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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 61 - Yalan Na

"So bedazzling!" Wulong Jian exclaimed as he felt mixed emotions within him, "What's more, she is so beautiful like a fairy!"

Wulong Jian was instantly captivated by this beauty in front of him. All across his experiences, he had already seen many beauties but never one moved his heart! This was the first time this kind of thing happened! This beauty was enough to topple an empire! A beauty beyond existence!

If the High Elders of the Gian Empire would be here, they will immediately recognize this lady for this was the lady that had swear to find Jin Rou wherever he was!

Afterwards, the unsheathed sword of the green-haired beauty swung and spun on the air before the sword disappeared.

"So cool!" Wulong Jian commented again. This type of moves using the sword, was extremely awe-inspiring!

The green-haired beauty glanced coldly at Wulong Jian and said, "You are from a Warrior Sect?"

"Yes, Senior Sister!" Wulong Jian replied hurriedly, "This warrior disciple is name Wulong Jian and the current Senior Brother of the Inner Sect of the Warrior And Swords Sect.

In the whole Shred Case Mortal World, there were tons of Warrior Sects that practice the Art Of Swords. However, not all Warrior Sects had the power to be a behemoth in their respective empires. Taking for example the Warrior And Swords Sect that Wulong Jian belonged, although this was a powerful sect overall the Tyy Empire. However, if would be compared to other Warrior Sects of the empire, they still paled in comparison. Thus, they were not qualified to bear the title of "Behemoth Sect".

"Warrior And Swords Sect, huh.." The green-haired beauty still had a cold expression along with ice-cold gaze as she paused for a moment, "To think that you are from that sect, how surprising. Surely, the quality of the disciples of the sect had downgraded."

Wulong Jian shifted his expression as he heard this. This was actually an insult for the Warrior And Swords Sect! But for some unknown reason, he could not fill even a bit of hostility or displeasure.

"This.." He did not know what to say. After a long pause, he smiled bitterly and admitted, "Senior Sister is right. The Warrior And Swords Sect is currently declining after the ancestor passed away."

"Is it the Sword Ancestor, Jimu?" The green-haired beauty asked.

Wulong Jian revealed a surprised expression but eventually hide it, "Indeed, it was Ancestor Jimu who passed away."

Actually, the Warrior And Sword Sect was already qualified to bear the title of behemoth sect with the backing of the oldest Ancestor, Sword Ancestor Jimu. Ancestor Jimu was one of the most powerful figures of the current era and dubbed as the Sword Genius when he was still young. Even the behemoth sects of the high-tier and even the Gian Empire, had to act politely in front of this Ancestor! The plan was Ancestor Jimu will oversee the sect until it produced a warrior on par with him when he was still young. Being the overseer, no sect, even the Blue Haven Sect would dare act presumptuously even they were given hundreds of guts! These were the glorious times their Warrior And Swords Sect was revered and adored by the masses!

However, never did they thought that Ancestor Jimu would pass away in an earlier time, way earlier time than they had anticipated. Although Ancestor Jimu had already a withering vitality, it was still enough for him to stand the river of time for twenty or thirty years at least. But the arrival of the Ancestor's death gave them such a heavy blow. Without their Ancestor Jimu, their future would not be smooth as it had been.

Indeed, after the masses knew that the Ancestor Jimu passed away, many gloated in the sect's tragedy. Surely, this would spell decline to the Warrior And Swords Sect. And many sects would eye to their treasures and lands. After all, the cultivation world was a survival of the fittest where power reigns over everything. If you have absolute power, you have the privilege to be on top and command beings.

Many sects who offered partnership to the Warrior And Swords Sect withdrew their offers and never had communicated with them again. And this brought them another blow that was difficult to recover. After all, without any alliance with the other sects, if they were attacked, who could they ask assistance to? But if one ponder it for a while, even they had some connections, who would dare to party with them? Not all sects could take it to be an enemy of all sects eyeing for the Warrior And Swords Sect. Once a sect allied with the Warrior And Swords Sect, it meant that they were ready to stand side by side and fight together to the bitter end.

"Even Ancestor Jimu reached his end." The green-haired beauty sighed and lamented, but her expression remained the same, "Truly, without your Ancestor Jimu, you guys were like children who lost their parent. You depended on your Ancestor so much."

Wulong Jian smiled bitterly, it seemed that this lady knew his Ancestor and their sect well which made him curious who was this beauty that knew so much about them? But indeed, they were too comfortable of their lives and did not prepare for the worst case scenario due to abundant confidence and dependence to the Ancestor.

He asked, "Senior Sister.. if you will not mind, I have a question."

"What is it? Feel free." The green-haired beauty replied.

"What is your name, Senior Sister?" Wulong Jian asked.

"Yalan Na." The green-haired beauty answered without changing her expression, "Just call me Senior Sister Yalan."

"Senior Sister Yalan.." Wulong Jian flushed red at this moment, because even her name was beautiful! Even though he always received the cold responses of this Yalan Na, for him, it was still worth it to talk with such a powerful and beautiful Senior Sister! What was more, she was also a warrior! Although he did not know what sect Senior Sister Yalan came from, he knew that it was from a behemoth sect! However, he was curious as well how did this Senior Sister Yalan knew so much regarding their sect?

Wulong Jian felt his heart thumping violently. To be able to be acquaintance with this fairy-like lady could already be his fortune amidst of the dangers he confronted today!

"Help your brothers propped up. They were still shivering in fear." This time, Yalan Na revealed a slight expression of disdain as she stared at the four shivering warrior disciples, "Taking the path of Warrior yet scared shitless by just some random beasts. You guys were not cut off to be a warrior."

"If you don't have the guts, then don't even dream becoming a warrior, and find the suitable path for you. Do not disgrace the sect you were in."

These words made the shivering warrior disciples shuddered, the words pierced through their bones down to the depths of their soul. They only lowered their heads and did not answer.

Yalan Na turned her back and said, "I have an important task to do, so I will be leaving now." She then tossed a talisman to Wulong Jian and added, "That talisman could protect you from any dangers for two hours, so you better hurry the moment you used it. Don't worry, that talisman could withstand attacks of a Sky Realm expert of whatever stage."

"Senior Sister, you're leaving?" It seemed like Wulong Jian had not heard the other words outside of the 'I will be leaving now.' He was filled with reluctance to part with this Senior Sister who he barely knew yet.

"Yes. I am currently here to search for someone. And I could not delay any longer." Yalan Na answered.

"Will we meet again?" Wulong Jian asked.

"If fate permitted it. Farewell." Yalan Na flew into distance without waiting for a reply as Wulong Jian only see him rooted in his ground.

He said as his eyes lit, "Senior Sister, we will definitely meet again."

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