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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 5 - I Cooked Inside The Storage Ring

"You're done cooking?" Master Chef Mo was in disbelief by the scene unfolded to them. In just a few breaths, this young man created a dish?

Is that even possible?

"Yes! So please dig in." Jin Rou excitedly said. He was sure that this particular dish could make him pass the challenge. Thinking that he would not pay them anymore, it made him more agitated.

However, contrary to his expectations, Master Chef Mo bellowed, "Cut your nonsense! Howe you cooked a dish with just a fling your finger? That's absurd! Probably you have a certain dish in your storage ring and that is what you presented me."

Do you think I'm a fool? Even nine star Master Chefs could not cook without doing anything! And now, with just a flick of your finger, you actually made a dish? That's bullshit!

Hearing this, Jin Rou looked like an innocent being framed up and said, "But I cooked this really... It's just that I cooked in my storage ring."


The waitress standing by the side, and Master Chef Mo nearly spurted blood from what they heard.

You cooked in your storage ring?

Was that even possible?

You think everyone here is a fool?

"What? He cooked in his storage ring? How can that be possible?"

"That young man had his screw in head loose."

"Really, what an idiot."


Of course, if the two didn't believe what this young man said, the crowd would be as well. No fool would actually believe that in this Shred Case Mortal World, there can be someone who can do this.

In the history of Culinary Arts, no records said that cooking inside the storage ring is possible. Although one can put his consciousness inside the ring to take out an item, it was still impossible to cook.

At least, in the records of the Chef Guilds of the Shred Case Mortal World, it was impossible.

"I really cooked it.. And you see, it's still hot. If that dish was actually not newly cooked, then why is it still moist? Furthermore, let's say that it was really a stock in my storage. I have been here for more than an hour already, the best taste of a dish is only 15 minutes after it was made. Judging by my dish, it was still freshly cooked minutes ago. So howe it was not possible to cook inside the storage ring?" Jin Rou said.

I didn't do anything this time but present my dish. Why do I feel so wrong? — Jin Rou's heart bled.

Even though the crowd didn't want to admit it, the young man has a point. It was a fact that the best taste of a dish was 15 minutes after it was made. Judging by the smoke being emitted by the dish, it was actually new. Who could refute this fact? And what's more unbelievable was that the dish was so appetizing just by its smell! Anyone who smelled it will find themselves hungry again and crave for that.

However, cooking inside the storage ring..

Was just really absurd.

And so, their mouths began to twitch.

Brother, if you can cook inside the storage ring, then you have a kitchen inside.

Are you for real?

"You.." Master Chef Mo didn't know how to refute the words of the young man. Judging by the facts stated, it was really newly cooked. But how possible would it be for Master Chef Mo to believe this absurd thing? Thus, he breathed in and out and just casually said, "Okay then, if you cooked it, then let it be. However, that doesn't count. In a dish evaluation, the examinee should present a visual presentation of how he/she made the dish."

"And you need to use the ingredients prepared for you to ensure fairness. And so you have to cook in front of me, not inside a storage ring!"

Maybe you have a particular item inside your storage ring that made you cook inside at a breakneck pace. But even so, I cannot acknowledge it! If you have the skills, then show me!

Let's see what tricks you still have in your store.

Even he was unwilling to admit it, Master Chef Mo has no any feasible reason that could match what this abnormal young man did. Instead of racking his brain what really happened, he better let the matter go.

Hearing this, Jin Rou twitched involuntarily.

The heck!

It didn't count just because I cooked inside?

Where is the fairness of this world?!


"Alright then." even though he felt so wronged and indignant, he still proceeded to the kitchen and entered it.

All of the eyes were fixed to the young man inside the kitchen room, all of them had lost their appetite and just wanted to watch this good show.

"Master, do you think he can pass your evaluation?" the waitress asked doubtfully. As she saw personally the scenes unfolded and seeing the appetizing dish that was left on the table that if not for her reasoning, she already grabbed it and eat it whole.

As a Primary Chef, the waitress knew that this dish was actually so delicious that even her Master would be awed and crave for more.

"Humph. Of course, he will not. He used probably a trick to appear this food very appetizing and fresh." even though Master Chef Mo said this, he was also attracted by the dish in front of him. In fact, his hands were already trembling and were about to reach the dish and taste it. It was just that his reputation was holding him back.

As an esteemed one star Master Chef, if he just threw himself to the dish the young man with unknown origin presented a while ago, how can he face the people around who respected him?

As Master Chef Mo was still focused in the dish in front of him, the waitress said in a stuttering voice filled with shock and disbelief, "Master, look.."

Confused what stupefied his apprentice, he turned where the gaze of the waitress was, and it was in the kitchen room.

Master Chef Mo thought it was not a big deal and deduced that the young man has just shown a skill that a bit above her skill. However, as he glanced what stupefied his apprentice, he was way more stupefied and filled with disbelief at this moment!

Two knives were dancing in the air and chopping the ingredients with precise and majestic movements! As if the air was Master Chef itself! The ingredients were dancing and the fire was rounding them.

Master Chef Mo said in a stuttering voice..

"T-t-that is.. Resonance Of The Two Knives!"

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