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The Adventures Of The Young Master

Chapter 3 - Master Chef Mo

"Sir, this is not a banquet. This is a restaurant." the waitress said while holding her rage back. If not for the fact that he was still a customer, she could have smacked this young man in front of him.

"What? This is not a banquet?" This stupefied Jin Rou. Then with a confused look and asked, "What is a restaurant?"

"Puu!" the waitress nearly fainted on the spot from hearing this.

Are you serious?

You don't even know what restaurant is?

Boy, tell me. Did you live in a cave?

Unable to hold her rage anymore, the waitress said, "Boy, this is a restaurant. A place where people eat and pay! I don't know who you are and what cave you popped out from. But let me tell you this, don't even think of leaving here unless you pay the 5,356 diamonds for your meal a while ago!"

The waitress was genuinely enraged. It was just impossible for anyone to not even know a restaurant at this day and age. Yet, a fellow actually didn't know?

Who are you taking for a fool?

"This.." Jin Rou doesn't know what to say. He thought that this was a banquet since there were a lot of people. Who would have thought that this was a restaurant and one needed to pay for a meal?

What should I do? I don't even know what those diamonds are. How can I pay?

Tsk. This world is really harsh. I never thought I need to pay for a meal!

The world is really unfair!

"What's happening?"

"Probably a beggar who could not pay. Heh. There are tons everywhere."

"Not only a beggar. It seemed like he thought that this was a banquet."

"Hahahahaha. What an idiot! Hahahaha!"

"The hell! Did he pop out from a cave?"

Afterward, upon hearing the conversation of Jin Rou and the waitress, waves of laughter surrounded the entire building. Filled with disdain and mockery towards the young man.

"Uhm.. Where can I get some diamonds here? So that I can pay you." after a moment of thinking, Jin Rou discarded the mockery of the crowd and directly asked the raging waitress. He doesn't know if this was a feasible idea but he didn't have any other choice.

He could take an Immortal-grade armament as a payment to the other party but since the waitress said that it can be paid by 'diamonds', he immediately threw the thought. This was a restaurant, specializing in food, not armaments.

"Where can you get some diamonds.. You say?" the waitress suddenly raised her voice as if she was the authority of this restaurant, "You arrogant brat! Do you think you can pick diamonds out there like cabbages being sold in the market?! If that was the case I wouldn't have worked my ass here! You country bumpkin feigning ignorance, I shall teach you a lesson!"

This time, the waitress exploded in anger. Even though she lost her reasoning, this was still understandable. As a waitress, it was her responsibility to satisfy the customers and after that, get the payment. If any case a customer was to eat and run, the waitress currently assisting the culprit would be held liable and automatically deduct the lost pay into the tab of the said waitress.

Knowingly that this young man owed them more than 5,000 diamonds, if this man was to get away, the 5,000 diamonds debt will be in her tab. Her salary was only 700 diamonds per month. How could she bear this kind of amount?

Knowing that the waitress was taking the offense, Jin Rou suddenly gestured her to calm down, "Miss, calm down! That was only 5,000 diamonds! You don't need to be so agitated!"

"Puuuu!" this time, the waitress really spurted blood.

Only 5,000 diamonds?

Only my ass! You can't even fork out a single diamond and you said ONLY 5,000 diamonds?!

Go to hell!

Just as the waitress will give the young man a good beating, a voice suddenly rang her ears, "What's going on here?"

The gazes turned where the voice came from, and upon sight was a middle-aged man with a strong build body. He was wearing a white robe with an emblem on his right chest. The emblem was two knives crossing each other with a one star below.

A one-star Master Chef!

Master Chef is one of the major jobs of cultivators. According to the rankings of Major Jobs, the Master Chefs are ranked third!

This kind of people were the best people to cook for major events.

At least, Jin Rou knew this sort. The Rou Realm has the headquarters of all the Major and Minor Jobs under the rule of the Prime Clan, Gou. Besides, the Rou Family has the best Celestial Chef that the universe could offer!

In every job, there is a ranking of one star to nine stars. Upon reaching the nine stars meant that you are half-step toward the Celestial Realm. However, this half-step was a challenging and colossal wall to pass. Once passed, one could be entitled as Celestial. The pinnacle of the jobs was nine-star Celestial. The Celestial Chef of the Rou Family was actually a nine-star and the head of the Chef Guild of the Rou Realm, the ruler of all the Chef Guilds across the three major worlds and nine minor worlds!

"Reporting to Master Chef Mo, this man had eaten here without any money at all. I am currently the assessor of this man and thus, I'm doing my best to have him forked out the payment." the waitress said in a very polite tone. One can see that this middle-aged man was the master of this restaurant.

Frowning upon hearing this, Master Chef Mo asked, "How much does this young man have to pay?"

"It worthed 5,356 diamonds. He ordered all the top dishes our restaurant could offer and eat them swiftly." the waitress answered.

"5,356 diamonds?" Master Chef Mo thought that it would be only at least 1,000 diamonds, he was thinking that the young man could pay it via labor. However, 5,356 diamonds was different. Glaring at the young man in front of him, he said with an indifferent tone, "Young man, what you owe us is a considerable amount even for our restaurant. If you failed to pay us, I'm afraid I cannot let you go. If you really can't pay us, I'm afraid I need to report this to the Chef Guild and decide your punishment."

Hearing this, Jin Rou panicked. He wanted to adventure while maintaining a very low profile to be away from the scans of his family. Who would have thought that right after he was free, he would instantly get into trouble?

"This.." Jin Rou doesn't know what he should say and do.

It was partially my fault that I would be in trouble right now. Maybe I should really try my luck and fork out the Immortal grade armament.


Just as he was about to fork out the Immortal grade armament, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind. His eyes lit up and faced the two raging mouths of the waitress and the Master Chef Mo.

Jin Rou smiled and said gleefully,

"What if I fork out a recipe as the payment?"

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