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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 62 - A Legend

Evening. The moon already hung itself to the sky surrounded by the twinkling stars with clear dark sky giving off a peaceful aura.

After several hours, Jin Rou and his group finally arrived at the Tyy Empire.

"Wow! So many people!" Jin Rou's eyes glowed as he roamed his sight around.

Indeed, right after they entered the empire. what met them was tons of people that could be seen left and right. This number was like ants when one view them above.

"Of course, Young Master. This Tyy Empire is dubbed as the Capital Trading Empire of this world." Yuan Gu said.

"Capital Trading Empire?" Jin Rou was puzzled.

"Oh.." seeing the puzzled expression of Jin Rou, Yuan Gu chuckled, "Yes, Young Master. That means that all of the biggest tradings and the biggest markets that this world could boast, were naturally here."

"Isn't this just a middle-tier empire? How come this was the capital?" Ran Haoyu asked.

Indeed, if one would ponder it for a moment, the Tyy Empire was only a middle-tier empire, how could it be that the biggest tradings and markets were here knowing there were high-tier empires? And there was the Gian Empire. Shouldn't these empires had it best over a middle-tier empire? Or were these empires outsmarted by this Tyy Empire?

"You cannot judge this empire just because it is only a middle-tier." Yuan Gu said, "This empire was definitely not simple at all. I do not know the answer regarding why this was the biggest trading of this world, but I heard of a legend regarding this empire."

"What legend? Come on, don't pause and just keep talking!" Old Mo demanded. This piqued his curiosity.

"Why don't you just wait patiently? You could not die waiting. Could you?" Yuan Gu rolled his eyes. But eventually said, "This is only a legend so I do not know if this is true or not."

"When the Shred Case Mortal World had been created, this Tyy Empire said to be the first empire to be built in this world. And in the records of my ancestor in the Gu Empire, there was words written regarding the Tyy Empire."

"Thou shall not provoke the Tyy or face destruction. Demon sealed within, shall not be freed."

"What kind of nonsense is that?" Old Mo rebuked. For him, this was really far too nonsense. Demon, really?

"Just like I said, it is only a legend recorded in our history books by the ancestor. I do not know if it's true or not. And maybe, I bet every empires had it recorded." Yuan Gu gave Old Mo a side glance and continued, "You see, as far as I know, no one had really came knocking and asking trouble in this empire. And in fact, even the notorious Shauha Empire did not dare to provoke them. Wherein they knew that the Shagu and the Tyy Empires were not in a good relationship."

"It might because of this empire had the only best markets and no one could afford to do it." Old Mo shrugged his shoulders and said.

"Duh." Yuan Gu rolled his eyes again and said, "I do not know the answer but I know that your answer was definitely wrong. Trying to be smart.. huh?"

"You..!" Old Mo was almost exasperated as he heard this and was about to come giving a punch to Yuan Gu but Jin Rou interrupted, "Enough enough. It is already evening. We need to find a place to rest. Right?"

"Young Master is right." Yuan Gu nodded in approval, "I could not waste my time with you ranting. The Painting Competition will start few days from now. Tomorrow, I will head off to the Painting Guild in order for me to reserve the top seats for us, so we better get moving."

"You will reserve a seat for us?" Jin Rou asked.

"Yes yes, Young Master." Yuan Gu nodded, "The Painting Competition will be gathering packs of packs of people since it is a grand event of this Empire! It would not be an exaggeration if I say tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people will come watch this competition. After all, all the empires who have Painting Guilds will be participating in this competition. And what's more, the competition would be oversee by the Gian Empire's strongest cultivator!" Yuan Gu was brimming in excitement.

Ran Haoyu's eyes glowed and asked, "Are you referring to Mentor Shao Gan?"

"Yes! The only one Mentor who reached six-stars!" Yuan Gu replied with full of smiles.

Ran Haoyu could not hide her expression of disbelief at this moment.

Jin Rou did not know who was that, but he could not bother it at all since he was not interested. "Let's go, it's already getting late."


Jin Rou's group started their search for a inn to stay within, however, it was not easy to find a vacant room within this inn since the Painting Competition was already upcoming and already marked their dates. This type of days was really hard for any foreigners to find an inn, be it expensive or cheap, right at this moment. And what was more, those who already checked in will be staying for few more days until the day of the Painting Competition. After all, all these customers came from different empires.

After a long search of finding an inn with vacant room, they finally found one. However, it was literally just one room and nothing else. But they decided to grab this and just endure it for now even they were being looked at with suspicious gazes. After all, their group composed of three men and one woman in one room. The dirty-minded people could not help but be suspicious of this, especially when they looked at Old Mo which also made Old Mo almost spurt blood from anger. If not for the fact that his Young Master was present, he would not mind teaching this bunch of fools a lesson!

He is the Great Butler of Young Master Jin Rou, but yet he was actually seen by those bunch a horny beast? Just remembering those contemptuous gazes, he was really really furious at that!


Morning. The sky received the sun with utmost happiness as the chirping of the birds was like melody of a song, the dew on the leaves drip down one at a time as the gentle whip of the cold air touched it.

Yuan Gu already went his way to the Painting Guild and the three were left to the room. Jin Rou tasked the two to cultivate since he wanted to walk around alone for a while. Old mo insisted to went along but Jin Rou kept his denial which Old Mo just reluctantly accepted and cultivated.

As Jin Rou enjoy his morning walk, a huge building with a large nameplate suddenly caught his attention.

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