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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 30 - Red-Fleeting Lotus

Noon. After Jin Rou, Old Mo, and Yuan Gu entered the emperor's town together, they went to the market to buy some ingredients for their lunch. After which, Yuan Gu insisted that they should stay in a high class inn. At first, Jin Rou declined. However, upon knowing that it would be free, he agreed in a matter of split second which made Yuan Gu twitched.

Yuan Gu asked some people where is the most expensive inn this town could offer. After knowing the directions, they immediately went to the direction stated.

Their journey was filled with silence. The young master's eyes sparked brightly as if he saw things a scenery the very first time. He seemed to be enjoying and thus the two quietly observe him.

As Yuan Gu watch this young master continuously, he could not help but admire him. He didn't know the reason for it, but he really felt great admiration for the other party! It was seemed like what happened earlier waspletely erased off. He only feltfort and admiration!

As they were walking, they noticed amotion hundred meters away from them and it piqued their curiosity. Jin Rou frowned upon observing more. There were a lot of people with dark inner hearts surrounding person with a white inner heart!

Jin Rou hastened his steps in to confirm what was going on and his face immediately darkened upon seeing the sight in front of him! The two noticed this expression and looked at it also. They immediately frowned upon seeing the current situation.

There was a girl kneeling, with ragged and tattered slave clothing, herplexion was jade-like however, it was filled with bruises. Her short pink hair was in chaos. Her facial features could be said beautiful, if not for the clothing and bruises. If one would dress her properly and accordingly, she would be city-toppling beauty. What's more is that her age was only probably between eighteen to twenty.

Jin Rou's heart sank as he saw the current expression of the kneeling girl. It was filled with despair and desire for death! Her watery eyes said it all, her trembling pinkish-red small lips told everyone her emotions. However, only Jin Rou and the two noticed this. The rest was just looking at the girl filled with lust. Some were already salivating from this.

An old man probably in his seventys stood behind the kneeling girl, grinning and said, "I thank everyone who is here for this auction. As you can see, this girl came is a high-class slave that I personally purchased in a high-tier empire with great difficulty. This girl, inside here body, actually contains the red-fleeting lotus!"

"What? Red-fleeting lotus?! The lotus that once you consumed, you will soar into sky realm in one session?"

"This is ridiculous!"

The crowd went into huge uproar. They thought that this girl could only satisfy their manly needs. Never they thought that she would be a treasure trove! This was the Red-fleeting lotus we were speaking of!

Red-fleeting lotus is a very rare kind of lotus that could only grow inside the body of a pure maiden. It has been years since they heard of the red-fleeting lotus, but now, one was in front of them! It was proved that once you consume entirely the red-fleeting lotus, you will soar to the Sky Realm first stage no matter how low your cultivation without experiencing a bottleneck! Of course, this was only a huge benefit for those people who had a cultivation lower than Sky Realm.

And this old man's choice to go here in a low-tier empire was correct! It was amon knowledge that there was no Sky Realm cultivators in low-tier empires. This red-fleeting lotus would actually enticing to a low-tier empire like this! Of course, the old man didn't have any use to this since he was already a Sky Realm cultivator. He just purchased this girl because of the sky-high price of this if he auctioned it in the low-tier empire!

Obviously, the crowd got more hyped up and salivating from this fact. They will do anything in order to win the girl even they needed to dry their resources until nothing left!

Jin Rou with his darkened face asked, "What is an auction?"

Seeing the seriously angered expression of Jin Rou, the two felt chills running their spines. Yuan Gu didn't mind the ignorance of Jin Rou and answered, "The auction is an event where one presents a good in front of the audience. The audience will bid the amount for the good and whoever had the highest bid will win the good presented."

Yuan Gu paused for a moment and continued, "And this is a Slave Auction where slaves as the good. That old man was from the middle-tier Shagu Empire, Old Man Shiga. He was the current head of the Slaves Association of the Shagu Empire and known for his inhumane acts against slaves."

"Shagu Empire?" Old Mo was aghast.

"Shagu Empire.. Heh." Jin Rou revealed a cold smile this time that almost made Old Mo and Yuan Gu paled from fright! Jin Rou's eyes turned sharp as he glared at the old man. It was Shagu Empire again!

A few days ago, master chefs from the said empire offended and annoyed him! He let it go but to think there would be second one? This empire must be asking for destruction!

Jin Rou looked back to Yuan Gu and said filled with coldness, "One needed to just win the auction in order to win that girl, right?"

Yuan Gu immediately answered with sweat beads in his face, "Yes. That is the rule."

"Good." Jin Rou said in still cold voice. He added, "Then use the money you should pay us to save that girl. Since you are from a high-tier empire, you can do that, right?"

"Me?" Yuan Gu was aghast after hearing this. Why should he do it instead? And why taking orders? Upon pondering, he immediately realized that it was probably the best choice! He suddenly felt that if the young master in front of him was to personally act, there will be a lots of bloof splashing!

"Okay then." Yuan Gu agreed.

Old Mo smiled mysteriously and said, "You made the right choice."

Jin Rou didn't answer and just glared at the old man like he was intending to kill it! However, to their puzzlement, there was no killing intent being released!

Oblivious to this conversation, Old Man Shagu finally announced the start of the bidding. "Now, let's not wait any longer and start! The bidding starts at fifty thousand diamonds!"

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