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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 6 - Resonance Of Two Knives

"Resonance of the two knives? Master... What.. What is that?" even though the waitress didn't know the name of the skill the young man showed, she knew how profound it was. Judging by the majestic movements of the two knives, it was something that her level couldn't understand!

Still having an expression of disbelief, Master Chef Mo still answered, "The Resonance Of the Two Knives was a Chef skill that only five star Master Chefs and above can possess. In fact, not all five star Master Chefs had the luxury to learn this skill! It was also said that this skill was extremely hard to learn that even seven stars Master Chefs only can control a single knife, and the other knife would just move its own."

"This skill was extremely profound that every Master Chefs are eyeing it! However, our Quu Empire's Chef Guild has only a two stars Master Chef. And thus, we are not qualified to learn the skill even we could get our hands on it." Master Chef Mo said with a bitter smile.

The Resonance of the Two Knives was already alluring enough for him to snatch it to the young man. However, even he gets his hands on it, he could not learn it unless he reached five stars Master Chef and he knew that unless he reached a high-tier empire, reaching five stars Master Chef was only a dream that he will never achieve.

But this was not what he was worried the most. The young man who was only in his twenties actually learned this skill that most Master Chefs craved for.

Does this mean that he wanted to evaluate a dish of probably five stars Master Chef?

Knowing that the Quu Empire doesn't have a five stars Master Chefs, this young man probably came from a high-tier empire!

With such a huge backing, Master Chef Mo actually dared to challenge him?

He was probably asking for a beating. Cold sweats run down to his face just from thinking this.

A few breaths later, a dish was set on the table with the proper utensils. Jin Rou said casually with a bit of annoyance, "Okay, done. Please taste it and evaluate me."

The crowd didn't know what happened but they saw the performance of the young man while cooking the dish and that made them tongue-tied! When did such cooking be a majestic show? Probably the Chef Guild Leader cannot do this so!

And when the dish was finished and was set on the table, the alluring smell surrounded the entire building! Their stomachs were rumbling even they already had their fill a moment ago.

What's this kind of dish?!

Why was it so making me hungry?!

I want that!

The thoughts of the crowd ravaged the entire building even though it couldn't be heard! Just by hearing the rumbling noises of their stomachs and watery mouths already said it all.

Regaining his wits, Master Chef Mo didn't dare to look down upon this young man again. Since he had the right to taste it, he better do it. What could he ask for more? This dish made his mouth watery enough! And thus, "Alright then. I'm going to take a bite."

He picked a spoon and dulged it to the soft and tender, juicy meat with a golden color with a scarlet colored sauce at the side. He dipped the piece to the scarlet colored sauce, once he retracted the piece from the meat, an overly appetizing smell surrounded the entire building! And so, the rumbling noises of the hungry got louder.

He slowly lifted the piece of meat on the spoon and soon, it came to contact with his mouth.

"What is this.." upon tasting the piece of meat, Master Chef Mo could not express what he was feeling. But there is only he could say, "A five stars Perfect Dish!"

"That dish.. Is actually a five stars Perfect Dish?"

"That can't be.. He's more formidable than Master Chef Mo and Guild Master of the Chef Guild? This.."

"There's no doubt about it. Judging by the appetizing smell of the dish he made, that is something only a five stars Master Chef could do."

"A five stars Master Chef? But... Our empire has only a two stars Master Chef. Howe a five stars Master Chef suddenly popped out?"

"Idiot. That man is certainly from a high tier empire. So best not to provoke him or else calamity will fall upon our empire!"

The crowd once again went to an uproar, but this time, they are looking at the young man like they had seen a ghost. Especially Master Chef Mo, he thought that this young man was only from a humble family. Who would have thought that he kicked a huge wall this time?

"So did I pass?" not paying mind to the shocked and paled expressions of everyone, Jin Rou asked nonchalantly.

The truth was he was a bit disappointed by the evaluation, not because Master Chef mo gave a wrong evaluation, but the ingredients in the kitchen lack quality. He thought that with those ingredients, he could actually make at least seven stars Perfect Dish. But due to the main ingredient for the sauce which he called Calumbrey lack quality, the dish was reduced to five stars Perfect Dish.

Even though he was not satisfied, he could only bear it.

If Master Chef Mo could only hear what he said, this master chef had probablymitted suicide on the spot already.

Brother, it is not that we know that you are a five stars Master Chef, alright?

What's with your disappointed look? You're not satisfied that you created five stars Perfect Dish?

Why don't you just go to hell?

In an evaluation, especially at the Chef Promotion Examination, examinee should always create a Perfect Dish. The evaluation of the Perfect Dish ranged from one star to nine stars. And this is where the ranks of the Master Chefs came from. For example, Master Chef Mo is a legit one star. Thus, he can create a one-star Perfect Dish. Once he had the ability to create a two-star Perfect Dish, he can now ask for a promotion.

Of course, promoting an additional star was in fact, very difficult. Many Master Chefs were actually stuck at one star for decades or so before reaching a promotion.

"Yes, yes! Young Master, you pass!" hearing the question, Master Chef Mo politely answered. His previous hostile attitude to the other party has instantly vanished in an instant.

If he was to offend this man more, maybe he will wake up one day with his business ruined.

Even though he was smiling, he was crying in his heart.

Brother, if you just said that you're actually a five stars Master Chef, I would not have pushed the debt and challenged you.

But hell... The 5,000 diamonds just flew away flapping its wings.

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