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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 7 - Fan Rou And Xu Rou



In the vast hall of the Rou Celestial Family, the entire ground was shaking as if a dragon was enraged! The feeling it gave off was something everyone in the Rou Realm felt! It was like the end of the worlding!

But there was really someone who was enraged that it almost covered the skies. His expression was utterly void of expression. However, from his eyebrows narrowed together, with a sharp and terrifying killing intent he gave off, one could deduce that this man was truly angered!

"Grenas, do you dare repeat what did you say?" a middle-aged man wearing a golden robe said with an angered tone, however, his reasoning told him to hold back. However, the entire ground was shaking!

This is the former Celestial King, Fan Rou. The father of the runaway Jin Rou!

The moment he was home from away, he bought some costly items for his son, Jin Rou, for him not to get bored quickly. His mother, Xu Rou, bought something as well. Who would have thought that his obedient child actually ran away? This caught him off guard!

"My lord... I don't dare! Please give the appropriate punishment for me!" Grenas kowtowed and banged his head to the floor several times. He was trembling at this moment because he knew what would happen if this man in front of him, that once stood above all, was enraged! He was not expecting something but to be punished right away to clear off his sin.

"You are a Celestial General that I personally picked for Jin Rou. I thought that you are responsible. Never did I thought that I misjudged you!"

"And you think giving you punishment will clear off your sin? You're underestimating the situation you are in. Huh?" Fan Rou said in an indifferent tone. He was glaring at the kowtowing Celestial General in front of him. If his glare was a weapon, Grenas would have been made to a meat paste already!

Grenas didn't answer. He knew that this time, he really enraged the former Celestial King. If it was not of his carelessness, how could be here in such a situation? But no one could blame him, who would think that their good and obedient Celestial King had still bore some thoughts of going out and even made his Grand Plan! How terrifying was that?

"Enough Fan Rou. Do you think it was entirely Grenas' fault that Jin-er ran away?" Jin Rou's mother, Xu Rou, said to Fan Rou.

The eyebrows of Fan Rou suddenly narrowed and asked with a tone of annoyance, "What are you trying to say?" He was already in a bitter mood that his son run away, how could he not be annoyed by the words of his own wife?

"You don't know? If you didn't restrict Jin-er's freedom so much that it suffocated him, do you think he would run away this time?"

"You know Jin'er. He was always curious about the outside world since he was a child. I told you to give him some freedom so that he could experience to be a child."

"But what did you do? You made him the Celestial King right a year after he reached the Pinnacle of Cultivation."

"I know you are just concerned with the well-being of our son and you doted him almost like I do."

"But this time, you went too far." Xu Rou's voice was mild and gentle. However, there was a trace of anger that could be heard every single word she said.

Jin Rou's parents really doted him a lot. In fact, aside from being restricted outside, they gave him most of what he wanted. It would not be an exaggeration that if he wanted to destroy a world, be it a major or minor, they wouldn't hesitate.

In Xu Rou's point of view, who should be blamed was not Grenas, but them who were selfish enough to take their son's freedom. Even though Xu Rou said that it was Fan Rou's fault, she had also her share of what happened.

"You.." unable to say anything, Fan Rou glared at his wife with a little hostility. However, upon pondering for a moment, he seemed to realized something and took a deep breath and smiled bitterly, "You're right.. Maybe I am really at fault. If not for my strict rules, maybe Jin Rou was still here. But what choice do I have? You know that his face could cause a world almost to collapse!"

"But he learned the Art of Disguise, you know that. If he really went outside and used his real appearance, he would have caused amotion already. But why there was not? Even the nine minor worlds and three major worlds, there was nomotion."

"The Prime Clans are managing those worlds and if they noticed something was amiss, they would have already reported it." this time, the anger in Xu Rou's voice dissipated. It turned to a soft and gentle voice that was pleasant to the ears.

"Then Xu-er, what should we do?" Fan Rou calmed down and asked with a worried expression. Who's the father who won't worry about their son outside and unknown whereabouts? He was thinking if his son had eaten well, or did he take his vitamins and sorts.

"Dear, calm down. Our child had reached the Pinnacle of Cultivation so who could hurt him? Besides, this is a good chance to let him experience the world. There are so much for him to enjoy." Xu Rou chuckled.

"You mean to say let him interact with people?" Fan Rou was puzzled.

"That's part of it. The main reason is that he lacked badges of the Jobs. You know that in order to be fully-fledged Celestial King, one needs to be above all. And so our son needs to conquer all the Jobs and reached its pinnacle also. But due to our overprotectiveness, he had not taken any jobs except the Chef."

"This is the best way for him to conquer those. Rather than letting him take the examinations here in the headquarters, why not let him taste some ups and downs of life and enjoy it? After all, life has never been smooth sailing all the times. Even for us. Right?" Xu Rou said with a delighted smile.

"You're right. This could also mold his personality. Although we will give him the freedom, I still need to be updated about recent happenings in our son's life or else I could not sleep well." Fan Rou said with a worried expression.

"You actually doted him more than I do. Haha!" Xu Rou teased him and laughed. This husband of hers is really something.

Being teased, Fan Rou immediately turned into his usual expression, a stern and ferocious expression, that a true ruler possessed and said, "Humph! I am just worried that he will wreak havoc in other worlds and sully the reputation of our Rou Celestial Family."

Seeing this, Xu Rou chuckled, "Okay okay. I believe you."

"Why am I feeling you're not?" Fan Rou sneered a little and turned to the still in kowtowed position Grenas, "I will not punish you. However, find the whereabouts of our son and survey him in the shadows! Don't let yourself be caught. This is your last chance. Do your task well or else I will send you the Prison of the Cage Sentries!"

Grenas felt a chill running down his spine and with a pale expression, "Yes, Milord! I will not let you down again!"

"Humph! Good. Now stand up and get your ass moving!" Fan Rou harrumphed.

Grenas stood up immediately and left. Turned into a ray of light and shot towards the sky.

Fan Rou and Xu Rou were the only one left. Fan Rou was in a deep thought as he daze towards an unknown distance.

Xu Rou held his hand with her soft and jade-like hand and said, "Jin-er will be fine."

Being back to his consciousness, Fan Rou said indifferently, "Humph. Of course, he is my son after all."

Xu Rou smiled and immediately thought of something and said, "Maybe you won't have the luxury to worry about our son."

"Why?" Fan Rou was confused.

"Father and Mother would be home days after. Right?" Xu Rou laughed a little.

Hearing this, Fan Rou was like slapped by a lightning and immediately realized.

Fan Rou's expression immediately paled! If his parents were to know that their lovely and cute grandson run away, what consequences does he have to face?

Cold sweat entirely run down his face, there were only three people who he was afraid.

His wife,

And his parents!

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