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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 68 - Told You, Right?

As the spectators heard this voice full of fury, everyone turned pale and gulped a mouthful of their saliva. This voice was terrifying!

"You.." Ma Han's expression turned for the worst. Her hands were already shaking nonstop from this extreme anger she was feeling! If not for the fact that Gum Xuan had a higher position than her, she would not think twice to attack!

Although Ma Han and Gum Xuan had the same positions as High Elders, Gum Xuan's was higher since he is the leader of the High Elders!

The Alchemy Tower only had three High Elders, and the two were already mentioned. The other one was in a seclusion concocting something. The High Elders' Leader was Gum Xuan. After all, he was the second strongest Master Alchemist out of the Tower Master.

He is also a 5-star Master Alchemist! And the other two were still in the realm of 4-star Master Alchemist. Just by this, one already had the deduction who held the authority between the High Elders. Of course, this did not include the Tower Master.

"What you? Enough of your childish acts and grow! You are too old to act that way!" Gum Xuan reprimanded.

Ma Han's body trembled violently from anger. Her veins were already bulging out as if those were to explode. However, she took a deep breath and calmed herself, "Gum Xuan, I respect you in terms of seniority and power and I admit it. I am really no match for you."

"However, this problem was between me and that lad to begin with. As a matter of fact, we have a bet and he already accepted it. So I don't think its appropriate for you to intervene."

"I know." Gum Xuan said casually, "I just did not like it that you denied to check an examinee's paper just because you found it ridiculous. And to think you really lost your temper against a cultivator from the younger generation. Are you trying to shame our Alchemy Tower and your Han Clan?"

Ma Han could not deny this and just kept quiet for a while. After which, she eventually opened her mouth, "Okay. I will check the paper of that lad, but there will be no excuses if he had even one mistake! We will follow what the bet should be."

"About the bet, rest assured that I will not intervene with that. However, the matter of checking this paper, you don't have the right to do it." Gum Xuan said.

"What? So you will check it?" Ma Han's brows narrowed.

"To ensure the fairness, yes I will. You got a problem with that, Junior Sister Ma Han?" Gum Xuan answered.

"This.." Ma Han could not find the word she wanted to say and just agreed, "Alright then. But I will watch you when you check!"

"Really now? Do you think I will help this young lad? You are overthinking too much." Gum Xuan laughed and said, "But okay. Watch me as I check to lessen your doubt."


Gum Xuan started checking the paper and next to him was Ma Han. At first, his expression was kind of surprised. However, he immediately hid it.

After several pages passed that were checked, Gum Xuan's expression began sinking and pale. His sweat could not be hid as it drip down his face continuously. Even Ma Han was no exception! In fact, they were stealing glances to Jin Rou with a look of amazement in their eyes!

This made the spectating crowd curious as what was the answers of this young lad that made them display expressions like this.

Tshuk! Tshuk! Tshuk! Tshuk!

A series of 'tshuk' sound could be heard. This sound did not stop until the last page of the bulk of papers. After checking, Gum Xuan's face had turned extremely pale as if he had seen something he was most afraid of. Ma Han had an indescribable expression of disbelief as if she was dreaming!


The bulk of papers fell down to the ground and scattered. This caught the crowd by surprise and looked at the one who fell it, Gum Xuan. He looked to Jin Rou like he was seeing him as a ghost and said, "Impossible!"

IMPOSSIBLE! This was the word Gum Xuan could only say as his expression was still pale white.

The two Master Alchemists hurried over as they were worried about what happened and immediately picked up the papers that scattered on the floor. One said, "High Elder Gum Xuan, what happened?"

However, there was no respond. Gum Xuan only looked at Jin Rou without blinking.

Jin Rou was not affected by this and in fact, he was welcoming it. Because he knew what made this Gum Xuan act like this.

Seeing that there was no response from Gum Xuan, the Master Alchemist had turned into Ma Han and asked, "Master Han, what.. what happened?"

However, just like the same, they had not received any response at all!

This alarmed the crowd and even the participants.

What was happening here?

Did the world stopped revolting?

Silence. The First Hall was filled with silence that even a needle falling to the ground could be heard. No one dared to talk for a while. Waiting for the High Elders to talk.

After a long silence, Gum Xuan breathed in and out and finally regained his wits. However, his face was still pale. He looked at Jin Rou with indescribable emotion, "Young man, what is your name?"

Jin Rou chuckled and answered, "Jin."

"So it's Jin. Great name." Gum Xuan praised, "Then where are Young Noble Jin from?"

"Young Noble..?" Jin Rou found this amusing. "I don't have any ties with any empires, I am a vagrant adventurer."

"Oh.." Gum Xuan did not find this believable, but he felt that he could not push the matter through so he let it be, "Then I hereby declare that Young Noble Jin passed the test! You may now proceed to the Second Hall upstairs. The Second Stage will be held there."

"Thank you." Jin Rou said as he walked passed by the two High Elders without even gesturing respect! He walked upstairs with leisure expression.

The crowd was instantly dumbfounded by the scene.

He passed?


This was the only possibility they could think of as getting perfect marks on the paper exam was the only way to pass.

Even the participants could not believe what they just heard! This.. is not possible at all! At least, in their point of view.

Ma Han gritted her teeth as she finally regained her composure. Although this was something completely ridiculous, the action was right in her eyes and she was being forced to believe it!

She kept grinding her brains how the hell did the lad do that. However, she bore fruit of nothing. All the possible she deduced that this was a wolf in a sheep clothing! After all, cheating was already not possible since her eyes were very fixated to Jin Rou and Gum Xuan when he was checking.

If a while ago, she was underestimating Jin Rou, now she was conscious and wary. Her heart even born fear.. The stakes were so high that she could not afford to lose!

If she could just renege, she already done it! However, the leeway was already blocked and all she could so was step forward.

Suddenly, a playful voice upstairs drifted down the First Hall saying in full of mockery, "Told you. Right? You will be slapping your face. Hahaha! Idiot!"

Ma Han's expression turned darkened and livid for the worst. Of course, she knew whose voice was it !

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