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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 4 - Challenge

When Jin Rou was ten, he already read all of the hundred millions of books inside the Celestial Library. That includes the books regarding the major job, Chef. That includes the Master Recipes and Celestial Recipes from one star to nine stars.

Seeing the middle-aged man in front of him was actually a Master Chef, he deduced that this man was in need of a valuable Master Recipe and decided to give him one as a payment. In fact, he could also offer a Celestial Recipe. However, the ingredients for the Celestial Recipe actually could only be found in the three major worlds.

"A recipe as your payment. You say?" Master Chef Mo's lips twitched involuntarily.

You dare to pay me a recipe? You don't even have money at all and you dare wanted to pay me a recipe? Do you even have one?

Maybe you have one, but I guess it was just an average recipe. It won't catch my eyes!

Humph! What an arrogant country bumpkin!

Oblivious to Master Chef Mo's thoughts, Jin Rou said with a beaming smile, "Yes, this Master Recipe will help you and your restaurant leap into greater heights!"

"Arrogant! You think that you have something that will catch Master's eyes?! Even you strip naked here and fork out your valuable items, you could not even be considered worthy!" the waitress harrumphed in disdain.

If it's not for our prestige of this restaurant, I already smacked you to death!

"But... I really have something valuable on me.." Jin Rou said in a normal tone, however, the tone had a bit of annoyance in it.

Jin Rou was about to take out the Master Recipe when Master Chef Mo waved his hand in rejection, "Enough. Quit spouting nonsense. Do you think you have something valuable enough to catch my eyes? Don't you have enough shame already?"

Jin Rou's eyelids twitched upon hearing this.


I did not do anything shameless at all! I just thought that this was a banquet.

"However, since I am magnanimous enough, I will give you a chance. If you can prepare a dish that would let me evaluate it as 'good', then your debt will be off."

"How about it? Young man, do you dare?" Master Chef Mo said in a confident tone.

How about it, arrogant brat?

Let's see where your arrogance will lead you! To actually present me an average recipe! Humph!

If Jin Rou could only hear his words, he would probably thought— But you haven't seen the recipe yet...

"What? Prepare a dish that would make Master Chef Mo evaluate it as good? That's more difficult than paying the five thousand diamonds!"

"That's right. Master Chef Mo is one of the top Master Chefs of Cygnus City, and the one who hoped to be the next two star Master Chef right after the Guild leader of Chef Guild! Even the Emperor of our Quu Empire had to personally invite Master Chef Mo just to cook delicacies for his major events!"

"Sigh. I am starting to pity that young man. It seems that he will never get his way out of this."

"Humph! He brought it to himself. Who told him to eat here without paying?"

"Maybe he thought that this was actually a banquet? How hilarious if that was the case!"

"A pinnacle of idiocy!"

The crowd went to huge uproar, just the challenge of the Master Chef Mo made the eating customers stopped and fix their gazes to the heating scenario in front of them.

To watch the respected Master Chef Mo in action, this stimulated them! Of course, some people disagreed with the course of action made by the Master Chef since even a fool could understand that this is bullying. The young man in front of them doesn't look like knowledgeable in the field of Culinary.

Everyone knew that getting a good evaluation from a one star Master Chef was harder than the breaking the bottleneck of Elementary Realm to breakthrough to the Nascent Realm.

A Master Chef's evaluations for dishes was GOOD, AVERAGE, PROFOUND, AND PERFECT. Getting a Good evaluation can make one a Primary Chef. An Average evaluation can make one an Intermediate Chef. Profound evaluation to be Advanced Chef. Perfect Evaluation to be a Pinnacle Chef. These Chef titles were below the Master Chef Realms and could also be called "Apprentice Realm." This evaluation and effects could only apply to cultivators taking the Examination of the Chefs.

The Examination of the Chefs is an annual examination held by the Chef Guild for aspiring chefs. However, this examination was a tough thing to pass. In fact, last year, out of 10,000 examinees, only 529 passed the exam and there was only one who reached the Intermediate Chef. All the rest were Primary Chefs.

"Make a dish?" the eyes of Jin Rou instantly lit up in excitement. For him, this was a good deal and nothing could be better than this!

When he was still inside the mansion, he challenged their Celestial Chef in apetition of cooking and his father was the judge to avoid bias. Thepeting two made the same level of a dish, a nine-star Celestial Dish! However, Jin Rou won by a slight margin. Of course, the Celestial Chef didn't held back and give his all to fight the young master, just that he still lost. However, the Celestial Chef didn't take into heart because the young master of his was way overpowered in all fields. How could he possibly win against someone who reached the Pinnacle of Cultivation at the age of seven? In fact, he was already proud that the gap between them was only a slight margin. Thispetition was not known to anyone except the three. But of course, no air could be maintained in a single place. And thus, thepetition was leaked and it caused a huge uproar.

A ten-year-old defeating the most powerful Celestial Chef in a battle of Cooking, how terrifying was that? The Chef Guild decided to give the young master a nine-star Celestial Chef badge. Still didn't know what the hell was that toy, Jin Rou casually gave it to one of his maids. Regarding the Chef Guild of the Rou Realm, Jin Rou is one of the nine star Celestial Chefs of the universe!

And this Mo, a mere one star Master Chef, actually dared to challenge him. And Master Chef Mo would actually give Jin Rou an evaluation.

Does this fellow ask for a slap?

If this master chef only knew who he actually challenged was the Celestial King, he would probablymit suicide on the spot.

"Yes, of course. If you can make a dish and make me evaluate it as good, at least. Then your debt will be off." Master Chef Mo was taken aback seeing the excited expression of this fellow. However, he didn't let anyone see it and quickly regained hisposure.

Does this kid know how to cook?

Or is he a Chef?

That can't be. Maybe he was just excited because this will be the first time he will cook in such a grand place like ours.

Yes, that's right. He is only a country bumpkin. Humph. It is really your privilege to cook here. You must be happy.

"You can cook in the kitchen and use the ingredients there. However, don't think that you will not pay those unless you pa.. What the hell?! Master Chef Mo was stupefied and nearly fell on the floor.

The young man had a plate on his palm and set it on the table and said gleefully, "I am done! Master Chef Mo, please dig in."

Everyone, including the Master Chef, was extraordinarily stupefied and silenced at this moment. It was only a few breaths and all of sudden, you flicked your finger and a dish came out.

Boy tell me, you're not a chef but a magician, right?

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