could bet my name in the line that that fellow did not cheat."

The group was stunned for a moment and did not response for a while. Seeing this, Xuxin Wang invited them, "Let's not talk about things like that. Why don't we just watch this? They were going to display their control of fire." π’π—»π‘›π“‡πšŽπšŠπ˜₯. π™˜o𝓂

They nodded and just shifter their glance at the main focus of the event.


On the other side, Jin Rou and Bingye Feng had already preparing themselves. Ah no, it seemed like Bingye Feng was the only one trying to be prepared. Jin Rou was just there, casually standing without a little worry in his eyes.

This lit the holding rage inside Ma Han's heart. This lad was really confident!

She was about to open her mouth to scold Jin Rou when she thought of what happened a while ago.

This lad had managed to pass the first stage despite its maximum difficulty. And what's more humiliating was she claimed that this guy's answers were all wrong. Never did she thought that she would be slapped right in her face in front of the masses! She really need to be cautious or else it might end her old life earlier!

But thinking it on another perspective, the Thousand Questions of Alchemy was something that almost all Master Alchemists and aspiring Alchemists knew since for aspiring ones, this was one of the ticket piece in order to step into the Master Alchemist Realm! In fact, there were several books that could be studied for it had contained almost all the questions of the Thousand Questions.

Maybe this man had studied those books all his life that his mastery of the Thousand Questions already reached the epitome?

That's possible! In fact, the most possible theory!

With this thought, Ma Han grinned maliciously. Even Jin Rou passed the first stage, that was still after all, words. But with this second stage requiring hands-on. Things might be different.

After all, no matter a scholar knew about Alchemy, if one could not put it into practice, then one should forget about becoming one!

And one of the requirements was of course, the Flame Control.

This hold a very significant role in an alchemist. Because the precision and control of fire would hold the decision if your pill would be made or not with its quality.

"Bingye Feng, you first show us how well your control with your fire is." Ma Han called out Bingye. And looked knives to Jin Rou, "And you will be next."

Jin Rou did not mind this and just smiled.

"Yes!" Bingye Feng acknowledged this and immediately stepped forward. She looked first to Jin Rou for some unknown reason and held the cauldron.

After which, she closed her eyes for a short while and opened it!


Next, green flames slowly emerged from her body! Those green flames slowly covered the cauldron as it spun over and over. Slowly, the fire began to become bigger and almost covered Bingye Feng's body. Just one glance and one could already tell that this green flame was not something that one could trifle with! It intensely covered the cauldron as if it wanted it to break! However, to their surprises, the cauldron did not even crack a bit! She moved her hands elegantly back and forth as if massaging the cauldron without touching it.

"Such a precise control!" The crowd could not help but exclaim!

Even Ma Han and Gum Xuan was dumbfounded by this! They, as the experts in this field could tell that Bingye Feng's control was something not an aspiring alchemist could attain!

After which, Gum Xuan was more dumbfounded when he realized something, "That.. That is Apicus' Flame!"

Gum Xuan again and again reconfirmed this, "Really. I am not mistaken!"

Ma Han could not help but look at Gum Xuan. Are you trying to pull my leg?!

Of course, as Master Alchemists, they knew the Apicius Flame! This was one of the recognized Legendary Heaven's Flames of the Ancient Time that basically came from Master Alchemist Apicus who was only half-step away from reaching 1-star Celestial Alchemist! He was quite renowned not only in the Shred Case, even in the other lower worlds! If not for the fact that he reached his lifespan, he already stepped into the Celestial Alchemist Realm!

Ma Han also considered this claim so she reviewed the flame being ignited if it tallies with the description of the Apicus Flame. However, the more she thought, the more she pale because indeed, this was the Apicus Flame of the Ancient Time!

How come this young lady in his black robe, obtained this?

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